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Discovering Nature’s Emergency Telephone Numbers

911 is the first number to call whenever there is an emergency in the United States and 112 is for anywhere within the European Union. Other countries also have their emergency lines. Governments have invested in toll-free secure lines for their citizens to reach out for help in case of emergencies. There is comfort in knowing that you will receive help as soon as you need it. You can be productive and have some sort of insurance from your government to always come to your rescue when the ceiling hits the fan. There is no guaranteed formula to stay away from imminent danger in your life. There is always a risk of something going wrong but you graciously survive them.

The idea of an emergency number that can be dialed from a locked phone is a genius one. There are no conditions on how you can receive help from the emergency line you call. The unlock code, pattern, or password of the device does not override the emergency reason for making the call. Your safety is a priority that cannot be shelved. Your life is more precious than anything that stands between you and the person on the other side of the call.

The spiritual realm also has an emergency line. Like other emergency numbers, the spiritual emergency line aims to rescue as many people as possible from potential spiritual danger. You do not have control of the dangers that your spirit is exposed to. However, you can control the response to manage the same by knowing the lines to call in case of certain emergencies.

Ambulance services, the police, and the fire department receive many emergency calls from distressed people. They try as much as is humanly possible to attend to all cases indiscriminately because it is their mandate to do so. The universe has similar emergency lines with an equal and sometimes greater mandate. There is always someone to pick up when you call. Unlike worldly emergency lines, the universe is never overwhelmed. It can handle all calls that come through the secured line.

The universe’s emergency response team.

The operators of the 911 center are trained to handle all types of emergencies. They can calm down a panicking caller and guide them through life-saving instructions as they wait for more help to arrive. They cannot give up on you because that is their job.

The universe’s emergency response team is always ready to receive your emergency calls and attend to you. Your spirit is permitted to ask for help from the universe. There is hope when you are weighed down by life’s challenges. A response team is on standby to rescue you from the jaws of poor relationships, bad health, unsupportive friends, repetitive failures, or unemployment. Help is coming as soon as you dial the emergency hotline.

The universe’s hotline numbers.

  1. Sacrifice.

Sacrifice is compromising personal comfort for the sake of a bigger goal. It is a way of expressing love towards someone or a particular cause. Most people are unable to make sacrifices because they have other priorities. The universe is looking for someone who can demonstrate limitless love towards other people. The sacrifices that you make for other people (sometimes to strangers) are never forgotten. The universe will remember all of them in your day of distress and other people will also make sacrifices for you. Your spirit should have this hotline number of sacrifice in the speed dial by continually making worthy sacrifices. You will be amazed at how fast you will be rescued in your hour of need.

  1. Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is expressing gratitude for what has been done to you. It is a simple yet powerful habit that is often overlooked. It is an acknowledgment of the effort that someone else has put in for your sake. You can express gratitude by dialing the hotline number of Thanksgiving. A grateful society is powerful. They are motivated to achieve more because their effort is always noticed. Nature has played a big role in shaping our lives to the form they currently are. Express your thanksgiving by being a conservative and an ambassador for conserving nature.

The universe will quickly rescue a grateful spirit in the hour of need. Like sacrifice, this hotline number of Thanksgiving should be on your speed dial. The universe is monitoring your grateful attitude and you shall be rewarded for it in your day of emergency.

  1. Charity.

Charity is helping people in need. You do not look at their ability to repay or discriminate against their race, gender, or ethnicity. Instead, you help them because it is the right thing to do. The universe takes a special interest in charity work. It is one of the ways to win its divine affection. The dollar you donate to charity will help someone else in need. The universe keeps a record of the help that you extend to other people in their hour of need. Its response to your distress call is proportionate to your response to the distress calls of other people.

The hotline number of charity works each time you dial it. Your position in life is a gift that the universe wants you to use by uplifting others. A candle does not dim by lighting another one.

The universe’s agents of rescue.

It is important to know the universe’s agents of rescue who will come to your aid after dialing the emergency hotline.

These agents of rescue are your parents, spiritual patrons, and specially appointed friends in your network. The universe has prepared them to come to your rescue when you call nature’s emergency telephone numbers. They are vessels that the universe chooses to use and has strategically placed them in your life for that reason.

You have permission to call for help from nature when you are in your hour of need. Sacrifice, thanksgiving, and charity are the three hotline numbers that your spirit needs to have on the speed dial.

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