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Discovering the Universe’s Money Patterns

Discovery of patterns.

The first time most of us learned about patterns must have been in pre-school. We were beginning to learn how to read and write and our hands had to first know how to draw patterns before anything else. The excitement of learning how to draw new patterns daily and coloring them had some level of joy that is not explainable.

Pre-school was in our early childhood, mostly before the age of six years. Why was it necessary to learn about patterns at such an early age? It is not only because the education curriculum demanded so but also because we need to apply the knowledge of patterns in our daily life in adulthood. Hardly did any of us know about this at the time.

A new pattern lesson.

Now that patterns are not anything new to you, the universe wants to open your eyes to a new life lesson – money patterns. Almost everything that people do is driven by the need to earn money. If it were not the case, many people could not be working hard as they do today.

Nature knows this and it does not want its children to be depressed by their needs and lack of money. Just like a rich father does not want to see his son lack anything that he can provide, so does nature not want to see you struggle with earning money. As much as you do your best, you can use some help from your father, the universe. Even in higher education, people learn about business and wealth creation.

Money is the backbone of world economies and this is why you also need to be in line with it so that you may not be left out.

These are some of the universe’s money patterns:

  1. Money rewards effort.

It is not what you do that counts the most but rather the effort that you keep. Other people have the same qualities as you do so why would you attract more money than them? Nature looks at your effort and how you apply it in search of money. Your effort should be both spiritual and mental. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on physical strength.

Presently, even the physically weak can earn twice what the strong do. Put your mind on what you do to transform people’s lives. Many existing challenges need answers and people would pay with an arm and leg to get solutions. This is a chance that nature is giving you to serve humanity and make money while at it. Your work should be customer centered not profit-centered. This will ensure you lock out greed from your business and your business empire expands.

The value for money is what everyone is looking for and nature fully supports this. Anything else apart from this is a fraud that the universe does not condone.

  1. Knowing the right people.

The universe has put the right people on your way to help you climb the ladder of success. They are men and women who will help you earn an extra dollar. The missing piece of the puzzle is that most people do not know about these agents of the universe and they struggle alone. It gets twice as hard for them yet it was not supposed to. How can you identify them? There are times when you would start up something and attract “magic customers” who will love your products or services and ask you where you were all this while because you are exactly who they needed for business.

How useful is a mobile phone without network coverage? Similarly, you will struggle to do business without knowing and meeting the right people. They are the oil that greases your machine. Meeting them is the universe’s blessing. The pattern of often meeting the right people lies in knowing your business environment and what serves them well. They are the people that nature wants to fund your business. Start something today!

  1. Generational riches.

We all know of people who were born with a silver spoon and life has never been hard on them. The universe wants to teach us something important – money attracts money. This is the reason why almost everything that they do will automatically succeed. Nature does not want you to fight generational riches because it is its blessing. This is a money pattern that you should attach yourself to.

Associate with people with generational riches and you will learn a thing or two. The little trees that grow in the shade of a big tree enjoy its good shade, unlike the ones that stand alone out in the open. Cutting the big tree will affect the many more that depend on it. When you spot the money pattern of generational riches, go under the big tree. There is a shade for you.

  1. The gold mining theory.

Gold mining is one of the most tedious mining processes ever because it is not found near the surface of the earth. Miners go through a lot of trouble to extract gold and then refine it before putting it up for sale at very high prices. Money is similarly precious as gold is.

Getting money from the universe is like mining gold. Good money is hidden in business tricks that you can only learn through experience. You are close to getting money when you are almost giving up. When it is more difficult to mine, they do not give up because gold is closer. Take up the courage and continue to work for your money, in rain and sunshine.

  1. An abundance mindset.

Another money pattern is an abundance mindset. It is when you do not focus on its scarcity but its availability because you have faith that the universe shall provide for you. Associate with people with an abundance mindset because there is where nature shall give provision. Attach yourself to this money pattern and money shall identify itself with you.

The reason for the lack of financial independence could be that you are looking in the wrong direction. The universe is showing you its money patterns. Focus on them and you shall have an abundance.

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