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Divine Guidance on Your Purpose

When divinity knocks on your door…

Divinity is something out of this world. It is uncommon and this is the reason why everybody wants it. People treasure what is rare and trash what is common. But the truth is that divinity controls every facet of life. The universe runs on the engine of divinity. What is divine is linked to God or a god. It is beyond human understanding.

Everyone is chasing after their purpose. They rely on their minds and experiences to do that. Although they may succeed, they will sweat for it. This formula has a lot of trials and errors and nothing is guaranteed. It will cost you an arm and a leg before you achieve your purpose when you choose to follow the natural path.

The universe understands this and has an alternative for her children. This is the path of divinity and the supernatural. Although you are born of this world, you can choose to be born again into the supernatural realm of the universe. In this world, you no longer use the ordinary means to reach the destination which is your purpose.

Your purpose is a destination that you drive to when under divine guidance. You have a headstart when you are born again into the supernatural realm. The universe offers you divine guidance when at it. Here are tips when driving to your destination:

  1. Pay attention to road signs.

road sign

A good driver pays attention to road signs. They guide motorists on what to expect on the road. There could be zebra crossing, bumps, a sharp bend, a slippery road, a bridge, or a bus stop ahead. Reading the road signs correctly helps you drive safely. Did you know that failing to observe road signs is a major cause of road accidents globally?

Similarly, you will cause accidents when you drive to your purpose without paying attention to road signs. The universe wants you to be a careful driver by paying attention to the basics. Even though you badly want to reach your destination (your purpose), know when to stop and turn left or right. Know when to avert a crisis by enemies of progress.

Turn to the left or right to escape them so that you are not consumed in their chaos. Not every battle is worth you fighting for. Win some by avoiding them altogether. Road signs will make you know what is coming your way.

  1. Drive within the speed limit.

speed limit

There are zones where you are required to drive at a certain speed limit. The speed limit is to help you to be more aware of your environment. Are you driving through a school zone, a game park, or at the town center? You may need to check your speed or you may cause an accident. If you are lucky to escape that, then you will not escape prosecution.

Driving to your purpose is not a matter of life and death. You better reach there late but safely than never reach at all. The universe wants you to appreciate something – life is not a 100-meter sprint but a marathon that never ends. Do not rush to get everything at once because others do. Your purpose is greater than your speed to it.

  1. Consider other road users.

road users

As you drive to your destiny, take note of this – you are not the only road user. There are some other motorists and pedestrians who also want to reach their destination safely. Consider them too because there is enough space for everybody.

Your purpose is intertwined with those of other people. This is the universe’s way of establishing peace. Do not edge other drivers out because you want to have the whole road all to yourself. You may end up not reaching your destination (your purpose). The universe wants you to coexist with other people because of the power of unity.

You could be sharing a purpose with other drivers and what happens when you do not consider them too? You will be losing good company with people who would have helped you become better.

  1. Fuel and service your car regularly.

fuel and service

Your car is your spirit. It is what you use to drive to your purpose. There are many car models: Toyota Saloon, Crown, Premium, Range Rover, Subaru, Chevrolet, Lexus, and many others. All of these need fuel to move from place to place. If you decide to travel to your destination (your purpose), you need to have enough fuel for that. Do not also forget to service your car regularly to save you the embarrassment of breaking down on the way.

Fuel and service to your car are hope and faith for the future. You are traveling to a new place (your purpose) and you should believe you will arrive there with the guidance of the universe. When your hope and faith fail, your journey is endangered. Listen to stories of inspiration and hope of people who have discovered their purpose. They will raise your faith and fuel your spirit. You need all the encouragement available in this journey.

  1. Keep your eyes on the road.

eyes on the road

Many distractions come up on the way. You could be tempted to look outside because of the attractive environment. This is dangerous because you could easily cause an accident. When driving to your destination (your purpose), nothing is more important than having your eyes on the road. You can see potholes (if any) and easily evade them. You can also see other motorists, road signs, and traffic lights. Nothing can go wrong.

You can make sober decisions when your eyes are on the road. Whether you need to overtake, slow down, or remain in your lane depends on whether your eyes are on the road. The journey to your purpose is very important to be distracted by anything else. Commit yourself to the guidance of the universe to reach there successfully.

Divine guidance is the quickest highway to your purpose. You will know everything in advance and what lies ahead for you. Commit your faith in the universe and watch you go places. 

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