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Drinking from the Springs of Living Water


Water is the only constant that we need in life. The need for water is indiscriminate of age, gender, or social class. Nature gives us water freely so that we may not lack this basic resource. However, no matter how much you drink, you will be thirsty again after some time and want some. After quenching your thirst, the cycle repeats.

The thirst for water is unique. Neither tea nor juice or any other drink can quench it. You will only be relieved after taking water. The universe acknowledges the importance of drinking water and has gifted nature with uncountable water points. This is the will of the universe – at no time should you suffer from thirst.

Living water.

In plain terms, water is life. You cannot do without it. It is home to aquatic life, plants depend on it, and the wild equally depends on the magic of water. Even the driest places on earth resurrect from the dead when it rains. Vegetation comes to life and birds invite themselves back to their former homes. The first sign that a region can promise to develop is whether or not there is water. Everything else follows after this.

man and sea

The universe is offering you living water if you actively look for it within her territory. You only have one mission – to actively find and get living water from the universe.

The right answer.

You will find other types of water as you search for living water. Some water will be fit for washing but unfit for drinking. Another type of water will be useful in irrigation but you cannot use it for cleaning. All these scenarios are situations presenting the different uses of water. Neither of them is the right type of water you are looking for.

The right place to look for living water is through your spirit within the territory of the universe. You will not find the right answer outside these parameters:

1. Objective energy.

What is the objective of your energy? Nature wants you to use it objectively if you want the right answer as to the place you will find living water. Your body, mind, and spirit should work together to follow through with one objective at a time.

A divided spirit cannot reach halfway to getting living water. Do not be distracted from focusing on your goal. Your spirit will find living water in fulfilling your life’s mission. A successful sports life, hitting the highest sales, or passing all your exams are sources of living water. Let either of them, as per your priority, be the object of your energy and you will find living water there.

2. A healthy lifestyle.

Good health should be your priority. You cannot enjoy any other blessing without it. Diseases are not part of the will of the universe for you. Nature has a guide to your good health throughout the year. Your body is equipped with all the necessary armory to wage war against any bacteria or germs. Your soldiers – the white blood cells – get their ammunition from your lifestyle.

Nature wants you to mind your eating habits. It is not enough to eat when you are hungry. However, eat healthily and balance your nutrient intake so that you may arm your soldiers. A healthy lifestyle affects your body, mind, and spirit. Take care of your body by eating well and doing exercises, your mind by filtering your thoughts, and your spirit by connecting to the universe. This is the source of living water.

3. A renewed mind.

Your mind is the gateway to your spirit. Anything you permit your mind to think about will automatically get to your spirit. Nature wants to guide you to the things you should think about. The right thoughts take you closer to the universe’s living water. On the contrary, the wrong thoughts take you further from it.

A renewed mind.

Your mind is the license you need to approach living water. Like all licenses, you need to renew your mind from time to time. Do not get stuck on old thoughts of how it has not worked for you previously. It is time that it now worked. A renewed mind sees beyond the obstacles ahead to get solutions to existing challenges. Renew your license so that you can drink from the springs of living water.

4. Relentless effort.

It takes a lot of courage to be consistent in your efforts to reach your goal. After some time, you may be tempted to give up because whatever you are doing is not working, at least in your eyes. Nature wants you to be relentless in your efforts to be objective. As you chase your dreams, you should have an answer to this question – are you on the right track?

As long as you can see the road sign of ‘living water ahead’, then you are not lost and you can accelerate there. Sometimes it takes a while before you find what you are looking for. It could be months or years but you will eventually get it. Your search for living water (your lifelong mission) will eventually pay off handsomely.

5. A tighter social circle.

Your social circle is a very influential environment. It has the power to either talk you into or out of something. You see and hear the world through the eyes and ears of your social circle. For this reason, nature wants you to be very choosy in selecting it.

This is nature’s secret – “Show me your friends and I will tell you the type of person you are.”

If those in your circle have found their sources of living water, you are also likely to find yours soon. They will show you their ways and you will follow suit to chart your path. Filter through the people carrying the title of a friend in your life because you have given them the power to make or break you.

Drinking from the springs of living water is everybody’s dream. The universe will help you to fulfill it if you follow through with these five leads. 

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