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Earning your Freedom License in the Universe

A license is a permit that grants you certain freedoms. It qualifies you to be in specific places or to do certain acts. Further, a license is a measure of merit. It sets you apart from the rest and adds a badge of qualification to your shoulder. Licenses are not rewarded to everyone. Instead, they are earned through hours of training and hard work. It is only after passing the relevant test that you earn a license to practice your specialty. Doctors, lawyers, pilots, drivers, accountants, and many other professionals have licenses that qualify them to practice their work. Their professional opinions matter in their respective fields. They must have valid licenses to give validity to their work. 

There are also spiritual licenses that are necessary for you to have. The universe wants you to have its license to qualify for your freedom. There is a lot that you can do through this spiritual freedom. One thing that freedom does is create more time. It does that by creating more time for your spirit to understand the universe’s mysteries and your appointed destiny in the future. You can act from a point of knowledge when you already know your appointed destiny. It is spiritual freedom that puts you at a point of knowledge.  

The universe has marked and approved ways through which you can earn your freedom license. This is how to: 

1. Meet the minimum requirements. 

There are minimum requirements that you should meet to get any license. You need to be at least sixteen or eighteen in most countries to qualify for a driving license. It gets a little bit tighter when you seeking a flying license – you will need a valid health certificate. The same is true with other professionals. Equally, the universe has a set of its own that you should meet; the first one being spiritual maturity. The universe’s license gives unlimited freedom and for this reason, it is only reserved for spiritually mature people. This maturity can be seen through your relationship with nature. The universe wants you to master calmness and emotional intelligence in your relationships. They are the appointed avenues by the universe through which your spirit will reap spiritual benefits. 

2. Put your papers in order. 

This is important because it helps to identify you. Your papers are not only for identification but also to prove that you are qualified to seek the license. To be admitted to the lawyers’ bar, for example, your papers will prove your identity as well as your performance at law school. It demonstrates that you have met the threshold to apply for a practicing license. The universe wants you to put your papers in order and miss nothing when seeking its license. Getting your papers in order is reflected in your life through the tone of orderliness that you have set. It is how well you have planned for every foreseeable event and how you involve nature in your planned future. If you manage to establish a good relationship with nature before you get the universe’s license, then the universe is assured of your great potential to further this relationship after you get it. Having your papers in order is a reflection of the order in your life. This is what the universe is looking for.  

3. Put in the required work hours. 

This is the necessary training you need to sharpen your competence. The testing authority needs to be sure that whoever they will license to practice is competent enough. For this reason, there is a threshold of the number of hours that should be met to qualify to be licensed. This is true even in the universe’s license. The required number of hours is your commitment to your calling. There is a conviction towards a particular line that the universe has put in the hearts of everyone. This is where you have to put up all the effort. When you perform your best, the universe will be convinced that you are worthy of its license to continue with your good work. Put your best foot forward at work, school, with your family, and everything that you are involved with. With the required work hours, your license is guaranteed. 

4. Register for and pass the competence test. 

This is when you are about to get your license and you have to pass the final test. Registration for the competence test shows that you are ready to prove your skills and get the license. Your test day will be set after registration and thereafter you start looking forward to it. Everything you do afterward is preparation to pass the final competence test. This is the same process to get to follow to get the universe’s license. The competence test day happens every day. The universe uses the people in your life to bring out your true colors. They test your patience, kindness, generosity, love, and all other virtues to see if you are worthy of the universe’s license. What most people miss out on is that the universe’s license of freedom does not change the type of person you are but rather amplifies your true personality. For this reason, the universe must do a thorough personality test on you. There is nothing to stop you from getting this license when your personality screams of everything good.  

5. Pay your license fees and renew it as required. 

Licenses are renewed from time to time to ensure that their holder is compliant with the laws of the regulating authority. The renewal period for most of them is one year. There is also a renewal fee attached to it. The universe’s license is equally renewed at intervals because it will expire if you fail to do so on time. You can renew your spiritual license by committing to honor your spiritual obligations. You are obliged not to lose touch with the one who issued you the license in the first place. The universe’s license and renewal fees are sacrifices and offerings that you give nature through the lives of other people without expecting anything in return. This is the price to pay to get the prize.  

It is possible to earn your freedom license in the universe and enjoy it to the maximum if you follow all the necessary steps. Do you have your license already?

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