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Earning your Spiritual Promotion and Why you Need It


A promotion is an increase in duties, responsibilities, and compensation for a particular job. It is a rise in rank from one level to the next. Workers are always looking forward to their promotion in their workplace. Depending on the company policy, promotions are made at specific periods to particular deserving people. There is a criterion for rewarding promotions to workers that is followed if an employer wants to improve productivity at the workplace. Failure to earn a promotion for a long time reflects badly on the profile of a worker. It could mean that this particular worker is not competitive or productive enough to be trusted with higher responsibilities.

Promotion is one of the reasons that push workers to look for greener pastures in new workplaces. Some believe that if they have not earned it in their current workplace, they can get it in a new place. Sometimes it rightfully so happens and at other times it will take the individual worker to work on his productivity first before he earns a promotion in his new workplace. This is an eye-opener on the significance of promotions.


The universe also makes spiritual promotions to those who deserve it. From time to time, your spirit is promoted from one level to the next. This spiritual promotion is also based on merit and competence. The universe wants everyone to be promoted to a new rank in this New Year but it is not entirely dependent on it. Your spiritual productivity will determine your promotion and lifestyle thereafter.

Fulfilling factors that influence your spiritual promotion increases your chances of earning it among hundreds or thousands of competitors.

1. Punctuality at work.

To be punctual is to be on time. Employers appreciate employees who report to work on time. It shows their commitment to work and meet their target. Punctual workers are poised for promotion because they have proven that they love their work. The benefit of being punctual at work is that you can organize and successfully execute your daily duties effectively.

The universe is also looking to retain and promote punctual workers. Their devotion to spirituality makes them keep time in all their spiritual responsibilities. A punctual spiritual worker always keeps his/her spirit ready for the spiritual missions that the universe may command them to go. The universe will promote your spirit to a higher rank when you show a higher level of time commitment. As you go through life, commit to being punctual for your work and spiritual appointments. This will put you next in line for a promotion.   

2. Work experience.

This refers to your exposure to different work environments. It sharpens your skills and improves your creativity in work to get things done as they should. The longer your work experience, the more likely you are to be promoted. The employer can be certain that you have enough exposure to different work situations from which you can know how to handle a new position with increased responsibilities. For example, it is difficult for an officer with twenty years of experience to be in the same rank as a newly recruited officer straight from college. The more experienced one will be promoted sooner if he is already not promoted.


Spiritual promotion works similarly. The level of spiritual maturity influences your spiritual promotion. The universe measures your spiritual maturity through how you handle rejection, pain, family and relationship issues, and competition. Spiritually mature people do not blame everyone but themselves for their problems. They understand that the highs and lows of life are not permanent but a passing cloud. They will eventually overcome any challenge and be promoted because of how they maintain their spiritual maturity.

3. Level of training.

There are different levels of work training from beginners to experts. The level of training that you get determines your starting point and immediate promotion if you meet other requirements as well. If you happen to have been employed with basic training, most employers allow their employees to further their studies so that they can be competitive and extra productive.

Spiritual training is through the different life situations that you have experienced. When you experience loss, you gain the spiritual virtue of endurance and when you are happy you learn to appreciate those who contributed to it. Higher training makes you be best candidate to be promoted by any employer, including the universe.

4. Seniority.

The senior worker in a particular rank is often promoted first before the others. He/she could have missed out on any other qualifications but the age factor will make him/her a candidate for promotion. Working in one place for a long time could prove your loyalty to that company. You will earn the trust of your employer and he will most likely promote you to thank you for your good service.

The universe is also inclined to reward loyalty with a spiritual promotion. It is looking to promote faithful believers who have kept the faith for a long time despite the difficulties they face. To earn your spiritual promotion, believe with your whole heart, and do not be swayed by false doctrines. Besides the promotion you will receive from the universe, you will also get a crown of honor for your loyalty.

5. Leadership potential.

Potential leaders or ready-made ones are among the first group of candidates for promotion. Employers believe that leaders can impact and influence their people positively. They will use them to pass favorable company policies. A promoted leader will have the incentive to lead his/her people well. They are an example of the employer’s goodwill. Other workers will do their best because they also believe they will be promoted soon just like their leader.


The universe is also looking to promote a leader or someone with leadership potential. You can poise yourself for spiritual promotion by leading your peers and influencing them positively. The universe will promote your spirit to manifest greater things to increase your leadership influence. Listen to your instinct to fill the leadership gap and earn your spiritual promotion.

Spiritual promotion uplifts all areas of your life. Work to earn it and the testimony of your rise from grass to grace shall be the talk of town.

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