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Earning your Ticket of Acceptance in the World

A ticket is an official pass to allow you entrance into an event. Tickets are sold before the event and sometimes even at the gate of the event. The gatekeeper only allows holders of valid tickets into the event. This brings us to another thing – the validity of a ticket. It must have a timestamp of the date and time that this particular ticket is valid. An expired ticket cannot guarantee you entrance into an event. The use of tickets has increased. They are used in cinemas, theatres, concerts, weddings, and special performance events to regulate the number of audiences and generate revenue.

ticket of universe

The universe also uses tickets to regulate its events. Unlike physical tickets that can be bought, the universe’s tickets are earned through its chosen criteria. They are the ones that open the gates of specific blessings into your life. The universe also uses its tickets to earn you rewards. This puts you in a competitive space with everyone else where you compete to earn them.

The motivation to earn the universe’s tickets is that they are universal and do not have an expiry date. Tickets to receive blessings of health, financial breakthrough, healthy relationships, comfort, happiness, or peace are valid throughout your life. They do not expire nor do they run out of stock. The universe has placed the responsibility of earning these tickets on your shoulders. The path to earn them effortlessly is to understand what is in a ticket and appreciate its value. More so, the universe’s tickets that grant you entrance into its events and blessings are a rubber stamp that the world acknowledges. It earns you favor and acceptance wherever you go.  

What is in a ticket?

1. The price.

The price of a ticket matches its value. This premium allows the universe to understand the attachment that you have to this event. You must be so much attached to an event if you can buy tickets to attend it. It could be your favorite artist performing in town, a new movie premiering, a stakeholder’s forum in your industry, a date with your soulmate, a comedy event, or anything that tickles your heart. The value of a ticket is measured by how much you are willing to spend on it and the time you can spare for it.

What is the price that you are willing to pay for the universe’s tickets? The universe wants to know the premium you can exchange to get his blessings of good health and abundance. This premium is not monetary but anchored on the extra mile that your spirit can go. Consider the price that nature’s creation pays to enjoy its blessings. The labor of giving birth to a young one is an example of the price paid to enjoy the blessing of procreation. You can enjoy the universe’s blessings as soon as you commit to paying the price for the universe’s ticket.

2. The class.

Tickets have different categories. There are regular, VIP, and VVIP tickets. Their prices vary with the ticket class. Regular tickets are for anybody and are the cheapest ones. They are followed by VIP tickets that cost slightly more and lastly, VVIP tickets reserved for dignitaries. There is honor in the class of ticket that you hold. Your money and social status determine the class of ticket that you can hold.

The universe’s tickets also have classes. Certain blessings have a pre-requisite. Life is constantly evolving concerning your status. You have to pass through specific experiences to teach you new things about life before you are well prepared to unlock their blessings. A parent, teacher, or someone in a position of authority can earn the ticket of the blessings of responsibility because they have dependents. This ticket will further unlock favor from them because they look up to him/her. The ticket class opens a door to your acceptance into the world.

3. The privilege.

Some tickets have special privileges that are not found in others. These privileges are part of their terms and conditions that everyone is aware of. The privilege could be an advantaged position in the audience with a clear view of the stage, a window seat with good leg space on an airplane, priority customer care support, or any other perks that come with a privileged ticket. You will not go through the challenges of regular ticket holders. You can earn privileged tickets upon a special request if you meet its conditions of safety concerns, social status, or personality.

The experience.

The universe’s privileged tickets are also available to you. They are earned through one of many factors of spiritual awareness. This ticket earns you a seat at the table with more experienced and knowledgeable people. The opportunity to learn and interact with those at the apex of the universe’s pyramid is not common. You earn it by proving your commitment to be disciplined in fulfilling your life’s mandate. You can also earn the privilege ticket by being reliable in your line of calling.

4. The experience.

The ticket of experience is a valuable prize. All other types of tickets are for you to sit back and enjoy the show except for this particular ticket. It is meant for attendees who want to learn from the best. The performers in an event are experts at what they do and that is how they attract people to buy tickets for their show. The opportunity to learn from them is a rare chance to increase your skill set.

The universe’s tickets of experience are available to you. It happens every other time in nature where the younger ones learn from the older ones. Nature wants you to prove worthy of this ticket by being teachable and accepting correction. Thereafter, your spirit can communicate with the universe heart-to-heart and shape you to become the best version of yourself.

These four tickets of the universe will earn you acceptance in the world. It opens doors of love from everywhere and you become a household name. How many tickets have you earned?

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