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Embracing Your Maiden Introduction

book's introduction

An introduction is a very important chapter of any book or journal. It welcomes you to the whole book and determines to a greater extent whether or not you will continue reading the rest of the chapters. It spikes your interest in the book by creating suspense to lure you not to put the book down. The introduction of the book introduces the overview of the book by highlighting its most interesting sections without giving it all away. It is a teaser of what lies in the rest of the book.

Introductions are not limited to books and journals only. Any first-time event requires a proper introduction to familiarize other people with it. In music performances and shows, the master of ceremony accords guest artists with a proper introduction. There is no second time for this first-time introduction. It leaves a permanent mark and it must be as perfect as possible.

An unintroduced guest does not have certain privileges. He/she will remain at the guests’ lounge while the hosts and other guests who have been welcomed to “feel at home” dominate the event. You will be considered a gate crasher until you are properly introduced to everyone. People will whisper about you (and some will do it in your presence) because you are uninvited. All of this will make you feel uncomfortable but it will stop the moment you are properly introduced.

The maiden introduction…

Introductions also matter in the universe. You are still a guest until you are introduced to the spiritual realm. You are an ordinary human with a spirit in the universe until you are introduced and you become a son/daughter of this new world. A child has extra privileges and rights than a guest does. The former is at home while the latter is only on a visit with an expiry date.


Nature wants to facilitate your maiden introduction to the universe. Your introduction to the universe is a key to unlocking the privileges of a son/daughter in the spiritual kingdom. Nature designs your maiden introduction like a form of initiation through which you graduate from a guest to a native.

Spiritual initiation.

Your maiden introduction is spiritual initiation. Nature takes it through four stages.

  1. To be born again.

This is the first step in spiritual initiation. To be born in the spirit confers you with spiritual innocence like that of a newborn. Nature wants you to live like a little child – without grudges, with pure intentions, always happy, and open-minded. This lifestyle introduces you to the spiritual realm as an initiated guest who wants to explore the spiritual kingdom.

An infant is the purest form of life. He is like an open new book that has nothing written on it. The parents and/or caregivers have the power to write something through new experiences in the life of the newborn. The same happens when you are born again spiritually – the universe will write new code in your life that will be a game changer.

  1. Baptism.

In a well-organized official function, guests are well-identified. They wear tags and often sit at one location. They need to be introduced to the venue and shown the direction to the restrooms. On the other hand, the hosts and natives can be easily spotted because they know their way around.

Baptism is an identifier stage in spiritual initiation. The universe identifies natives of the spiritual kingdom through baptism. There is no harm in not being baptized. The only thing is that you will remain with the guest tag and forfeit all the benefits of being a child in the spiritual kingdom.

Sometimes you may pass through a rough patch in life and it could look like everything is falling apart. This could be your moment of baptism. You are experiencing the second stage of spiritual initiation to introduce you to the universe. You will emerge victorious once your maiden introduction is complete.

  1. The Transfiguration.

Every living being changes in their lifetime. Life takes us through various stages of growth – infancy, childhood, teenage, and finally adulthood. This is a physical transfiguration of our physical appearance. You would have amassed a lot of experience by the time you are an adult. This is the way of life.

Spiritual transfiguration is part of your maiden introduction to the universe. It includes but is not limited to a complete change of your thoughts. Nature does not want you to only remain focused on the present. Think ahead and plan every foreseen event carefully so that you do not trip. You had different priorities in your mind through the different stages while growing up. The universe wants you to adopt an equal change in the spiritual kingdom.

The transfiguration of your thoughts is a sign that you are almost taking up citizenship of the spiritual kingdom. It does not hurt to be a dual citizen, does it?

spiritual kingdom.

    1. Crucifixion and resurrection.

Crucifixion is one of the most painful ways to die. The good news is that the universe takes away all the pain with the reward of resurrection. This completes your maiden introduction to the universe. Certain habits can only be tolerated if they are done by a guest. You would not expect the host or a native to do it. For example, the staple food in other parts of the world is pasta. When a guest from a region that has never eaten pasta before visits your place, they may find the food not tasty or uncomfortable. You cannot expect to see this from a native.

Similarly, the universe requires you not to be led by physical desires. As someone who wants to be a native of the spiritual kingdom, you have to crucify the desires of your body. In return, the universe is promising you the resurrection of your spirit. You will have a new thirst for spirituality and abandon your old lifestyle.

Your maiden introduction to the universe is what nature has been waiting for for a long time now. Embrace it to become a native of the spiritual kingdom.

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