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Entering the Universe’s Bathroom – Your Place of Transformation


The bathroom is where you bathe and get clean daily (sometimes as often as twice or thrice a day). Bathing is one of the most important daily activities that you should not miss. It has both physical and spiritual health benefits that you should not miss. Bathing helps to wash away germs and prevent diseases, removes body odors, soothes your body to relax (especially in the evening), and wakes you up completely from sleep (especially in the morning). The bathroom is a place of refuge and complete transformation. This is what you need to conquer the day ahead of you.

Apart from bathing, the bathroom is one of the few places where your spirit receives new impartation from the universe. You debate within yourself about different issues and sometimes even decide on some of them. It is also possible to think of new ideas whilst in the bathroom and try them out later. It is where some of the most genius thoughts are conceived. It is a great injustice to spend a day without going to the bathroom. Your body, mind, and spirit need bathroom therapy as frequently as possible. It will improve your health and brighten your days.

Welcome to the Universe’s bathroom.

The universe also has a bathroom for the same reasons you have one at your house. This is where your spirit bathes and freshens up. It washes off the fatigue from meeting with different people who infect you with negative energy and leaves you with new positive energy to continue pursuing your dreams. It is important to visit the universe’s bathroom to get a refill of positive energy and not wear out before you complete your mission successfully.

There is no specific time to shower in the universe’s bathroom. There is also no limitation on the amount of time you spend inside it. This is the freedom that the universe has given you.

There are essential instruments of cleaning that are found in all bathrooms and that of the universe has them. They are soap, water, a bathing cloth, a clean towel, and a clean set of changing clothes. It is also important to know the uses of each one of them for you to gain the most from the bathroom experience. It will transform you into a new person if you get it right.

  1. Soap.


Soap is an effective cleanser. We use it to wash our hands and even in a full body bath. It removes dirt from the skin leaving it clean and fresh. Antibacterial soaps kill germs and bacteria on the skin and leave it healthy. Some soaps have medicinal benefits and are recommended to select groups. The universe’s bathroom also has its soap. What is it and how can you use it?

The soap in the universe’s bathroom is correction and discipline. Correction from experienced people will set you on the right path. Nature has put experienced people in your life to guide you in your naivety. The discipline to continue doing things correctly is like soap washing away the dirt from your skin. Soap never lacks in the universe’s bathroom and nature wants you to always use it to remove the dirt in your life.

  1. Water.

Water is important to wash away the dirt that soap has cleaned. The soap foam should not stay on your skin for long. It needs to be washed away to open up the skin pores. Clean water is used to wash it away because it is neutral and without chemicals that can harm your skin.

Water in the universe’s bathroom is forgiveness. It is important to practice and make it a lifestyle. It is human to make mistakes the more you meet with people. The universe understands that nobody is perfect. You may brush shoulders with some people as you move up the ladder. What matters the most is that you try as much as possible to make things right before it is too late. Forgive those who wrong you and equally seek forgiveness from those you have wronged. This is the water that can make you clean in the universe’s bathroom.

  1. Clean towel.

A clean towel is used to dry your wet skin. It is used after washing off the soap foam with water. Good hygiene practice is that you use a clean dry towel to dry yourself. A dirty towel will re-introduce germs and dirt to your body. You need to maintain your new ‘clean status.’ You also cannot put on clean clothes while you are still wet. This is why you need a clean dry towel.

The clean towel in the universe’s bathroom is good character. Like a clean towel, good character will wipe away your record of wrongs after reconciliation. It will make people forget that you once wronged them. It repairs burnt bridges and re-establishes the good relationship you had with them. Nature advises you to use the towel of good character in the universe’s bathroom and you will be transformed.

  1. A clean set of changing clothes.

folded clothes

It is good hygiene practice to put on a set of clean clothes after showering. It is not advisable to wear the clothes you had before taking a shower because they are dirty and/or have your body’s sweat. You will no longer remain clean if you wear the same clothes before they are washed. It rolls back your progress.

The clean set of changing clothes in the universe’s bathroom is spirituality. Spirituality is the difference between the old man and the new man from the bathroom. It is a deeper connection with the universe. Nature wants your spirit to connect more intimately with it. You will re-discover yourself and not get dirty from the same dirt that soiled you before you entered the universe’s bathroom.

The universe’s bathroom is a place of transformation. You will come out cleaner and more relaxed than when you walked in. Remember to use soap, water, a clean towel, and clean changing clothes correctly. This is the beginning of your transformation.

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