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Exchanging the Vows of Fidelity with the Universe

fidelity with the Universe

A vow is a sure promise about something. Unlike a promise, a vow has some consequences should you not fulfill it. People make vows for different reasons to make their word count. Marriage vows, the oath of office to new office holders, and the swearing-in of witnesses in court are examples of vows. Sometimes, people also make vows to convince someone else that they are telling the truth. A vow is the hallmark of trust. It is binding to whoever makes it. Violating them exposes him to untold consequences.

Vows of faithfulness sustain healthy relationships. Each partner is reassured of the commitment of the other to make the relationship work. They will remain committed to their relationship despite temptations to be unfaithful. Sometimes things can get thick and challenges overwhelm a marriage but the vows of faithfulness made will make both partners fight for their marriage. They will make painful sacrifices for the sake of their union because they believe that their partners will do the same for them. They have two assurances that their relationship will work – shared love and their vows of commitment. Your relationship with the universe is like marriage. You need to give and receive these two assurances for this to work.

Your assurance to the universe.


1. Shared love.

Love is the powerhouse of every relationship. It is the motivation to make sacrifices and devote yourself to your relationship. Love is generous, kind, compassionate, forgiving, and caring. It puts the interest of another person above yours and they will also do the same for you. The universe is full of love. Look at how nature thrives even when through the harshest climates. Both plant and animal life are sustained by the universe through all seasons. This is pure love from the universe! You can also express love to the universe as an assurance of your commitment to your relationship. This love takes the form of trust, gratitude, and compassion. Trust the will of the universe for your life and follow the calling it put inside your heart. There will be no doubt of the love that you share.

2. Word of commitment.

You are as valuable (or not) as your word. The more you have a record of fulfilling your promise, the more valuable you are. This is an assurance to the universe that you are committed to your relationship even in fulfilling your vows of fidelity. Look at how different species of animals and birds are committed to raising their young ones. They hunt food for them, carry them on their backs, and protect them from predators. This commitment is an assurance that you can be faithful. Before you exchange vows of fidelity with the universe, the commitment to keep your word is an assurance that you can be faithful in your relationship.

These two assurances will give you the green light to exchange your vows with the universe to seal an eternal relationship with zero regrets. This is how you can honor the vows of fidelity with the universe:

3. Always speak the truth.

Sometimes the truth can be bitterer than you would wish it to be. You may not like how it looks but it will still stick in front of you because it is the reality. Like in all relationships, the universe needs an honest partner. They should be someone who will confront reality for the sake of their relationship with the universe. The truth reduces stress, boosts trust, creates respect, encourages acceptance, and builds a foundation for love. Open up to your partner about your preferences as they also do the same. The universe not only speaks the truth but also manifests the same in your life through your gut feelings, thoughts, and body reflexes. Your language of truth to the universe takes the form of pure intentions towards those the universe has brought into your life. Fulfilling this is honoring your vow to the universe.

4. Love, honor, and cherish your partner.

Constantly reminding your partner that you love them makes the relationship adventurous and exciting. It is also a reassurance that you plan to continue honoring your vows of fidelity. Cherishing your partner includes going out of your way to speak to them in their love language. The universe constantly cherishes us through the daily unconditional gift of life. You are among the chosen few with the privilege of being alive. Return this affection by cherishing nature for loving you unconditionally. You can do this by fulfilling the will of the universe in your life. Embrace the divine purpose of your calling and the universe will keep you on track to receive the benefits of your calling. This is a way to honor your vow to the universe.

5. Forsake all others.

Love is a sacrifice to avoid everyone else and stick to one partner. This is the measure of love – the ability to be loyal and faithful to one partner for the rest of your life. Nature is not divided in how it expresses love. Everything that happens in the universe is for your benefit. This is the spiritual slogan of the universe – all things happen for good. You are a beneficiary of everything that happens around you. Even what you think is bad often ends up being a blessing in disguise. The universe wants you to reciprocate the same as you honor your vow of fidelity. When it comes to the universe, put all your eggs in one basket – give care where it is needed, show compassion to the less fortunate, and encourage the heartbroken. This is holding up your end of the bargain. It portrays you as devoted to the love of your life who is also blind to everyone in the world but you.

Exchanging the vows of fidelity is an anxious moment. You are committing your life to a new person hoping that you will form strong soul ties to rise above anything that comes your way. You can never regret connecting to the universe deeply like this. On the contrary, it is one of the best decisions you can make.

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