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Experiencing the Magical Touch of Nature in your Life

Nature is magical. Magic is the ability to influence events or results through supernatural forces. It is mysterious and there is no explanation for it. Magic is a reminder that there is a power outside your scope and above you. This power controls everything in the universe. It is exciting to watch as magic unfolds before you. The magicians who visited schools thrilled us with their magic – how they made a ball disappear and reappear in another place almost immediately and the tricks they played on our young minds. We all looked forward to when we would see them again.

Reality has hit hard on most people. How they are stuck in unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, or childhood trauma. These are the times that you wish a magician would waive his magic wand over your life to take all that nightmare away. Unfortunately, you do not know any magician around. There is someone who can make all your nightmares disappear at the snap of a finger. He can turn around your life and restore its lost glory. It does not matter how deep in the mud you are, his light will shine on all the dark corners of your life and spark new hope within you. This magician is nature.

The magical touch of nature in your life is a life-changing moment. Save the date when it does because you will not remember how you looked before you met him. The universe has everyone in mind. He cares about your welfare to the point of leading you to experience a landmark magic moment in your life. There are several ways of experiencing this magic. Here are some of them:

1. The sunrise and sunset.

This is nature’s way of gifting you another chance to take a shot at life. The sins of the previous day are written off and you start this new day on a clean slate. This is the promise of nature – yesterday could have been disappointing but today shall be rewarding. Accept the gift of the sunrise that nature is offering to you. Sunset is the magic that closes the last page of the book. It signals the end of your attempts today. You will get another opportunity tomorrow.

The cycle of the sunrise and sunset is the magic of time in your life. Nature gifts you unlimited chances to take your best shot at life. Your mistakes help you learn how not to do something. They push you towards the right way.  In addition, the sunrise and sunset are important time indicators for some of your assignments. Maximize opportunities when your life is in the sunrise period. This window quickly closes as you move towards the sunset. Daytime is your time to experience nature’s magical touch. You will receive good news and meet your destiny connectors during the day.

2. The phases of the moon.

Different phases of the moon come on different days of the month. Nature intentionally wants you to see them. Being on Earth to see the different phases of the moon is magical. The beauty of the moon shouts to the whole world throughout its different phases. Its spiritual part is the horoscopes and the different zodiac signs. It directly affects your behavior and can predict your future. It is amazing how a heavenly body can have such a significant impact on people’s lives.

Most importantly, the universe has not kept you a secret from the moon. The transformation of the moon from one phase to another is a reminder of the constant change in life. Nature wants to teach you using the phases of the moon that change is beautiful. It is possible to enjoy your life even in your rainy days. Like the moon, you will continue shining your light to the world unbothered. The magic in the phases of the moon is its ability to transform without losing its significance. This is the magical touch of nature in your life.

3. The different climates in nature.

Different parts of the world have different climates at different times of the year. Nature has designed the different climates in our favor. When it is winter at the poles, the weather is warmer in the tropics. People can visit these warm regions to escape the extremely cold weather at home. After some months, the climate changes to another one and you can go back home. These climate and weather changes in different parts of the world are an insight into the magic happening in the universe. They cannot be artificially influenced except in the way that nature originally wanted them to become.

In this same way, nature gives us different climates in life. The beautiful part of it is that it is not permanent. The sun will rise again and a gentle wind blow over your face and you will have a new experience. The magical touch of nature in your life is in the variety that comes with it. Embrace them with love because that too shall pass.

4. The unpredictability of the wind.

The wind is a mystery. It cannot be seen or touched except its effects. It is a very necessary part of nature. This moving air was used in water transport (long before the introduction of engines). It is also an agent of pollination to date and there is a lot to show for it. Sometimes your life might become like the wind – unpredictable and frustrating. The universe wants to reassure you of nature’s magic in your life even when you feel helpless. The wind of life will blow you to a better place. There is a reason for things to turn out the way they have. Just as a magician waves his wand and the impossible happens, so shall it happen with your life when nature’s wind blows over your life. Place your trust in the the universe’s divine ability and experience the magic.

Your fortunes will change after experiencing nature’s magical touch. Have you experienced it?

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