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Fertilizing your Egg of Effort


Eggs are food for many households in the world. It is also a means of livelihood for many more people globally. Anything touching an egg directly affects millions of people and the entire ecosystem. An egg is a basic form of life. Birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles reproduce by laying eggs. Without it, there is no guarantee of a continuation of the lineage of these animals. This is what makes an egg more important – the ability to determine the fate of millions.  

There are many health benefits to eating eggs. They are rich in proteins, improve heart health, and are affordable too. If you are having a bad day, get some omelet and your body will be grateful for it. 

The quality of an egg.  

The value of an egg is in its fertility. A fertile egg is laid after the male and female have mated. This makes the egg viable to eventually hatch into a chick. Unfertilized eggs are still useful and can be used elsewhere except that they do not carry life. Nature appreciates the importance of fertilized eggs more because they can continue the lineage of their parents. This is the true quality of an egg – the ability to carry life.  

The human limit. 

There is only so much that you can do as a person. Your efforts are limited by factors that you may not have control over. Just when you think that you have done your best, something happens to remind you that your best is not enough and you need to do better. Human effort is like a circle because you cannot touch the beginning or end of the circumference.  

Human effort

In comparison, your effort alone is like an unfertilized egg. It is good enough to be consumed as food but it does not carry life. Nature wants you to fertilize your egg and give it life. Fertilized effort is always productive and its results can be seen. Your small start-up will pick up quickly, you will pass your exams, your health will improve, your relationships will be fruitful, and you will have something to show to the world. Nothing you do will be in vain. 

The universe wants you to know that the limit you are thinking about is only in your mind. Your effort urgently needs to be fertilized for you to achieve your dreams satisfactorily. This is how you can present your egg to nature for fertilization: 

1. Have a clean motive.

Motive is the intention behind an action. It is a justification for what you are doing and the universe investigates it from time to time. Nature rewards good motives and punishes bad ones. It will crown the effort that you put toward social justice with victory and condemn the selfish efforts to shame.  

Are you constantly frustrated by your efforts not netting positive results? The universe wants you to change your motive. For example, the motive behind doing business is to solve an existing problem while at the same time making some profit. It is not to boast about your privilege of being a business owner. Nature will fertilize your efforts when your motive is clear from the onset. Your egg of effort will multiply because it now carries life. 

2. Rethink your actions before you commit.

There is always room for change and the universe rightfully provides for it. It is okay to change the things you want to do before you execute them because you had to rethink. An egg is fertilized if the male and female mate. Your motive and reconsideration of your actions before committing will determine the worthiness of its results.  

Nature appreciates well-thought-of plans and fertilizes such actions without a second thought. A fertile effort will yield results because it has been appointed for this. Poorly thought-of actions will remain unfertilized because they have no clearly defined objectives. Do you think there is anything you can change in your action before you execute it?  

3. Involve the supernatural in your actions. 

Nothing is hidden from the supernatural. Your thoughts, desires, and plans cannot be hidden from the universe. When you involve the universe, it anoints them to be fruitful and bring you worthy returns. On the contrary, failure to involve the universe denies them its blessings and your efforts will be like seed planted on infertile soil. They will not germinate.  

Your spirit is part of the supernatural. Use it to communicate to the universe about your efforts and their intentions. Commit everything in prayer and watch your efforts yield results. Nature and Karma often wait upon the supernatural for the nod to fertilize your egg of effort.  

4. Observe the greater good theory. 

As you plan your schedule, think about the good that your actions will cause. The universe often uses the greater good theory to determine whether or not to fertilize your efforts. This theory states that the best action is the one that will produce the greatest good for many people. The universe sustains many lives and it has to balance all their interests. 

This obliges nature to fertilize the efforts that will benefit as many people as possible. The business aimed at efficiently solving an existing problem to many people is the one that will succeed. Your creativity will spring you to success because the universe will fertilize your efforts.  

5. Break a few eggs to confirm fertilization. 

Breaking an egg is the best way to confirm if it has been fertilized. If it has, you will see a small white spot on the yolk. This means that this egg could hatch into a chick after incubation. You can randomly sample eggs to see if they have been fertilized before drawing any conclusion.  

How can you know if your efforts have been fertilized by the universe or if your success is pegged on luck? Investigate your coincident successes in the efforts you make alone and when you partner with somebody else. Continuous fruitful solo efforts mean your egg is fertile and independent of your partner. Keep it up! 

The fertility of an egg depends on whether the male and female mated before the egg was laid. Similarly, the fertility of your efforts depends on whether the universe anointed your efforts before you put them into action. A fertilized egg brings joy to the farmer because he can count on getting new chicks. Can you count on the returns of your actions? 

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