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Financial Horoscope for Water Signs in 2023

Water Signs

Water signs are known for their fluidity and strength. They are unpredictable, they are wild, and they are calm but they are the driving force and the most appealing of all zodiac signs! They are magnetic, extremely charismatic, and persistent toward their goals. Most importantly, highly intuitive!

The year 2023 is all about transformation and new beginnings for Water Signs! Whether it means discarding previously held beliefs or preparing for change, this year is all about becoming a wiser version of yourself. With regards to money and financial prosperity, though there might be some setbacks observed early on in this year, the other half shall end on a sweeter one! 

Let’s look at what’s in store for each water sign in 2023:


Cancer | Water sign

As a water sign, you are infamous for your intuitive abilities. This makes you stand out of the crowd. This intuition alerts you of forthcoming dangers and helps you keep your cards close to your heart. As a cardinal sign that you are, you hold your home and the past very close to your heart. These are the principles that give you a sense of safety and belongingness. It also helps you take more calculated and safer risks with your finances. 

Concerning your finances, you are conservative. You know the importance money has in your life. The year 2023 brings out massive relief and also some eye-opening revelations.

Financial Overview 2023: 

As the year unfolds, there are a few upheavals observed. The presence of Saturn could delay your financial gains, but don’t worry! a financial gain from family or property investment is on the horizon. For some, the idea of buying or investing in a foreign property or land may even become a reality.

Later as the year progresses, Jupiter and Saturn partner up in Aquarius. They encourage you to trust your gut when it comes to financial investments or property purchases. However, to ensure success, seek the counsel of an expert. With their guidance, you could unlock long-term financial gains.

Towards the end of the year, the arrival of Mars may bring both financial expenses and gains. Work-related travel, business ventures, and publishing endeavors may offer new sources of income. But take care not to overspend or over-commit. Instead, balance your eagerness for opportunities with a measured approach. Overall, this period of financial flux promises stability and security. So, seize the moment to plan for long-term investments in property, cars, or houses, and watch your wealth soar.

This year may bring positive developments for financial matters and property investments, as well as opportunities for acquiring new assets such as a vehicle. It is essential to focus on proactive steps and responsible decision-making. It will help set the stage for a successful year ahead.


Scorpio | Water sign

Scorpio is a sign that exudes strength – a strength that comes from within, and manifests in emotional, psychological, and physical toughness. You have an unwavering determination to master your own self and control your surroundings, making you a powerful healer and leader in times of crisis. 

Speaking of control you’d be seen as a miser than a spendthrift. You surely love to tuck your money with you safely. Your unwavering mastery of your emotions allows you to save rather than spend money on impulsive purchases. 

Financial Overview for 2023: 

As the dawn of 2023 breaks, you shall be showered with an abundance of financial blessings. Jupiter’s benevolent gaze may illuminate old investments, yielding impressive dividends and creating a wave of prosperity. However, amidst this wave of good fortune, there will be an urgent need for you to carefully plan and manage your expenses. 

In the midst of this complex and ever-changing financial landscape, it’s essential to adopt a strategic mindset and exercise sound judgment. As the year unfolds, the financial climate is bound to shift in your favor, but maintaining a balanced approach and controlling expenses will be key to success. 

It is advised to collect any outstanding debts and avoid lending or sharing money. This  can further support your financial security. With astute management and mindful action, you can ride the tide of abundance and thrive in 2023. The year will demand a more refined version of yourself. Since Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will be working in your favor, you are rest assured that anything that you plan on buying or investing in will be worth it. It will only be possible if you carefully plan and create a plan of how you would like to see things progress. During this time you should also look forward to expanding your streams of income. 

As the year draws to a close, the final Mercury retrograde period from December 13 to January 1, 2024, will illuminate the realm of your income and finances. During this time you are required to pause, reflect, and refine your approach to generating wealth. This could thus lay the groundwork for exponential growth in the year ahead. By embracing this transit with an open mind, you can unlock the full potential of your financial abundance and cultivate a more prosperous future.


Pisces | Water Sign

Pisces, symbolized by the fish, is the twelfth sign in the zodiac. People born under this sign are sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. As a Picsean, you have a connection to your feelings and the feelings of others, which reflects in your compassionate and empathetic nature.

You are not one to be driven by the pursuit of wealth. Although you recognize its value and importance, your ultimate goal is to spread positivity, seek inner peace, and alleviate pain in any way possible. 

As an intuitive being, you have the ability to attract financial abundance and tend to earn money comfortably. However, your reliance on instinct and intuition can sometimes lead you to be overly generous and lend money impulsively. 

Financial Overview for 2023:  

As the year begins, the energetic presence of Mars will motivate you to accumulate wealth and assets for your family. However, this will require diligent effort on your part. You can rely on the support of your siblings to aid you in this pursuit. Nonetheless, the restrictive influence of Saturn may lead to frustration and overspending. 

Later as the year progresses, the cosmic axis of the North and South Lunar Nodes may bring confusion and uncertainty, raising the risk of financial loss. But the arrival of Jupiter will help you focus your thoughts, reducing the impact of confusion and bringing financial gains in the process. However, planetary influences will still result in high expenditures.

The third quarter of the year demands caution. Speculative investments are not recommended. Kindly refrain from making impulsive decisions. These decisions could lead to financial traps, so be careful in your analysis of investment opportunities. During this time you could also be longing for impulsive spending, it is advised to proceed with caution. 

The latter part of the year is a period of better financial prospects. Jupiter’s influence will lessen investment risk, resulting in good gains and financial stability. While expenditures will still be present, hidden or unexpected sources of income may materialize.

Though this year presents a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, with a few cautionary steps and more mindful spending, you can navigate the period with ease and enjoy financial growth and stability.


Thus to conclude, the year 2023 is about learning the importance of setbacks and how to get through them so that one can take more calculated risks and live a prosperous life. Water signs as intuitive as you are, trust your gut for it is always right!

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