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Finding the Fruit of Life in Nature’s Orchard

An orchard is a piece of land dedicated to growing fruits. There are quite a handful of farmers with the courage of tending to orchards until the harvest is ready. It is beyond normal farming; it requires a monk-like commitment to see the project off. Despite the challenges in growing an orchard, every farmer wants to claim credit for the beautiful fruits in the market. They may have only managed to grow a single orange tree and yet boast of farming fruits. It is not bad because they are not lying anyway. The farmer is proud to see the fruits of his few trees on his farm. How much more should the orchard owner boast for tending to uncountable fruit trees? Nature has given both of these two types of farmers the right to be proud of their work.

The fruit market.

Does the market care about the work that farmers have put into growing these fruits? Hardly does it care. What counts is that they are available and they can buy any of their choices. Another thought that counts is the season for certain fruits. The market has fully embraced it and is always looking forward to the seasons of their favorite fruits.

The universe is similar to a fruit market. There are many fruits grown in different places in different seasons. You have the responsibility of looking for your favorite fruit on the right side of the market and in its season. You will miss them if you get either wrong and you have to wait for the next season.

What fruit are you looking for in Nature’s fruit market? The fruits of good health, healthy relationships, good investment, or a good job are found in the market in their seasons. Nature has an answer to all your prayers. Have this at the back of your head as you pray – is it the season for the prayer item you are asking from the universe?

The search for the fruit of life.

If people knew which tree bears the fruit of life, everyone would be a farmer. This is a mystery that the universe has kept to itself. Your best shot at getting the fruit of life is in growing an orchard yourself. This is where the search begins:

  1. Choose a good location for your fruit trees.

A good farm is located in an open place that receives enough sunlight. Fruit trees demand adequate direct sunlight for them to grow well. The farm should also not be in a swampy place, especially because this is an orchard.

The universe is aiding you to manifest good fruits in your life. Accept this help by positioning yourself in a way to do so. Your life should be strategically driven towards a specific goal. Just like a farmer who has a clear head about his orchard, so should your mind be clear about what you want. Align yourself in the plans of the universe.

  1. Create enough space in your orchard.

Trees should be well-spaced to avoid overcrowding and disease. Further, enough space between the fruit trees will reduce competition for nutrient intake by their roots. By spacing the trees well, you create room for weeding or mowing the grass that may grow between them. These conditions improve the chances of success of your orchard.

The universe wants you to create space in your life. Your relationship with people who compete with you (as weeds do) for the market share should not go overboard. Exist in the same space with them but keep it professional. They can suffocate your success if you keep them too close.

  1. Consider the climate of your area.

Different trees do well in different climates. Just because oranges do well in your climate does not guarantee that mangoes will do well too. Except they are both adapted to the same climate, different fruit trees have different probabilities of success. To maximize your chances of success, research the fruits you want to grow and choose the ones that are acceptable in your climate.

The universe wants you to be enlightened about the things that do well in your climate. Certain prayer items should not be in your heart because of unfavorable climate. This is the reason the fruit of life varies from one person’s orchard to the next. The unfavorable climate in your life is due to factors like age, gender, and social life. Align your prayers with your climate; a man prays for a wife and a wife for a husband. The fruit of life is also found in your climate.

  1. Seek the advice of experts.

Some experts understand the science of tending to orchards. They know the unique requirements of the different fruit trees and they will help you to adhere to them in your young orchard farm. Experts know the risks different fruits face during their growth and they can recommend proven ways to overcome them.

Sometimes it takes an experienced eye to point out areas of interest that need improvement. The universe wants you to embrace expert opinions. Your search for the fruit of life can end when you are guided in the right direction. It could be under your nose all this while.

  1. Prepare your farm.

You prepare your farm by adding fertilizer and manure to the soil to increase the nutrients needed by the fruit trees. You already know the fruits you will grow based on all the above factors. Give farming your best shot and who knows, you could have the fruit of life in your orchard!

Everybody has a role to play in the universe. You will not get the expected results if you fail to do your part. You are one among many people in the world looking for the fruit of life.

Dedicated effort is rewarded handsomely. Whether you choose to look for the fruit of life in the market or to have an entire orchard, the universe will lead you to find it.

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