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Finding the True North of Your Spirit

The true north is the direction that points towards the geographic north pole. It has not and will not change throughout the lifetime of the universe. Well, there is another kind of north. It is the magnetic north which is the direction that a compass needle points to as it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field. Unlike the true north, the magnetic north changes from time to time in response to the Earth’s magnetic field. 

The conflicting positions of the magnetic north and true north have given sailors a difficult time. It was difficult to know the direction you were heading in an open sea without landmarks. They found their way using the sun and stars. When navigators began using the compass, they noticed that the compass north did not align with the north star they had been traditionally using. Research later proved them right about the two kinds of norths – the magnetic and true norths. 

The history between the magnetic and true north is very relevant in your life. Your spirit needs to identify both of these norths and make a conscious choice on which one to follow. It happens to everyone and it certainly has happened to you too when you fight within your spirit about two close yet conflicting choices. You love them equally and they are both attractive. The universe wants you to follow the true north because it is fixed. You will not wake up tomorrow and find that it shifted elsewhere. Although the magnetic north could look like a better option, there is no guarantee that it will lead you correctly. It is dependent on the Earth’s magnetic field which changes from time to time. This is how you can find your true north: 

1. Identify your options. 

There are several options when you want to make a decision but only one is suitable. It is a dilemma when it involves identifying your available options in the universe. The available options are what your spirit attracts in the universe. Navigators had the option of following the compass north or the north star as they journeyed in the sea. They were aware of them before they made any decision. The universe wants you to exhaustively identify all your available options as you find your true north. There should be no chance that you leave any out because it could be what you are looking for. It is normal to already have something in mind even before you even make a decision but it is important to be aware of all your options. 

2. Pick up what tickles your spirit. 

Your choice will come from the available options. Although all of them could be better options, the universe will guide you to pick the one that tickles your spirit. The true north of your life is compatible with your spirit and personality. It is beyond being comfortable. You do not have to compromise anything for it because it fits perfectly in your life.

The universe guides you to pick the true north from your available options through your intuition. The small voice you hear within you is your guide to know the true north of your life. You will know you have found the true north from the peace you feel in your spirit and satisfaction in your heart. You will feel good about it and be proud to tell anyone who cares to listen. The true north is like a lamp that cannot be hidden. Consider the way a child laughs uncontrollably when you tickle him. He cannot hide his laughter because you have touched the right spot on his body. This is how your spirit reacts when you find the true north because it touches the right spot of your spirit.  

3. Follow the direction of the sun. 

The movement of the sun can guide you to the true north. When you are lost in any part of the world, just look above and note the position of the sun. Depending on what part of the globe you are in, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west in the northern hemisphere or the opposite in the southern hemisphere. The sun is also overhead at noon in any part of the world.

Walking directly towards the sun at noon will take you south and away from it will take you north. The universe wants you to learn how you can identify your true north from the sun. There are landmarks in your life that are the sun. It could be special people like your priest, parents, or spouse. Whoever they are, they represent the sun and can guide you to find your true north. Their influence in your life will lead you to find your true north. Always consult them when you feel lost or stranded. They will point you in the right direction because they know you better and understand your priorities.  

4. Watch out for signs on trees, ants, and snow. 

You can identify your true north by learning the different adaptations of nature’s creation. The true north influences the natural behaviors of plants and animals. It is irresistible because it existed before everything did. Consider the following observations in nature

  • In nine out of ten cases, moss grows on the north side of trees.  
  • The barks of trees may be duller and branches more extended on the northern side of trees. 
  • Snow melts faster on the warmer south side of the mountains. 
  • Ants build anthills on the south side of trees because it is warmer. 

Nature has a way of showing you the direction of the true north. There is a connection between all the events that happen in your spiritual life. You can stick to those that lead you to your true north. In the same way ants and moss know the difference between the north and south so shall you. 

Finding your true north is one of the greatest discoveries in life. You will find it if you set your heart, mind, body, and soul on it.

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