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Five Secrets of the Lab of the Universe

The grand experiment.

The youthful raw excitement of entering a laboratory for the first time is one of the most memorable experiences that most people have. To most of us, it was during our high school days. It must have been the movies that gave us wild imaginations of how labs should look like.

We looked forward to seeing what real labs looked like and we finally got our answers in our teenage years. Chemistry and biology laboratories were the climaxes of science. As ‘new scientists’ in town, we were curious to know how everything reacted and what will become of our new trials. Nothing could come close to our determination to understand the mystery of science.

Fast forward to today as adults, we wish that our lives could be manufactured in a lab where we could have a predictable outcome. Just like the good old days when we manufactured oxygen gas in the chemistry lab. Wouldn’t life be beautiful if we knew what reagents to mix so that they may react to settle all the stress we have? Or maybe our fairy godmother like Cinderella’s would appear to us, waive her magic wand, and all our troubles disappear.

Here is an answered prayer – You can manufacture your desired life in the laboratory!

Preparation for the experiment.

The world is pregnant with hope by the many people – both young and old – who still believe that their dreams are valid. The universe then becomes the home where millions of dreams can be made a reality. How magical!

Everyone looks forward to such a magical experience where anything is possible. Have you entered nature’s room of magic yet? It is the laboratory that makes the impossible possible. The only remaining solution to everything you have ever wanted – science! This is the solution that the universe is putting on the table for you.

The Big Question.

The big question is whether or not science works. The universe has proven over time that it indeed works. There are deeply buried secrets of the universe’s lab for millions of years that you are yet to discover. There is a rule of the thumb in science – a wrong procedure gives wrong observations and results.

Here is the light to getting it right and your life will never be the same again:

  1. There is nothing new.

How could it be true that there is nothing new under the sun yet we have new experiences daily? The universe has been in existence for over a million lifetimes. It has seen thousands of generations before you and you shall leave it behind when you are promoted to the afterlife.

The universe gives you a choice on how you choose to live your life. Give each experience your best effort so that you can later look behind and proudly say that you do not regret how you lived.

Many people would give everything they have so that they can re-live certain moments in their lives. This is why you should not take anything that life gives you for granted.

  1. There is power in repetition.

There are certain procedures that you may have to do repetitively in the lab. It is all part of the process and you should not give up mid-way even when things get tough. You were made for this!

Patience is key in the lab, even in the universe’s science lab. Repetition eventually brings mastery and you become so good at what you do that other people come to learn from you. This is an opportunity to finally give back to nature.

In the universe’s grand lab, when you repeat the procedures and master them, you will get the desired results at last. Nature has put out a test of patience for you. Will you give up after two, three, or four trials or you will repeat what you do until the heavens finally open for you? Do not let go of this secret of repetition.

  1.     It is the small things that matter.

Small things could be insignificant elsewhere but not in the lab. Every small step you make in the lab is very significant and could be the game changer that you have been waiting for.

A small margin of error will take you further from the expected results.

Do you want to be healthy? Then do not fail to take 8 glasses of water as the doctor advises.

It is these little things that matter and shall eventually give you the desired lab results.

  1.     Know your lab attendant.

Lab attendants are very important. They give you the chemicals and apparatus that you need to use for your experiment. They also guide you on how to do a few things so that you may get the correct results.

The lab attendant in the universe’s science lab is Karma. Establish a good rapport with your lab attendant and you can be guaranteed that your science experiment will be smooth. Karma is there to serve you with exactly what you want and eventually what you deserve. He is nature’s agent of justice who supervises your experiments. His report once forwarded to the universe – the owner of the lab – is final. Please be in his good books.

  1.     Every action has an equal reaction.

There is nothing you do in the lab that is inconsequential. You will get the results for every experiment you do. It could be a positive reaction or a dangerous explosion that you never expected. A lot of things happen in the lab and if you want to manufacture your desired lifestyle, you should pay closer attention to the things that you would have otherwise overlooked.

Be sober as you walk into the lab. What you eat, smell, or touch matters a lot. If you are unsure about something, please consult your lab attendant. He has enough experience that will guide you into the future.

It is time to learn the secrets that have passed many generations!

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