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Five Ways of Unlocking Closed Doors

The frustration of wanting to open a door only to find it locked is so real. The joy of having the key to a locked door is equally very real. You have to go through many doors in life. Some are already open for you while others are not.

Other doors are not locked; they are only closed. You only have to turn the door handle and it is open! You eventually have to pass through all these doors so it will do good to know how to get past closed and locked doors. All these doors and some gates open to the infinite mansion of the Universe where everything is in abundance. It is the promised land free from suffering and hurt.

While closed doors to this mansion could look like bad luck or an unfortunate turn of events, it is a blessing in disguise. This is a time to look around the mansion, even before entering, and familiarize yourself with this beautiful Kingdom. You will love the beautiful garden and the neatly kept lawns. You may even be lucky enough to find a swing where you can reminisce your beautiful childhood memories. All this you would not have done if you found the door to the mansion already open. You would have instead gone straight into the house to see what awaits you.

Some of the closed and locked doors in your life could be unemployment, rejection, diseases, poverty, low self-esteem, and discouragement. They are barriers that withhold you from experiencing the beautiful future that awaits you. The good news is that it is not all lost. The universe can help you to open these doors and overcome everything that is standing in your way. This is how you can do it:

  1.     Explore your talent.

Underexploited talent is a great threat to many people worldwide. Nobody is without a talent. This is what the universe has put in all of us. Your talent is what you do without much struggle when everyone else breaks a sweat for it. Talents can make you dine with Kings and Queens.

It is a key to unlock a locked door to the mansion of the Universe. You could be so close to wealth yet you have not put your talent into use. This is the key you need to generate wealth and kick poverty out of your life.

This key unlocks the doors of unemployment and poverty. Never again shall you wait upon people to do things for you. The Universe wants you to use this key to enter the mansion and make yourself at home. You shall then be the one to open the door to your family and friends to let them inside this side of the Universe’s mansion.

  1.     Continue doing good.

Unkindness closes the door to acceptance. You begin facing rejection even from people whom you did not expect. The Universe wants to be sure that you can be a good human being when you finally open the door to get inside his mansion. The temptation to return unkindness with an equal measure is so real.

Sometimes you are hurt by rude people and you want to pay them back in their own coin. This will make the door of acceptance remain closed in your life. The Universe wants a cheerful person who can take care of other visitors in the mansion. Prove that you can be good to everyone as he is and you shall be able to finally open this door. Kindness is the key to the door of acceptance.

  1.     Master your words.

Knowing what to say and when to say it is another key to a locked door of the Universe.

The Universe has a record of how many things you have built or destroyed with your words. Nobody wants a destroyer in their house because you can never be too sure of what they will do. They may ruin everything that you have taken forever to build. Your tongue could be your undoing even without you knowing it.

You can use your speech to bring harmony inside the mansion and for that reason, the Universe will give you the key. You will be an asset every master would want. Choose carefully how you want to present yourself – whether as a person totally in charge of his/her tongue or as someone who cares less about it.

  1.     Positive affirmations.

Do you speak highly of yourself? This is not boasting. It is knowing your value and rightfully attaching yourself to it. Boasting, on the other hand, is doing so with pride that there is none like you. Humbly make positive affirmations – “I am blessed. I am healthy. I will overcome this.” Did you know that the Universe hears your mind and heart?

He associates with such people because they have the right spirit and attract good luck. This key will open the door to the mansion of the Universe because you stand for the right things. The Universe welcomes you to his mansion because you are the guest that everyone will want to let inside. 

  1.     Look at the successes.

A lot of things happen daily. Some are good and others are bad. Others are natural occurrences that you have no control over. How do you react to all these happenings? The Universe is watching you closely to determine whether or not he will give you the key to the door of encouragement. In everything that happens, look at the successes instead of dwelling only on the failures.

Successful stories motivate you to put more effort and not to give up because your day of success is also drawing close. The Universe is careful to only give the key to this door to motivated people who look at the glass as half full, not half empty. These people will create an aura of encouragement even when they are finally inside the mansion of the Universe.

It does not matter whether you are stuck in whatever problem there may be. What counts the most is that the Universe has the key to every locked door. You can find the keys here to open every closed door in your life. The Universe has a lot in store for you. 

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