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Five Ways to Recognize the Sound of Success

Universe sound

The energy of the universe.

Hardly do we appreciate the sound energy from the universe. There are not enough times we appreciate this beautiful gift of sound. We cannot imagine how the world would be without it. Nature has invested a lot of power in sound energy. Life gets easier when you know how to leverage this hidden power.

What sound does:

  1.       It facilitates communication.

Sound energy is very necessary for communication. Advertisements, greetings, and sensitization drives are made easier when done using sound energy. As much as sign language and visuals can be used in communication, the sound makes it complete. This is how powerful sound energy is!

  1.       You familiarize yourself with your environment.

You can know what is happening in your immediate environment through the sounds that you hear. Is the baby crying? Is there a police siren? Are the dogs barking? These sounds and others that you may hear are calling for your immediate attention. The universe is directing you to make the right decision before it is too late.

What is your spirit hearing today?

Besides the sounds that the physical ears hear, there are other sounds that only your spirit can hear. Spiritual communication can be a mystery to the point where you hear the sounds of nature while your neighbor does not. This is because the various sounds of nature are not for the ears of everybody.

Pause and reflect on what your spirit has been hearing lately. Is it good or bad and what have you done about it? More so, the universe has given you the responsibility of being the ultimate decision-maker of choosing what your spirit hears. The connection created by universal sounds is what will eventually shape the direction that your life is taking.

Train your spirit to hear the sound of success and not defeat. Hear the good news, not the bad ones. Hear the voice of hope and reason, not of despair and condemnation. Your spirit, not your body, communicates to the universe based on the sounds that you have chosen to hear.

The ultimate guide.

It is often confusing how you can train your spirit to adapt to hearing the sound of success. The universe shall guide you to doing so. He is the ultimate guide.

  1. Notice the time stamps deeply hidden in normal conversations.

“We shall discuss it when he checks in.”

“He will arrive in the country next month.”

“The mall is open for 24 hours.”

These statements communicate a lot – that there is a specific time when something will happen. Nature wants you to pay special attention to this and thereafter prepare yourself to embrace your blessings. Success is not a one-time event but the climax of many successful events.

Many people do not pay attention to the time stamps hidden in normal conversations and are not ready when the events finally happen. The universe played its part by allowing you to hear about it. It is the sound of success that will turn around your life if you identify it timely and correctly.

  1. Hear the tones of opportunities people forego.

The universe has a lot of open opportunities for you. Every minute is an opportunity created by nature for you to explore your potential. From the beginning, the universe has allocated the same number of hours in one day. Both the rich and the poor are candidates for success if they maximize the opportunities created by the universe.

“I cannot do…”

“I do not have…”

“I did not know…”

Do not make excuses like the ones that most people make. Nature has made you hear other people make such excuses so that you may hear the opportunities available. This is the sound of success inviting you to action. Please honor the invite.

  1. Hear the dilemma facing people.

While most people would complain about this or that, only a few would hear it as an opportunity. People skills, human resource capital, products, and service are some of the things that the world needs the most. Sound energy manifests in different forms, sometimes as a whisper and at other times as a problem.

Success calls to you to hear the dilemma that people have and how they have run out of options. Friend, this is your time to shine. The law of nature is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The reward for solving existing human problems is business opportunities for solving more of them. Is that not success inviting you to wine and dine with him? Please honor the invite.

  1. Bond with nature.

Please strongly attach to nature to be sensitive to its environment. You will always create time, without excuse, for whatever you love. A tighter bond with nature is like that of a mother and her infant. They are inseparable and the mother takes care of the newborn dutifully because of her deep love for him (also created by their tight bond).

A mother will immediately hear when the infant cries or coos in his crib. She is very attentive to every sound he makes and responds immediately to it. Similarly, when you bond with nature just as a mother does with her infant, you will be sensitive to the sounds of the universe. You can hear danger coming your way or good news about to happen even before other people. The most important part is that you can hear the sound of success from afar and prepare yourself to receive it.

  1. Celebrate your milestone achievements.

The sound of success is amplified by celebrations of achievements. Take time to celebrate your past achievements as you warm up for the next one. Such celebrations make you stand out as one who is ready to receive more success, not an ungrateful person.

The sound of success is joyous and so is that of celebrations. Take this advantage that nature presents to you that you may live your best moments.

The earlier you recognize the sound of success, the faster it will come to you. Stay vigilant, friend!

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