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Forming The Right Spiritual Partnerships

A partnership is a formal agreement between two or more parties to do business to make a profit. A partnership, like a sole proprietorship and limited company, is an acceptable and legal way of doing business. However, the features of these three are different; each with distinct characteristics, merits, and demerits. Inside the goal of a partnership to make a profit, there could be other goals it has. Once it attains it, the partnership is dissolved, and the partners part ways. However, somewhere along the way, partners can find great meaning in their partnership and transform their association to become a company. Its perpetual life makes the company more attractive to do business with because it is not tied to the mortality of a single director and/or shareholder. 

There are spiritual partnerships just as there are business ones. The motives for their formation are the same except that the individual partners are not tied to the partnership for personal gains only. Spiritual partnerships are divinely inspired and if set up correctly, they solve all spiritual mysteries. Are you feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated, discouraged, or helpless? The cure to any of these is forming meaningful spiritual partnerships. Your spirit desperately needs it. It will calm your body, mind, and soul and maximize your potential as a leader and worker in the Universe. These are some of the spiritual partnerships that you need: 

1. Childhood. 

The Universe assigns you as a family when you come to the world. Although some lose their parents before they grow up, it does not invalidate the plan of the Universe to give you a family. Childhood is one of the earliest forms of spiritual partnerships. You are attached to two adults who are charged with the responsibility of nurturing you until you become an adult. As a child, your mind and spirit are like blank pages. Your parents write what they want on it and that is how you grow up to become. 

Spiritual childhood is equally a very important partnership. You could be an adult but still a spiritual child considering your knowledge of spirituality and how much you have explored. The universe wants you to embrace your spiritual childhood the way a child does. It is a beautiful stage of innocence that you will grow out of the more you continue learning from your spiritual parents. The spiritual parents whom the universe assigned to you could be your priest, intercessor, or biological parent. They must write on the blank pages that is your spirit and you will grow up with the knowledge they instill in you.  

2. Mentorship.

Mentorship is an extension of parenting. A mentor is an experienced person in their field who inspires you to become like them. It could be your biological parent, school professor, businessperson, sports coach, politician, musician, or thespian. Your mentor has a lot of influence over your life since you would like to become like them in the future. 

Mentorship is a spiritual partnership that closely follows childhood. Like childhood, mentorship is also a mandatory spiritual partnership. When your spirit identifies a mentor, you become attracted to them instantly and wish to be like them. If the childhood partnership was unsuccessful, one would often choose the wrong mentor. They are inappropriate because they instill the wrong values in the mentee (violence, emotional abuse, drug addiction, etc.). If the childhood partnership is successful, the child will choose the right mentor who will teach your young spirit good things. Mentorship as a spiritual partnership happens automatically when your spirit ‘falls in love’ with a figure of authority. The universe wants to lead you to form the right mentorship partnership by embracing the teachings of your spiritual parents during childhood. 

3. Marriage. 

Marriage is an indicator of growth given that you have chosen to accept more responsibilities as someone’s spouse. It is when two consensual adults (traditionally being from different genders) deliberately choose to start a family together. They give each other companionship and procreate to have a mini version of themselves (a child). Marriage is more about your spouse than it is about the child(ren). Children are an added blessing that comes along with it. 

Marriage is an important spiritual partnership in an adult’s life. It gives you a friend who loves you without prerequisites and someone who will be with you on both sunny and rainy days. Your spouse is the Universe’s way of giving you an extra pair of hands and mind to handle what life throws at you. You are of as much help to him/her as he/she is to you. The institution of marriage has the correct framework for a spiritual partnership. The Universe is urging you to consider it as nature’s help and embrace it.  

4. Work fulfilment. 

The fulfillment you get from doing your work is a result of the relationship with your work. It is beautiful when you enjoy doing your work not because you are obligated to do it but because you find pleasure in doing it. It signifies a deeper spiritual connection with your calling. You have embraced it and you look forward to doing it unconditionally.  

The universe wants you to form this kind of spiritual partnership. It is like a renewable source of energy that never finishes. Your spirit shall always be happy doing work that is your calling. You quickly rise through the ranks in your profession because your work output is the best. Work devotion is automatic when you have a valid work fulfillment partnership. It further gifts you with new ideas to improve your work and increase your productivity. The sun will shine brighter when you enjoy your daily routine because of your work-fulfillment spiritual partnership. 

The universe wants you to form the right spiritual partnerships in nature. It will set you apart from ordinary folks because you have taken a step further to prove your commitment to the Universe. As its best friend, the Universe’s limelight shall shine favorably on you.

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