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Four Spiritual Staffs to Shepherd You

Who is a shepherd?

A shepherd is someone who tends to his flock. He is responsible for their well-being and the primary caregiver. There is a deep attachment between the shepherd and the flock because of the bond created over time. Shepherding has two dimensions, the physical and the spiritual. The physical mainly involves what can be seen with the naked eyes while the spiritual one goes beyond that to include what happens in the invisible spiritual realm.

Shepherding in the spiritual realm affects our daily lives. The universe is our spiritual shepherd just as we are to our livestock. It takes care of us in ways we do not understand. We may be ignorant about what is happening in the spiritual realm but the Universe will still hold our hand. This is the work of a true shepherd.

The tools of a shepherd.

A doctor needs a thermometer and stethoscope; a carpenter needs a hammer, saw, and nails; a farmer needs a hoe, yardstick, seeds, and fertilizer; what does a shepherd need? There is one tool of a shepherd – the staff. Every shepherd has one. Without it, shepherding roles become more difficult.

This explains why every shepherd does not compromise on having his staff. It works for the shepherd in the best interest of the flock. The universe as our shepherd has four staffs that it uses in shepherding. Yes, that is right – Four!

  1. The staff of knowledge.

Every flock needs knowledge and the shepherd must provide the same to them. An ignorant flock makes dangerous independent decisions that could harm them or potentially ruin their lives. The staff of knowledge brings out the teacher in the shepherd. He teaches the flock what is good and what is not for them. The flock pays attention to knowledge from the shepherd keenly because this is news to them. How will they learn?

The universe uses religion as the staff of knowledge. This explains why a majority of people are religious. Religion informs many decisions about right and wrong. Morality too is anchored in religion.

The universe’s staff of knowledge – religion – embraces us in our ignorance and teaches spiritual truths about the invisible world. Through it, we understand more about our shepherd and his pure love for us. Many things will come to light when you listen to the instruction of your shepherd’s staff of knowledge.

  1. The staff of discipline.

This is not a very likable staff by the flock. The staff of discipline offers correction and new guidance. Mostly, the flock does not know what is best for them and will stray from the path that the shepherd is taking them through.

In the mind of the flock, their choice is right. This could not be the case because the shepherd thinks otherwise and has chosen a different path for them. What happens when the flock insists on their way? The shepherd does not give up on them. He uses his staff to cane them. Pain will make the flock listen to their shepherd.

The universe uses unfortunate events as the staff of discipline. These “unfortunate” events could be unfavorable to you but are the acts of your shepherd. The Universe wants you to stay on a particular course so that you may not go astray. Sometimes when you insist on your way, you may fall sick and be unable to do what you had planned. Where does the sudden illness come from?

It is the universe slowing you down in your rebellion so that you may not get lost. When you want to recover quickly from the pain of the staff of discipline, stop being stubborn and hear the voice of your shepherd. Every unfortunate event in your life will automatically disappear.

  1. The staff of reminder.

Having taken the flock to quench their thirst at a common place almost at the same time, the shepherd expects the flock to already learn the new pattern. The flock knows what the shepherd expects from them and they do their best to meet these expectations. The shepherd has a duty of reminding them when they forget.

A good shepherd does not give up on his flock no matter how forgetful they are. He will always be there to remind them of what he needs them to do until it automatically forms part of their lives.

The universe uses flashbacks, dreams, and visions as the staff of reminder. How many times have you had a flashback of something that happened a while ago and that informed your next action? That is the work of your dutiful shepherd, the Universe.

Better yet, sometimes you may see a vision during day time. It is as if you are also involved in something when the reality is that you are not at that moment. In the vision, the universe is reminding you of what either happened or telling you about what is to happen in the future. Will you listen to your shepherd, please?

  1. The staff of protection.

Every good shepherd wants what is best for his flock. He protects the flock from any danger that they may not be aware of without telling them about it. The staff of protection is a weapon of the shepherd for his flock. He removes obstacles in the way of his flock using it and shields them from anything thrown at them using this staff. The flock needs the shepherd’s protection or they will otherwise be overpowered by predators.

The universe uses other people around you for this protection role. They will protect you from the dangers on your way without either you or them knowing about it. These protectors are more powerful and older than you are. For this reason, their life experience will make them able to see danger coming.

When the universe brings these people your way, please do not dismiss them. They offer you much-needed protection and most importantly, they are servants of your shepherd.

The universe cares about you. He is a true shepherd in your life. He will not give up on you even when you have thrown caution to the wind. His staff will always work for you to take you to the next glory. 

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