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Four Ways to Get an Overflow of your Cup

The tipping point.

There reaches a time in a person’s life when you decide to make drastic decisions. This is the tipping point that determines the direction your life will take. All this happens under the watchful eye of the master universe.

Consider a person pouring water into a cup from a jug. The cup will eventually be full and water will overflow. Then what next? The cup can now hold no more water yet some more remains in the jug. This is the same thing that happens in our lives.

Our lives are the cups and the universe is the jug. When it pours its blessings on us, it will eventually reach a point where the cup can hold no more yet the jug still has more water. We still want the blessings of the universe, don’t we? Yet your cup is the only reason why you cannot receive more.

An overflowing cup…

A cup can overflow with whatever it is being filled with for several reasons. Either it is small, there was unanticipated abundance, or you were altogether absent-minded to prevent the overflow.

Life is the cup and it can overflow with either blessing from the universe or punishment from Karma. From the beginning, the universe has always wished you well, even in your most difficult moments. It is your bad actions that eventually catch up with you and karma fills your cup with rightfully-deserved punishment.

We need to attract the universe to fill our cups with blessings for this is our portion as her children. After all, who wishes bad luck on her children?

There are many inequalities in our lives. Some of them favor us while others do not. Some people have bigger cups than yours while others happen to be at the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing.

What if I told you that there is a way you can also have an overflowing cup of blessings? The universe holds its cards closer to its chest but you can learn a thing or two from experience.

  1.  Ensure your cup is not broken.

A broken cup will disappoint you because it cannot hold enough of anything. Instead, water just passes through it as it pours to the ground. Furthermore, a broken cup is unpresentable. It damages your self-esteem and confidence. There is not so much the universe can do for you if you have a broken cup. Even if it pours its blessings into it, it cannot keep it a minute longer.

Nature wants you to fix your cup first so that it can fill it with blessings, to the point of overflow. There is no need of buying a new one, just mend the one you currently have. The starting point is establishing a good relationship with people. Life is interdependent; you need them as much as they need you. Do not burn bridges with them because the universe might use the same people as channels of blessings. Without them, your cup is porous.

A good relationship with people is not established overnight. It is a continuous daily duty. When you finally present your cup to the universe, it does not even have a single crack. Only then can you be assured of an overflow of your cup with blessings.

  1.  Tap into the source itself.

Although both the sun and moon are natural sources of light, they are not equal. One gives its light while the other one reflects from the main source. It probably explains the reason there are many lunar eclipses. It’s laughable, right? This is how nature has positioned the heavenly bodies that have been there since time immemorial. Behold the science of the universe!

To finally have an overflow of your cup with blessings of the universe, adapt the science of the universe. Tap your energy from the source itself – nature. Your cup will forever be full, even when others hardly get enough. Connect with nature by being a champion against climate change caused by destructive human activities. When nature identifies you as her defendant, you have won an eternal advocate.

The sustainer of life and provider of all provisions shall forever overflow your cup with its abundance.

  1.  Find a bigger cup.

A bigger plate, a bigger cup, and an even bigger cooking pot are ways to ensure you have enough.

Abundance is measured by how much you can accommodate. An overflow is significant if you have a bigger cup. How can you get one?

Adopt the culture of being accommodative. You will meet with different people from diverse cultures and some of them will be instrumental as agents of nature. Do not dismiss them as inconsequential.

When nature observes your tolerance and how you accommodate strangers, it rewards you with a bigger cup. It is to encourage you to continue being nice to strangers, compassionate to the less fortunate, and kind to everyone. Your noble actions will grant you the reward of a bigger cup.

  1.  “It is possible…”

The battle is either won or lost in the mind. What happens thereafter is only a manifestation of what was already decided by the mind. Before you have an overflow of your cup, it will first have to be half-full, then full, and thereafter an overflow. Many discouraging voices will show you the impossibility of having your cup half-full. You will be dissuaded from thinking about abundance because either the economy is not good, there is market apathy, there is a high risk involved, and many other similar reasons.

Do not look at the negative. There is abundance where there is scarcity and you will succeed where others failed. This kind of thinking will attract the universe to you and fill your cup with its blessings. Nature needs more people who will say that thorns have roses, not roses having thorns.

It is always possible until you give up. You can manifest an overflow of your cup and eventually live your dream life. All eyes are on you – what do you choose? 

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