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Getting Connected to the Power Grid of Nature


The power grid is the source of energy used in homes, offices, industries, and institutions. It is like the central bank – both of them are the backbone of their respective economic sectors. The central bank is the bankers’ bank. It regulates other financial institutions, controls fiscal and monetary policies, and introduces new currency in the market.

On the other hand, the power grid assembles power from the different power sources, stabilizes the voltage, and safely distributes it to consumers. It is only the consumers who are connected to the national power grid who are supplied with electricity. Those who are yet to join the grid are automatically locked out until they do.

The power grid is an intermediary between consumers and raw energy. Direct connection exposes the consumers to overvoltage and electricity-related accidents because this power is yet to be certified as safe. Your best bet is to be connected to the national grid and enjoy constant regulated power at your home.

The spiritual connection.

Our spirits also need to be connected to the universal power grid so that we can be powered up. Your spiritual survival depends on it. The sooner you get connected, the better for you. Nature is the universal power grid that powers our spirits to renew our strength each day to face challenges. When you are disconnected for a long time, you deplete the remaining energy in your spirit until none is left. The good news is that once you get connected to the power grid of the universe, your spirit shall never faint. You shall rise to the climax of your career and your relationships shall be stronger and healthier. It shall bring fulfillment to your spirit that your life is meaningful. This is the ultimate glory.

spiritual connection

The universe wants us to reconnect to our spiritual power grid. This is how to:

  1. Revive your prayer life.

Prayer is communication between the physical and spiritual realms. This communication is a way to keep in touch and warm the relationship with your spirituality. A prayerful lifestyle is a constant reminder that you need to be connected to the power grid.

Communication is very important in all aspects of life. The other person can understand your feelings and feel part of you when you communicate constantly. They do not have to guess anything about you because you have bonded through communication and opened up to each other. Both of you feel very important in the lives of each other and hold on to the relationship you share. All of this starts with communication. Praying is the spiritual way of doing it.

The universe does not want you to pray only when it is convenient. It should be a habit buried in your routine. It will remind you that you are human with a spirit that needs constant nourishment. Prayer feeds your spirit the way food does to your body. Your spiritual survival is pegged on your connection to the power grid.

  1. Seek spiritual knowledge.

Spiritual knowledge is as important as every other knowledge. You are less likely to go wrong when you are enlightened. Spiritual knowledge will help you not to step on spiritual landmines. It will further help you to continue being connected to the power grid because you know the dos and don’ts.

Knowledge is a treasure that cannot be stolen or destroyed. Moreover, it builds your relationship with the universe. There is fulfillment and a spark of friendship when you discover that someone else is seeking to understand and know you more. You feel honored and would like to quench their thirst for your knowledge. The same is true with your spirituality. When nature identifies your genuine thirst for knowledge, you become her friend. What do friends do? They look out for each other. This is exactly what nature will do – continue to keep you connected to the power grid.

Spiritual knowledge is as important as your dedication to carnal knowledge. The universe wants you to invest an equal effort in understanding spirituality because your life also depends on it. Always remember this – before anything happens in the physical world, it was initiated and commissioned in the spiritual realm. It is time to get connected!

  1. Trade with gold currency.

Gold is a rare precious mineral. It means that when you finally own even one gram of gold, you will protect it fiercely. The universe wants you to use your gold currency to reconnect to the spiritual power grid. This is the cost to reconnect to the divine energy that will sustain you for the rest of your life.

The gold currency that the universe wants you to trade with is kind acts. They are increasingly becoming rare because people have chosen to prioritize their interests without equally looking out for their less fortunate siblings. When you look away from them, the universe disconnects you from the power grid that has supplied you with all that you have. It is to remind you that life is a conveyor belt and you are part of the system to facilitate the smooth transmission of energy from yourself to the next in line.

nature's gold

The universe appreciates and glorifies kindness. This is the seed of gold you have to trade to reconnect to the power grid. Show kindness to everyone and you shall remain connected to the power grid. Kindness does not reduce anything that you have. When you give out anything, nature adds more to your basket.

The unfailing connection.

The blessing in your fold is the universe’s favor on you. The light of favor is shining on your face and it connects you to the universal power grid. This connection is the best thing to ever happen to your life.

You will never experience a blackout when you are connected to the universal power grid. The light in your life shall forever be on. It shall shine into all the dark corners of your life. Every crooked way shall become straight and your first name shall be blessed. Trust me, you do not want to miss this connection.

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