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Graduating from the Mystery School of the Universe

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Graduation is a big deal to every scholar. Their eyes are set on the prize that is in the graduation after warming the books for several years. Family and friends come in droves for the graduation ceremony of their kin. It is a very special occasion that you cannot afford to miss. On the part of the graduand, nothing else matters on that day except the graduation itself. Their world stops and everything else takes second place. This is the time he has been waiting for all his life and nothing can go in between.  

But what is in a mere graduation ceremony? Is it significant or it is just a ‘social event’? There is a lot to it but what sticks out is that it marks a shift of class on the part of the graduand. The vice-chancellor and the university senate confer powers on you to read and write. It is the pinnacle of academic excellence. This power that is now upon you is what you have been working on the whole time. 

The school of the universe equally churns out graduates to the world. The graduands are ready to face the world and be agents of change wherever they go. They are people who have been shaped by life experiences to attain their current status. They have been baptized by fire and water and nothing else scares them. Their time of graduation has come. 

This divine graduation is the identifier mark to separate nature’s finest children from the rest. The difference between them is as clear as day and night. This makes the graduation ceremony very important in the life of every child of the universe. 

Why graduate? 

It is possible to learn and not graduate (either willingly or if the institution declines). The school of the universe is not any different. It can postpone your graduation if you do not demonstrate that you are ready for it. 


Graduation classifies your competency. 

A competent institution as the universe only allows the best to graduate.

Graduands are grouped in classes for the world to know their different levels of competency. They are often grouped as either first-class honors, second-class honors upper division, second-class honors lower division, or pass. The graduation classes in the School of the Universe are believers, doers, doubters, and testers.

The testers class is the group that hardly believes in anything. They test everything to see if it will work.

The doubters class is the group that suspects everything without making any choice.

The doers class is the group that acts. To them, it does not matter what to believe. They are there to act on the ‘trending’ faith.

The believers class is the group that believes in their faith and calling. They will go to any extent to prove their faith in their calling and their existence. Graduates from all these graduation classes of the mystery school of the universe expose their competency in real life.  

Requirements to graduate from the school of the universe. 

Complete the coursework. 

Completing the syllabus is a prerequisite for every institution. The syllabus of the universe is dynamic. It calls out to your patience without which you will not be ready to graduate. The universe monitors your interpersonal skills over time. Your relationship with people matters a lot in becoming the perfect graduand.

Are you proud, contemptuous, friendly, or cautious with strangers? How do you treat people in a lower social or economic class than you? Even the slightest remark you make silently counts. Nature wants you to treat other people as respectable human beings. They are not children of a lesser God. The faster you learn this, the quicker you will complete your coursework. 

Complete required practicals. 

There is a practical application of the coursework you have learned. This also counts in preparing you for graduation. The practical part is how you handle difficult moments. Although we do not wish to be caught in them, the universe brings it to us nevertheless. How do you handle rejection, pain, or loss? Also, how do you handle victory, glory, or happiness?

This is the tipping point in your quest to graduate. Failing in either of them throws you back to square one. Handle every episode in your life with grace. In all of them, there is no villain. It should never be a personal duel of you versus them.

This is the takeaway lesson from the practicals – nothing is permanent. It is the universe that sustains everything we have and equally gives us the grace to endure the hurting phases. Hearty congratulations for passing the practicals.  

Satisfy your supervisor’s requirements. 

The universe allocates a mentor to every student in the graduating class. Sometimes it happens that you do not know your supervisor. This does not make them any less important. This is how you can know your supervisor – he/she is the person most interested in your life progress. They are concerned about every little progress or delay in your life. Their concern is in good faith and they do not have any evil motives. It may even happen that your supervisor is not even aware of his role in your life. They consider your relationship with them casual.

The universe is watching the both of you to see if you get along fine. It naturally makes the supervisor take personal responsibility for your success or failure. This is nature’s way of appointing a human angel to guide you. Unless and until you make your supervisor happy, you will not graduate from the school of the universe. Their satisfaction with your work is a gold signature. 


Post-graduation life. 

Those who have graduated from universities and colleges have a testimony of how post-graduation life is. It is beautiful to be qualified to handle matters in your field. It is even more beautiful to graduate from the mystery school of the universe in the class of believers because your life will take a totally new direction henceforth. The universe is looking forward to your graduation, child. We are cheering you on your way.  

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