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Hanging Onto the Thread of Hope

light of hope

Sometimes blessings come into our life in droves. Again, sometimes, we experience the opposite. Life can become unbearable and you may throw in the towel should you not get help soon enough. The universe has a message for you – do not give up yet, child. There is hope for you that despite the disappointments that may come your way, fate will smile at you soon. Nature is giving you the thread of hope to hang onto. This is a testimony from mother nature – there is hope for a tree that has been cut down that it shall sprout again.  

There is hope that you shall find a new job soon, get a scholarship to pursue higher education, be healed from a terminal illness, and finally marry your soul mate who understands you at all levels. Blessings upon blessings. Nature wishes only the best for you.

Hope is dynamic.

It is medicine to the spirit and it goes further to heal your body. Patients in hospitals need to hear a word of hope instead of condemnation concerning their illness. They will recuperate quickly when the people around them carry news of hope each day. Some even volunteer to visit the sick in hospitals and give them hope. This is how you spread the gospel of hope to the world. 

Nature’s gift of hope. 

Hope is nature’s gift to you when all is lost. It is an opportunity to regain your lost glory. It is life’s manual. Through it, you learn how to endure loss and rise from the ashes again. It is not yet time for you to drown in misery, unwrap your gift of hope and bounce back to the ring. 

For a tree that has been cut down to sprout again, there are conditions to be fulfilled for this hope to be achieved. Life deals with us differently and we rejoice or become sad at different times. The constant to all of us is that we yearn for the day we will smile again. The universe wants to fulfill your wish as soon as you would like. Child, follow closely. 

The Guide to Hope. 

Focus on the possibility. 

Sometimes it is easier to relate to loss than gain. You easily feel the impact of the loss you have suffered than you would think of abundance when you hardly have enough. Nature wants you to appreciate the possibility of things working out. It does not matter how bad it is because there is a possibility that things will get better again.

Consider how sometimes plants wither when it is extremely hot. It is not a death sentence to the plant because its fortunes change as soon as it rains, even for a day. The same plant will become green again and healthy. It would even be difficult for you to accept that the same plant was on the verge of death before the rains came. The same happens in life. You could be at the edge of a cliff at one time but be rescued the next minute. Do not give up yet because there is still hope for you. Always focus on the possibility of rescue. 

Align yourself with seasons. 

There are four seasons in a year – spring, winter, autumn, and fall. Each of them has distinct characteristics. A clever farmer or businessman aligns his work with nature’s seasons. When things start falling apart in your life, it could be that the present is not the right season for that specific venture to flourish. It does not mean that you are unfortunate but that today or this season was just not the one. You will try the same again next season but you have to shift to something else for now.

There is hope for your success even when you fail in the present. Read the signs in the sky and the writing on the wall. Nature is giving you hope of success and actual success if you align yourself with the seasons. The secret to manifesting nature’s hope of success is doing the right thing at the right time. Not everything blossoms at the same time. There is a season for lilac flowers and another one for the rose. A season for strawberries and another one for grapes. There is also hope that you will succeed in all that you do, your season is yet to come.  

Hold tightly onto knowledge. 

People do crazy things when they are desperate and hopeless. Nature wants you to refrain from indulging in such. Things not working as you expected them to does not mean your knowledge is less helpful. Do not be quick to put aside your knowledge when you are desperate. Nature will use your knowledge to inspire hope when there is none.

Hope thrives in knowledge. It enables you to better understand the dynamics at hand. The lack of knowledge will make you give up quickly. This is not your place. The universe has prepared another place for you – to be an agent of hope. Always add fuel to the fire of desire because your success is around the corner.  

The beauty of hope. 

The beauty of hope is that it does not have an expiry date. Hope is independent of prevailing circumstances. It does not see by sight but by faith. Hope guarantees that you are constantly looking forward to something good.  

beauty of hope

Hope takes away your worries. 

Hope from the universe reduces your worries because you now have something to look forward to. Birds of the air are constantly looking forward to favorable weather. The oceans and wildlife also join the bandwagon. They believe that something good is in the offing. This should equally extend to you. In this way, hope guarantees you a worry-free life. 

Hope improves the quality of life.

Hope allows you to maximize the opportunities ahead without feeling discouraged. This leads you to achieve more desirable outcomes. It is how the universe has put the keys to your life in your hands. Your children will grow up believing in the never-failing hope of the universe. 

The thread of hope from the universe does not break when you hang onto it. Nature can bear all your burdens. He is offering you reprieve through hope.  

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