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Have you Received your Paycheck Already?

have you received your paycheck

It is exciting to receive your paycheck. At that moment, all the tiredness you felt is replaced by the joy of receiving a paycheck. You can cash it and withdraw the funds or you can have it deposited in your account. You are paid for work done as you had agreed before you were hired. What you expect on the paycheck is not a surprise because you had negotiated for it.

Depending on your agreement, you can be paid weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. What comes alongside a paycheck is a pay slip. While a paycheck is an actual payment, a pay slip is a breakdown of the same from gross to the net amount.

The Universe is an employer and it pays its workers.

Not all paychecks are equal. Some are paid higher than others because of their skill level or competence. Every worker wants to be in the pay grade above and move up the ladder of income.  As a worker in the Universe, have you received your paycheck already?

If yes, is it satisfactory or you will want to do something about it? If you are yet to, what are you doing to get your first paycheck from your employer – the Universe? You can attract the secret of the miracle 33 even on your paycheck! Here are a couple of things to do:

  1.  Uphold your contract.

Every worker enters into a contract with the employer before work begins. Even manual laborers have a gentlemanly agreement with their supervisors before beginning work. This assures them of pay at the end of the day. As a worker in the universe, one sure way of ensuring you get your paycheck is by upholding your contract. Do exactly what your employer wants you to do.

You are nature’s superior creation and this makes you responsible for taking care of all creation. It is part of your job description. You cannot receive your paycheck if you do not uphold the contract with your employer. The bank of the universe cannot process your payment because you are a ghost worker. The human resource department in companies and governments is audited periodically to weed out ghost workers. When you uphold your contract with the universe, you become qualified to receive your paycheck for work done.

  1.     Go the extra mile.

Sometimes it is not enough to only do good. You need to unleash your best if you want to get a good paycheck. Complete your duties as assigned and do even an extra part. Firstly, it shows your commitment to your work. Secondly, it shows your love for it. Every employer will want to hire you or retain your services. The Universe is not any different. As your employer, it rewards your service delivery to nature.

Regardless of the work you do, your work is to serve other people. Do it to the maximum and leave a permanent impression in their hearts. Gestures of kindness and goodwill directly touch the nerve center of the Universe. Your employer will be pleased with you and bingo! Your paycheck will be ready. Pleasing the Universe is as easy as being a good person.

  1.     Create value.

The value you create is equivalent to the paycheck you receive. The higher your value the higher your paycheck. The Universe is fair and shall pay you as you deserve. Different employers measure your value as an employee differently. The Universe recognizes how many lives you have touched and turned around. This is the ultimate measure of your value. This is also how the Universe rewards promotions to its workers.

When you impact people positively, you are blessed for their sake so that you may continue encouraging them that they will one day reach your position (or even go higher). Interact with people nicely and be cheerful as you go about your work. Your employer is watching.

  1.     Observe the greater good theory.

You are given your paycheck after you have completed your work. A pay rise in your paycheck is determined by the good work you do. What exactly is good work? Many lives depend on nature and this makes it less of ourselves and more of it. What can delay your paycheck from your employer is when you do not observe the law of the greater good.

It states that in everything you do, be considerate of other people. Weigh how much it will benefit other people versus how it will benefit you alone. At this point, always choose where it will have a greater good.

You can discover effortless wealth by being there when you are involved in the good welfare of other people. The greater good practice gives you chance and opportunity to serve more people, do business with them, and increase your resources.

  1.     Cash your paycheck already.

Your paycheck is most useful after you have cashed it out. Here is how the clearing of cheques in banks works. If both you and your employer hold accounts in the same bank, a cheque deposit goes through on the same day. The clearing period is instant!

More so, when your employer is the bank itself, there is no way you will miss your payment. You can go ahead to pay your bills, do your shopping, and live the best life you want. Your bank teller is Karma. He is there to level the playing ground for everybody. When you are cashing out your cheque, he will make deductions from it. He subtracts what you received corruptly and penalizes you for missing work ethics. Your net payment could be a third of the gross payment.

You could even get nothing out of it. If you have been a good worker with zero misses, then the bank of the Universe will pay you in full. How pleasant!

If you want to loot the bank of the Universe ethically and face no charges, observe work ethics, have zero misses, and a hundred percent hits. You will get your paycheck in full as you should. It is not that difficult, is it? In addition, our program, the Miracle 33, is here to guide you down the same path. Choose to be a magnet of wealth today and take this leap of faith. 

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