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Hiking Nature’s Mountains


Hiking is fun and adventurous. The thrill of going several meters above sea level and the adrenaline rush make every second spent hiking memorable. The satisfaction of finally reaching the peak of the mountain is one of the best feelings you will ever have. You can decide to go hiking alone or in a group. Do you have any plans for hiking soon? Perhaps you should consider it. 

Hiking is not an impromptu activity. You need to plan for it and consider everything you may need during the hike. You need hiking footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, a first aid kit, a pen knife, enough food and water, an emergency blanket, a headlamp, a GPS compass, and a relevant map. You will have a difficult time if you lack any or multiple of these basic requirements. 

Handling emergencies. 

Anything can happen during hiking and you will need to improvise a solution. You should be ready to handle emergencies as they arise when hiking because there is no way to predict what will happen when you are away on this adventure. Hiking prepares you for the unknown that lies ahead. 

Handling emergencies. 

There is a lot that the universe prepares us for just as hiking does. You can never be ready for an emergency but the universe wants you to step on the pedal of open-mindedness so that you can have a head start. Either by coincidence or default, life will take you down valleys and to the top of mountains you have never thought of. It often happens without prior warning and leaves you without time for last-minute preparation. You should handle this kind of emergency as soon as possible to avert a future crisis.  

The hike of a lifetime.  

Life can take you hiking a very high mountain and you have to survive the adventure. Academic pressure, job performance, relationships, spirituality, and personal development are some of the mountains that nature will guide you to hike. Your competence is tried and tested in each one of them but your hiking skills will make you survive all of them. Some of them are: 

1. Preparedness. 

Hiking needs thorough preparedness so that you do not leave anything to chance. It is the norm to have a checklist of items that you need and check them out one by one. This minimizes the probability of leaving anything out. In the process of doing all of this, a bell rings at the back of your mind about the consequences of not thoroughly checking out your checklist. Imagine grappling in the dark because of forgetting a headlamp or getting lost because you did not carry a GPS compass and map.  

The first step to getting ready to hike the highest mountain in the universe is to be prepared for it. Your mind should be prepared to take on discouragement head-on. Child, you are not unique in the position you find yourself in. Do not focus on the statistics of those who failed but choose to see those who made it through. It is an honor to be among those who reached the peak. 

2. Composure. 

It is common for hikers to be anxious before they set out. It is encouraged that hikers plan for their activities as a group. Group morale will reassure you that everything is okay. You will be composed in the confidence of your mates as you set out hiking. Your mind will think straight and there will be minimal risks of messing up.  

The universe wants you to be composed especially when you are in a hot soup. Nature’s definition of composure is how the earth follows its routine even on bad days. Composure brings out the best in you. Nature’s mountains will block you from seeing the beauty that lies beyond. Hiking begins once you are ready and composed.  

3. Step forward. 

Armed with your camping bag and staff, you can now step forward. Your journey to walk up the mountain begins. One step after another, you walk boldly with all types of thoughts running in your mind. One thing is for sure – your journey has taken off and there is no looking back. You are courageous to consider hiking when such a thought would not cross the minds of many people.  

Nature is calling

Nature is calling you out to step forward. All great things started with the first step. It shows that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and advance an agenda. Stepping forward is a loud statement of your commitment to start hiking. The universe will grant you the energy to continue with your journey.  

4. Take periodic breaks. 

Hiking is a long walk and you will be tired before you reach the peak. You will need to take calculated breaks to catch your breath and rest your muscles. These breaks are necessary so that you do not break down. Sit under a shade and drink some water before you continue with your hike. A hike is not a marathon. You can take all the time you need to walk at your pace until you finally reach the peak. 

It is equally important to take breaks even when you are climbing mountains of stress, dealing with non-committed friends, or adapting to a new environment. Periodic breaks give clarity to your mind and you can re-think things over. You do not conquer mountains by running towards them but by creating the shortest path across them. Mission accomplished. 

5. Leave a mark at the peak. 

The joy of reaching the peak is incomparable. You are among the few people who have reached that far and that is a win in your books. What did the first man to land on the moon do? He put the United States flag on the moon. This is a memorable mark that he left and entered the books of history. 

The universe wants you to leave a mark after conquering the challenges on your way. This is what people will remember you for. You will be an icon of victory – someone who overcame stigma, shame, or disability and wrote a new history. Child, leave a mark at the peak.

Hiking nature’s mountains is enough achievement. You can overcome limitations and the imaginary boundaries that have been put for you. The universe is filled with uncountable examples of people who have done extraordinary things. Nature is giving you time to write your history. 

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