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How to Access your Breakthrough in the Universe


A breakthrough is a discovery that improves a situation or solves a problem. Everyone is fighting their demons and wants to make certain things in their life work. While some people are open to letting others into their challenges, there are many more who shut everyone else out. They want to sort out their problems alone without seeking any help. One thing is clear though – the answers to these challenges are with the universe and there is a bridge separating the two of you. How can you access your breakthrough in the universe? 

You have the power to build a bridge to cross over to the other side. Bridges are used to cross over to new territories. They connect the old and the new. The resources of these new territories are unexplored and have a lot of potential. You need to explore them to access the breakthrough you need to be successful. It is the Promised Land that cures all your insecurities. It crowns your efforts with the prize of answers to all your prayers. 

The password puzzle.

 The bridge connecting old and new territories is right under your nose. The universe is counting on you to find it as soon as possible so that you can eventually access your breakthrough. You need a password when this breakthrough knocks on your door. This password is what the universe uses to separate jokers from serious people who want to use the bridge only for access. Consider it like a screen lock to unlock your phone or computer. You would have accessed your breakthrough in the universe once you solved the password puzzle. These are some of the million ways you can solve it: 

1. Mark your strengths. 

The strength of the universe lies in its divinity. It draws its power from the supernatural. It is mysterious, unexplainable, and overpowers the natural. Supernatural power commands both respect and fear across the board. It sees the truth beyond your cover-ups and is at the center of everything in the world. There are no grey areas in the universe, only white and black. This is how nature wants you to access your breakthrough. You can only make a valuable discovery if you work from your point of strength. Find it and put all your weight there. It will catapult you right to the door of your breakthrough. Nature rewards smart work and counting on your strengths to push the limits is smart. It has worked for the universe and it can for you too.   

2. Establish a pattern in your routine. 

Planets move around the sun in their orbits. The moon moves around the earth in its orbit. The universe has established a pattern in its routine that it never defies. This consistency gives the universe a breakthrough in everything it does. The pattern in weather and climate, science and technology, health and abundance, and logic and spirituality contribute a lot to our daily lives. Similarly, the universe wants you to create a pattern in your routine that in addition to your strengths, shall help you build the bridge to the other side. As a result of your consistency, walls will fall before your eyes. Reality will knock on your door and you will be honored to finally experience your breakthrough.  

3. See with your eyes, believe with your heart. 

It is darkest before dawn. Deep darkness can sometimes mislead you that the night is young while it is not but rather almost the break of dawn. This opens our eyes to how the universe works – see with your eyes, believe with your heart, and have faith in your spirit. Your eyes see darkness, your heart believes that it is almost daybreak, and your spirit has faith that the darkness will disappear. Sometimes life can give you mixed signals when you are on the verge of making a discovery. The universe wants you to use your eyes, heart, and spirit to access your breakthrough. Your faith in the possibility of your breakthrough being successful will eventually make it one. This is a daily reminder each time you start a new day to ask yourself what you believe. 

seal your weaknesses

4. Seal your weaknesses 

Nature lets the sun, not the moon, rule the day. The sun and moon are heavenly bodies that shine their light on the Earth. However, only the sun produces its light. The moon reflects light from the sun during the day to light the Earth during the night. Moonless nights are darker and scary. This is the universe’s weakness. How can the day be extremely bright yet the night helplessly dark?

The universe went ahead to seal its weakness so that it maintains its glory. It created the solution to be the moon. Although it is not a natural source of light, it can fill the void to light up the night. This is the same thing that happens in your spirit. One part of your life could be doing excellent but another part needs rescue. The universe wants you to seal your weakness the way it has done. It could be the reason you are yet to access your breakthrough. Your life will improve after sealing your weakness.  

5. Let patience speak for you. 

A buried seed takes time to germinate. It has to die first before it resurrects to become a seedling. It is difficult to know if anything has been planted on a farm within the first two days of planting. However, on the third or fourth day, a shoot sprouts from the ground. The universe speaks the language of patience during germination. This is the language you should also speak as you build the bridge to access new territories. It can take time to get what you want but it shall eventually happen. Seat tight, buckle up, and let your patience do the work. Not only will you access your breakthrough, but also complete it.  

While there are many ways you can access your breakthrough in the universe, these are the most effective ones. Can you smell the coffee?

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