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How to Adapt to the Evolution of the Universe

Evolution of Universe

Evolution is a gradual change from one form to another over a long period. The rule of nature is that everything evolves. The world today is not the same as it was a century ago. The environment and human behavior have changed. Cultures of communities have not been spared either. They have evolved to include the changing world and at the same time maintain their identity. Evolution is irreversible. It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It creates new routines to replace the old and a new culture begins. 

“Behold I am doing a new thing…” 

Evolution is a period of transformation. The end product of evolution is a new thing since creation. This makes it an ordained mission by the universe with a single mission – to cause a positive and permanent change. It does not matter if you are unhappy, unemployed, sick, unmotivated, discouraged, or poor. The good news from the universe is that your life will change permanently when evolution happens. It is time for your heart to conceive the news that the universe is about to do a new thing in your life. 


Evolution is unstoppable. When the right time comes, everything in the universe will work in your favor. People who did not like you previously will love you openly, those who shut doors in your face will hold them open for you, and you will have the courage to do new things that you never thought of before.  

Evolution is news that everybody will want to report on. A former gatekeeper now owns a mansion in Minnesota, the local shopkeeper now flies in business class, the local teacher is now a school manager in an international school, and there is you. How do you want your life to be in the post-evolution phase? 

Walking on the stairs of glory. 

You must adapt to the evolution of the universe. Just as the world has caught up with this digital era so should you catch up with the stages of evolution. Do not skip the stairs as you go up; step on one stair to the next. You will maximize your transformation in the way the universe destined you to. This is how you can walk on the stairs of glory without tripping: 

1. Wait patiently for your turn. 

These are wise words about comparison – “comparison is a thief of joy.” Everybody in the universe has a different exam paper. As such, you cannot copy their answers. However much they could be correct in their context, they are incorrect in yours. This is true even in the evolution of the universe. The universe could reward your best friend, brother, neighbor, or workmate yet leave you behind. Do not condemn yourself to shame. Neither should you compare your progress against that of another person. Instead, rejoice in the wins of other people.

Your time has not yet arrived. When it does, nothing shall stand in your way. Your name shall be mentioned with good recommendation in your absence and you shall be propped for new roles that were not in your plans. The universe has good plans for you. The time for the evolution of your life shall come just as it did with other people you know. Once you learn to adapt to the evolution of the universe, there will be nothing to steal your joy; not even comparison can.  

2. Embrace your strengths. 

In the wisdom of creation, everyone is gifted differently. Your gift is your strength that the universe uses in evolution. One is gifted with artwork – they create beautiful handwork products or offer repair and manufacturing services that make life easier. Another one is gifted with entertainment gifts – their work lifts the burden of life on our backs through laughter. They lead us to see the world in a different view than we did previously.

This is their strength.

Another set of people is gifted with intellectual gifts – they lead us to discover mysteries and solve the most complex problems in humanity. Their life is a gift to us from above. All these strengths from different people collectively contribute to the evolution of the universe. You can adapt to it when you stop fighting one group and on the contrary, you can adapt to the upcoming evolution by embracing all of them. Be happy for the sake of others because they have a role in the evolution of the universe. 

Evolution of Space

3. Be fluid. 

One of the unique characteristics of a fluid is that it has no shape. It takes the shape of the container in which it is stored. It expands when heated (to take more space) and contracts when it cools down (to take little space). This is the mindset that the universe wants you to take up. Be flexible to think from another person’s point of view. This will increase your understanding of the world and perception of new issues.

It is important to be fluid because the end product of evolution is new and your approach to it should be well-calculated. About two centuries ago, you could not imagine it would be possible to fly across the world to visit new places with new people practicing foreign cultures from yours. Evolution happened and it is possible to have breakfast in New York, lunch in Paris, and dinner in Singapore. The ability to be flexible to adapt to life events as they happen is genius. 

4. Live each day at a time. 

There is a rush to be perfect and complete. Most people want to settle in their lives as soon as possible with the best package that the universe has to offer. The evolution of the universe is like walking upwards on a staircase. You can only take one step at a time until you reach the peak. Do not rush to make decisions and commitments in the universe because of how you speculate tomorrow will turn out to be.

Live each day at a time. Evolution is gradual and so should life be. There are a lot of things that money cannot buy – perfecting a skill, identifying genuine friends, and the wisdom to live honorably. Your life gets much better when you understand evolution as a gradual process. 

Blessed is the person who has mastered the phases of evolution. They can positively identify their current phase and prepare for the upcoming one with wisdom. This is the four-step guide to adapt to the evolution of the universe.  

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