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How To Be Baptized By The Universe

baptism ceremonial

Baptism is a ceremonial religious rite that is very important in the life of a believer. It is a symbolic immersion in water done by a priest. His presence marks spiritual authority because baptism is a spiritual rite. Growing up in a religious family, you must have been looking forward to the day that you will be baptized. It is some form of graduation that earned you the respect of everyone in society. Nothing has changed today about baptism. The only variable is the people at that time and those present today. The significance of baptism remains solid and the universe treats it rightly so.

Baptism by the universe is a very important phase in your life. Life experiences train you for the day your priest (the universe) shall baptize you. This day is fast approaching; are you prepared for it?

The baptismal experience.

Three things do not miss in a valid baptism:

The priest.

The universe is the priest that shall baptize you. This is to mark the divinity and sanctity of this baptism because it is not an ordinary day in your life. The priest acts as a stamp that your baptism is valid. He leads the whole baptism ceremony and chooses how you will be baptized. You are under his guidance and not the other way around.

As part of the baptism, your priest could expose you to a very mysterious life. The aim is to reveal your inner self and urge you to embrace it. This mysterious life phase could be through solitude (people distancing themselves from you for no reason) or persecution (a personal vendetta against you). Both solitude and persecution are not fashioned to crush you but to scratch your spirit and reveal the code inside.

Baptism Priest

Consider it like a ruffle ticket that you scratch to reveal a secret code. Without scratching it, you will not know the code and you cannot participate in the game. This is equally the reason the universe allows you to experience solitude and persecution. The goal is to reveal your true identity without having to hide yourself.

After the universe has exposed your secret, you can now proceed to the next phase of baptism.


Water is a very necessary part of baptism. It washes away your sins and iniquity after your scratching to reveal the code. You could have cursed or conceived evil plans against people who wronged you in the beginning. This is why you are immersed in water to wash you from these sins. Holiness is a very important part of baptism and you should maintain this purity.

The few seconds or minutes that the universe immerses you in water briefly before you come is a monumental time in your life. This is the turning point where all bitter experiences move behind you. Do not carry on with vengeance or bad memories anymore. Water, the universal solvent, will wash them all away and open a new page in your life. Nature wants you to embrace this water moment.

Consider it like doing laundry. You do not throw away clothes when they are dirty. You wash them with water and soap and put them on the line to dry. After they are dry, you can iron them and rock your outfit once more. This is exactly what water does during baptism – it washes away your dirt to allow you to live rightly once again.

After the water has cleansed you this way, it is time to wear your clean clothes. Out with the old, in with the new.

Changing clothes.

This is the most natural and automatic step after baptism with water because you are wet from head to toe. You change into clean clothes and put away the wet ones. Your body feels fresh and active while your spirit feels energized. You are now a new person who is different from the old one before baptism.

Changing clothes after baptism is a symbolic act in the spirit. Your immersion in water and coming out of it has put all bad memories behind you. It is not recommended to hold onto the same things that defiled your spirit in the first place. Nature shall bring new friends and a new lifestyle (better than your last one) into your life. Embrace this change of clothes for you to step out comfortably into your new life.

permanent mark

Why do people change into other clothes after a bath or immediately before going to sleep? These new clothes that they wear identify with the next series of activities that they will do. You get into the sleeping mood after wearing pajamas or a night dress. You equally get ready for work mood when you wear your job uniform. Among other reasons, this also counts as to why pupils and students wear school uniforms.

Changing clothes affect the perspective of the people you meet. They are meeting a new person completely lacking the weaknesses of the previous version of you whom they had met. The universe is giving you a new chance to correct your past mistakes and live rightly. It is no longer a moment of I wish I knew. You have the time and opportunity to do the right thing. The time is now.

The permanent mark in your life.

The universe is gifting you a chance to re-write your story through baptism. You have a second shot at being healthy again, passing examinations or a job interview, and building healthy relationships in your life. Baptism is successful when you go through all its three stages. Through them, you get the full benefits of the best baptismal experience in your life.

Do not quickly condemn all the things you experience in life. They are all part of the universe’s plan to bring out a wholesome end product. They trim your excesses and improve on your losses to become the person you will be proud of in the future. Are you ready for this spiritual baptism?

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