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How To Catch Up with Nature’s Time

nature's time

There are proverbs and many more like these that insist on the importance of time. Time is a very valuable asset that everybody has an equal portion of regardless of their social status. How come some people have plenty of this resource and some so little of the same? This is the time to learn about how you can catch up with nature’s time. 

1. Create value out of your hobby. 

A hobby is a leisure activity. It is neither a job routine nor a duty per se. It is a way of passively passing time. However, this is no justification to engage in a zero-valued hobby. The value of your hobby is important because it also adds value to your life. Hobbies give you a break from your usual routine and at the same time hold your personality intact. It preserves your value through different life seasons. 

What value can you create out of a hobby? It is a time to learn the virtues of patience, humility, and love so that you understand a different perspective of life that you cannot when in your normal routine. Nature’s time can be quite ahead if you are slower in catching up with it. Hobby time is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the values of nature and make them part of your life.  

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2. Spend time with your loved ones. 

One of the most beautiful moments in life is when you spend quality time with your loved ones. They are a gift to you from the universe and form a primary part of your life. Like yourself, your loved ones are also an important part of nature. It is pleasing when you come together for a good cause. Time lost when you are not in contact with each other is regrettable. You have to put up extra effort to catch this flying time in the universe. 

Cherish the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, house parties, family meetings, and housewarming parties that you have with the people in your life. These meetings go beyond the physical significance of keeping in touch. The spiritual meaning is even greater when your spirits unite for the good of each other. It is an opportunity to encourage each other and inspire living hope that will push you forward. This is a way of catching up with time lost in tight work and personal schedules.  

3. Build an empire from your calling. 

The universe has been faithful to give everyone a special calling. We are each called to different devotions from where we spend a lot of our time. The time you spend in your calling is a wise investment but that spent elsewhere is regrettable time lost. Time in nature continues to pass by even when you have yet to realize your calling. When you do, there is a new assignment – to catch up with nature’s time that left you behind. 

You can catch up with it by building an empire from your calling. It should be built of social and economic capital that you accumulate as you follow the voice of your calling. The satisfaction of following your destiny is enough motivation to be efficiently productive. Dedicate your life to marketing your skills, talents, and business. The greatest business empires started from such humble beginnings and like them, you will slowly rise to the top. You get to catch up with nature’s time that overtook you when you were yet to discover your calling. Fast forward to today, you are a successful and influential person who matches the speed of time.  

4. Explore the beauty of nature. 

Nature is infinitely beautiful. It exhibits a fresh taste of beauty each day. There is always a new flower in the field every day. A new animal is born in the wild each day. New trees grow every hour and freshwater flows in rivers every second. You cannot exhaust the list of beautiful things happening in nature even as you read this piece. It is your new responsibility to always be on the lookout for these new beginnings in nature and celebrate them. It adds life to your spirit and wipes away any harsh experience you may be going through. 

Look into your life with fondness and love just as you look into nature’s beautiful creation. You will notice a new friend in your circle, an old friend was happy to meet you unexpectedly, you perfected a new skill after months of practice, your health has been improving steadily, you are often happy, and have found a deep beautiful meaning of life. This way, you will catch up with nature’s time and move past complaining about everything.  

5. Put your heart where your treasure is. 

The heart is the headquarters of your desires (spoken and unspoken) and the custodian of your treasure. All good, bad, revengeful, bitter, kind, sweet, and beautiful thoughts come from the heart before the rest of the body picks them up. Nature’s time can leave you behind as you process the treasures of your heart. There is one thing that skips our minds – time is also a treasure that we should keep in our hearts. Granted, before having this knowledge, nature’s time can leave you miles behind. There is something that you can do to catch up with it. It is listening to your heart’s intuition. 

Love is the fuel to increase your speed to catch up with nature’s time. There is nothing you cannot achieve when your actions and love are wrapped in each other’s arms. The passion for what you do will make you unstoppable. You will catch up with nature’s time for your fame, influence, and success. You will be present when good news comes knocking on your door and it will be a great honor.  

It is possible to catch up with nature’s time against all odds. The main benefit of walking with nature’s time is that you will reap your blessings on time. Catch up, my friend!

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