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How to Conquer the Mind


The mind is a very important part of your body and spirit. It processes thoughts, digests feedback, and creates new ideas. The mind is the powerhouse of your spirit. This is why mental health has been and continues to remain a very important part of your health. A healthy mind is a treasure that you should protect with your life. A healthy mind makes the body and spirit healthy. All of them together make you very productive and efficient.

The enemy uses your mind to introduce weakness into your spirit. You open this gate by entertaining thoughts of failure and doom. A dull and negative mind is a breeding ground for failure and nature will hold you personally liable. The universe is offering you an opportunity to redeem yourself.

Taking charge.

Passengers in an airplane or train feel safe when they know that the pilot or loco pilot is in charge. There is no cause for alarm when a competent professional is in charge. A doctor inspires hope in his patients, a teacher in his students, and the police in citizens. The holders of these offices must plant hope in the recipients of their services for them to be trusted that they are in charge.

power of the mind

Your head is in charge of the rest of the body. It leads you because it hosts almost all the senses. Come to think of it, this could be the reason why the main offices are known as the headquarters. Is it because they are in charge of all operations from the other branches just like the head is in charge? The mind is also in the head because it processes all the thoughts and initiates decision-making. Some of these decisions have a permanent in your life. This is why the universe wants you to take charge of your life and your mind is at the center of it.

The power of the mind.

There is no grain of doubt that the mind is a powerful weapon at the headquarters of your spirit. It conceives new inventions, develops new relationships, and solves existing problems. This is only possible with a disciplined mind.

The universe has a mind of its own just as you have yours. It derives all its powers from it and this is how it has managed to rule the world. All the success of the universe is because of its mind. This mind is nature. Its understanding is infinite as it understands the world and everything in it before it came into being.

The success of the universe in maintaining order is derived from its mind (nature). The universe is in control because it also controls its mind. Likewise, you have the chance to take charge of your life by controlling your mind. You can take the keys of power when you sit in the driver’s seat in your mind. The universe wants you not to be a guest in your own home. It is time to be the host.

The guide to conquering the mind.

Control what you look at.

The eye is the gateway to the spirit. Looking at something is equal to permitting it to enter your spirit. You plant a seed of desire the moment you see something you love. Desire is a fertile seed that will germinate to become a big tree. Consider the example of a small seed and a tree. You can control what happens to the seed but you cannot do the same to a mature tree. You can choose not to plant the seed and it will remain inside the container that you have put it in. On the other hand, you cannot hide in a tree. Every passerby will see it and its fruits cannot be hidden.

The wisdom of planting a seed is how the universe is teaching you to conquer the mind. Be in charge of your eyes and be selective about what you choose to look at. Your mind will not focus strongly on what you have not seen but on the things that you have deliberately watched and desired in your heart. When your spirit opens the gate to your heart through the eyes, the mind works on how it will fulfill these desires.

Nature is giving you the option of conquering the mind by either tiptoeing gently across the enemy’s territory or whistling loudly as you pass through the same place. The power to conquer the mind is in your hands.

Do not rush to take sides.

There are a lot of conflicts that happen in the mind and each of them comes out very strongly. Naturally, you may be tempted to pick a side because you cannot sit on the fence forever. What will when you eventually realize that the side you did not pick was right and you were wrong? Nature wants you to avoid the shame of bowing your head.

The mind has an ego that makes it always think that it is right. It is difficult and humiliating to be proven wrong when you had proudly stuck with a rushed decision. The universe does not take sides and does not bind itself into rush decisions because it has conquered its mind and cannot fall into this trap.


Everything in the universe is complementary, not competitive. The moon and stars complement each other to give light at night. They work in harmony and this makes nights equally as beautiful as daytime. The sun is not threatened by the rulers of the night because nature has not taken any side.

There is no need for competition when you can jointly achieve a common goal because of shared interests. The battle of the mind is won by seeing through the veil of self-interest and supporting each other to move up the ladder of success.

Victory is here.

Once you conquer the mind, everything else submits to your authority. Your live a meaningful life devoid of side shows initially brought by an unruly mind. Nature is opening your eyes to see how you can be in charge of the empire that is your life.  

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