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How to Discover Nature’s Hidden Goldmine

Nature's gold mine

Have you ever visited a goldmine in your entire life? How about seeing and touching gold? You probably make the huge statistics alongside many other people who have seen, touched, or even owned gold but have never seen or visited a goldmine in their entire life. Gold is one of the most precious minerals found in the earth. It is a very expensive mineral and owned by quite a handful of people. This is why it is not surprising that some people only read about gold in books.

Nobody planted gold reserves on the earth. We all found it there and explored it to find out its value. We have come to appreciate the value of gold over other precious minerals over time because, in all the exploration done by experts, no other stone has matched the peculiarity of gold. Until and unless some other precious mineral of greater worth than gold is discovered, its value shall increase daily.

Gold is a status of wealth and high social class. It is put in the crowns of Kings and Queens. The robes that the monarch wears during coronation are made of pure gold to symbolize purity, power, and authority.

The trail of gold.

A goldmine is twice as precious as an ounce of gold. The gold mining process is not desirable but gold from these deposits is what everybody wants. People want to get the end product (pure gold) in jewelry shops but not from the goldmines of South Africa or the DRC. This does not reduce the value of a gold mine by even one bit. Its value continues to increase as long as gold deposits are still found there.

The discovery of gold and its mining is all part of nature’s plan to teach us a lesson on how we can also discover goldmines in our lives. The universe has many goldmines in the spiritual realm but unlike in the physical world where gold is mined and sold at jewelry shops, you have to mine it yourself. You have the duty of identifying the gold deposit and mining it yourself. This will reinforce the value of this gold in your life. There is a silent law on the universe’s gold – it cannot be shared. It is an individual responsibility to mine yours.

The search for goldmines in the universe.

There is special equipment that is used to scout for gold deposits. Once an area is identified and exploration begins, there is a guarantee that there will be gold. This is exactly what happens in your life. Where do you find your goldmine? It is in contentment.


You find your gold the moment you find satisfaction in routines that fulfill your life purpose. It is not an ordinary coincidence but it is the result of continued guidance from nature’s mentors. Nature can guide you to find your goldmine of contentment and step back for you to mine. When you find yourself engaging in activities that bring peace to your heart, you have found your goldmine and should start mining. You should settle where your heart leads you and look for your gold. This gold shall be your pride and your badge of honor to display to the whole world.

Mining for your gold.

  1. Find and fulfill your passion.

Have you already discovered your passion? It is the one thing that you will not rest until you do it frequently enough. Your passion does not care whether or not the time is convenient. Your passion is discovered in the things you do for other people. It could be teaching, painting, writing, or farming. These passions are fulfilled when they serve other people. Your life revolves around them and they are your identifier mark.

It is a mistake when money leads you to find your passion. You could earn a lot but your spirit is unfulfilled and empty. On the contrary, when you live in your passion, your satisfaction is beyond money. You are fulfilled to know that you have made someone else happy. The joy of these people goes to heaven as prayers and the universe rewards you hundredfold. This adds to the blessings in your basket.

  1. Identify the direction of your life and destination.

There is no one as content as a traveler who has a defined travel plan. They know where they are going and are sure they have boarded the right train. Such a traveler rests in his seat unbothered because they are sure that they will finally reach their destination. The universe has given you the freedom as a traveler to choose your destination and the direction of your life. You have a voice in the things you would like for yourself. What is your choice today?

You will live in fulfillment when you are sure of the events in your life. This freedom is found in spiritual life. It sets the tone and pace of your life while putting the universe as your driver. You can never go wrong.

  1. Committing to the right causes.

It is beautiful, rewarding, and satisfying when you commit to the right causes. You will not feel that you have wasted your time. Instead, you will be proud of the invested effort and time that you have committed. It is disappointing to learn that what you had hoped for was unworthy of your time and effort when it is too late.

goldmine of the universe

The search for gold should be worthy of your resources. Nature wants you to commit to sound doctrines and teachings. Devote your time to learn from experience and stick to these teachings.

The goldmine of the universe is a well-hidden secret. Many people live their entire lives without the knowledge of where to find it. You are blessed to have this secret revealed to you. Your life will begin to make sense when you finally find contentment. Once the dust has settled, your relationship with nature shall be stronger. A content man is a happy man.

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