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How to Embrace Nature’s Miracle of Thoughts


Your thoughts are a miracle. Your thinking pattern, understanding, and perception of issues are superior to all forms of life on Earth. This is the privilege that nature has bestowed on you. You are a ruler and co-creator of the universe. Everything respects your authority because it comes from a source that never dries up. It is an immortal source that you can always go back to. This source is your thoughts. When you protect your source of authority, you will reign with the universe for the rest of your life, no questions asked. However, when you abuse this sacred source of authority that nature has given to you freely, it shall cost you an arm and a leg.

The universe wants all your actions to be guided by the authority of your thoughts. This way, you can ably lead yourself and those under your care. It is the sum of the little irrational actions that later turn into a mountain of regrets. The universe is giving you the chance to rethink your planned actions before it is too late. Let them get the approval of a clear mind before things get out of hand.

The miracle of your thoughts.

The universe gifted you with a rational mind to process the events in your life and act accordingly. You may have little or no control over the events in your life but you have full control over your actions. Your thoughts can create a miracle in a minute if you choose to utilize it optimally. Nature leads by example by thinking over everything it does. For example, the sun has never ruled the night nor the moon during the day. This is a careful thought on the part of nature to uphold the sanctity of time.

Consider the weather patterns and prevailing climates. They all happen as if they are programmed. The whole year experiences all of them at their appointed time. When it is time for summer, the other weather patterns do not poke their noses around. Nature’s thoughtfulness enforces order in the universe. In turn, you enjoy life as it is today. Don’t you?

A moment of reflection.

Take a moment to reflect on your thoughts. Do they mirror that of nature? If not, you will soon fall out of grace with the universe for being wayward. As a co-creator with the universe, you set the tone for the rest of the creation. Your thoughts should be as sacred as that of nature to bear the responsibility ahead. Friend, what are you thinking right now?

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Nature’s guide to rational thinking.

There is no specific formula on how you should think but the universe has devoted its life to teaching us how to walk in its ways. Are you aware that the consequences of your actions have a ripple effect on many people in your life? The same will equally come back in your life as a fruit from a seed that you planted.

  1. Intentional thinking.

Your thoughts should be intentional. This makes your goals measurable and you can always ascertain your progress. Having a goal in mind makes you so focused on it that you cannot veer off track. You are always watching your actions so that you do not step on other people’s toes. Intentional thinkers carry the fruit of love in their hearts. They consider the impact of their actions on the feelings of other people. They carry the universe’s concern on all of us and build healthy relationships. The universe rewards them by returning their love through other people. Because they love, they will be loved back. People will care for them because they showed care in the first place. Intentional thinking is rewarded handsomely.

  1. Targeted thinking.

This is making someone the target of your thoughts. They become the center of your mind because you love them unconditionally. We are the target of nature’s thoughts any day anytime. Come to think of it, who is the target of yours? The universe wants you to have someone or a group of people in mind. This is the reason you were born into a family like yours. It is not accidental. These people become your caregivers when you were born and brought you up in the best way they could. The universe further brings other people into your life who turn to family. You bond with them more and you come to an understanding equal or greater than that of your family by blood. Nature wants you to always think about these people before you act. Consider the impact of your actions on them and reconsider acting out if it will hurt them. Targeted thinking protects you from regrets of neglect likely to arise in the future.

  1. Innovative thinking.

This type of thinking has the aim of creating something new or modifying an existing product. Your thoughts carry the miracle of new inventions and you can manifest it when you settle on being innovative. There are many innovations as a result of necessity. The latest innovation is the introduction and development of artificial intelligence. Innovations are meant to make life easier and at the same time simpler. Your mind becomes a hub of solutions to problems and you become more useful than your peers. Demand for your services or presence increases and your value equally shoots up. The next thing we know is that you are the newest millionaire in town, thanks to your innovative thinking. There are mounting problems facing humanity and even fewer problem solvers. You can create a space for yourself right there under everyone else’s nose. Innovative thinking is calling out to you to be flexible and open-minded in your perception of things. Go beyond looking at the two sides of the coin and see the third. This is an extra step.

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Your superiority lies in conquering the mind and creating miracles through thoughts. This victory is the first one in a series of many more to come. When you conquer it, nothing will remain undefeated in your life.

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