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How to Get Things Done with Spiritual Communication

What is spiritual communication?

Spiritual communication is considered communication albeit on another level. Basic communication involves listening and speaking. The same is true for spiritual communication. It passes a message to those who are spiritually attentive. They understand what is to come and prepare for the same before it manifests physically.

Consider it as some intelligence reports or a heads up about something that is yet to come. Whoever is capable of passing a message and receiving one spiritually can discern what is to come and get ready for it. Its importance can never be over-emphasized.

The art of delivering a message.

Successful communication is passing a message to someone in a manner that they understand its meaning and action on it accordingly. Every company and organization globally has a communications officer. A message from an organization must be understood well by the public.

Similarly, an organization should understand what the public is telling them. A simple misunderstanding can undo what has taken a long time to achieve.

In the same vein, spiritual communication is equally weighty because many things can go wrong in its absence. For one, there will be many surprises because we were unable to understand the warning from the universe. Spiritual communication creates a good relationship with the universe.

Have you seen the joy of two people speaking the same language? They are happy because finally there is someone who understands them. The universe is equally happy when we learn its language and we become co-creators with it.

Spiritual order.

There is spiritual order even in communication. As a general rule, communication is orderly. There is no abrupt interruption, there is a sequence of ideas, and you do not speak for the sake of it. Every aspect of communication must be well thought out because it has the power to build or destroy. You cannot get things done through spiritual communication when you are out of order. Here are a few ways you can master spiritual communication:

  1.   Speak aloud.

Speak your desires out. In the spiritual realm, everyone and everything has ears and can hear what you say. Just like what happens in ordinary communication where you have to talk to someone to be heard, the same applies to spiritual communication.

As the source of a message, speak about your desires and you shall be heard. The people around you shall hear you and so shall the invisible power – the universe.

Do not assume that somebody knows what you want. They cannot know that unless you let them into your thoughts by way of speech. Mark you, without speaking there can never be communication. The source of the message is you – both the mortal body and the immortal spirit. The spirit communicates to other spirits and the universe too because it is one of them.

However, your mouth is the vessel for that communication. Speak your desires, my friend.

  1.  Think of positive things only.

Spiritual communication is also not limited to the audible voices only but extends to interpreting what is running in your mind. This does not nullify your role of speaking your desires but goes on to further emphasize the purity of your thoughts.

The universe is supernatural. It means that it can do the extraordinary that mortal man cannot.

Do not entertain the thought of impossibility. You cannot speak about wanting to fulfill your desires and at the same time have negative thoughts. You have to choose one portion – positivity in both word and deed. This is the message you are passing to the universe responsible for actualizing your dreams.

  1.  Have faith and it shall be done.

The judge of faith is the universe. Spiritual communication is dead without it.  Have faith that your message has been passed across and your prayers have been heard and received. Begin to act as if you have already received your desires. This is faith in action.

Faith is the currency in which the spiritual world operates. As money buys goods and services, faith makes it possible to manifest your desires from the spiritual to the physical. When you have plenty of it, it means that you can get things done very quickly.

Faith is the conviction of the possibility of things being done. It is not measurable but very important as a currency of trade in the spiritual world.

  1.  Draw nearer and it shall be manifested.

As emphasized earlier on that whatever is manifested in the physical starts from the spiritual, you have to work on your spiritual communication. Draw nearer to your desires and associate closely with what you want to possess.

For example, if you want to run your business one day, hang around business owners. You cannot be distant from them and hope that you will one day join their league.

Associate with people who know about spiritual communication and have results to show for it. They shall guide you through and your journey shall not be a lonely one. Love and support them and the same shall be done to you.

  1.  Listen with your ears, mind, and heart.

Someone said that the reason we have two ears and one mouth is for us to listen more and talk less. There is truth in that statement even in the spiritual world. Pay attention to communication from the spirit and align yourself with it. You will be one step closer to getting things done.

Spend some time alone meditating on your journey through life. The universe speaks to us sometimes when we are away from the chaotic world. You already know that cannot communicate properly in noise. Spiritual communication too cannot happen there.

In meditation, engage your mind to understand the lessons you have learned so far and how you can move towards your goals.

Your heart is involved beyond the normal blood circulatory function. It is the home of both good and bad desires. Learn from your heart what you want and how you can bring it closer to you and eventually have it.

It is possible to get things done without much struggle through spiritual communication. Everything falls in place when you get it right.  

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