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How to Honor the Commitment of Love to Nature

love to nature

Love is a feeling that leads to commitment. There is no love without commitment. When you love, the object of your love becomes dear to you and you will want to take care of it. Love is a motivation for a lot of things. You will not struggle to do something for someone you love. It could be your spouse, child, parent, or friend. The love that you share with them will make your relationship easier. Whenever there is conflict between you and someone you love, the love you both share will grease the wheels of the relationship and you will easily move past the misunderstanding. There is no impossibility in love.

Do you love nature? Nature is the environment that the universe has placed you to navigate through life. A good relationship with your environment helps you to quickly adapt to it without wasting time. It spikes new interests in you and warms the heat of your spirit to accept the changes in its environment.

It is easy to fall in love with nature because you live in it. It is the source of your food as well as your primary comfort to relieve your stress. Your relationship with nature directly depends on your commitment to it. Nature will love you back if you also show it some love. It is a tit-for-tat affair.

The universe accommodates both nature and yourself. It is a witness to your relationship and does not take sides. Your success in the universe depends on your commitment to love nature and there is a witness to it. Express your love for nature unashamedly and the universe will open doors of opportunities for you. If you can commit to love nature, you will not fail to commit to love anything else. This is how you can honor the commitment to love nature:

  1. Love your neighbor.

This is one of the oldest laws. The universe advises you to love your neighbor. He/she is a perfect work of creation like yourself. Treat them nicely as you would also want to be treated. Loving your neighbor despite their weaknesses is a sign of your commitment to love nature. Their forgetfulness, quick temper, or oversleeping (especially if you are an early bird) measures how deeply you can commit to loving nature’s creation. Tolerate and pray for them and maybe someday they will come out of it and help you to overcome your weaknesses. The universe has hidden your biggest strengths in other people. As you love your neighbor and as they return the love, the both of you build on your commitment to love nature that you are a part of.

mother nature's love

  1. Take care of your pet.

Most people have a pet under their care. If you have one, understand they are a responsibility that nature has given you. You are responsible for their health and well-being. Treat your pet kindly with the understanding that they cannot communicate with you in human language. You have to learn to understand them one hundred percent. Nature has put in pets the ability to understand human behavior and they will try to live with you as best as they can. The more you take care of your dog, cat, or any other pet, the deeper you connect with them. You will develop new virtues like patience, understanding, and kindness that you will pass on to other people. Your commitment to loving nature through taking care of your pet will eventually ‘pay you back’ through the new virtues and kill your old vices. Nature is proud when someone is committed to taking care of it.

  1. Spend time in nature.

One of the measures of love is spending quality time with the person that you love. When you love someone, you will always want to spend time with them no matter how busy you are. Commit to spending more time with nature and you will reap the fruits of your effort. Take long walks to unwind, swim in the ocean, or go camping with your friends. Spending time with nature is a stress reliever. Your spirit gets time to connect with the universe and at the same time disconnect from the world. It is a time for spiritual nourishment that gives you the energy to face what lies ahead of you. Your head aches, backache or mental fatigue can be cured when you take a walk to listen to birds’ songs. Mark the time to spend in nature on your calendar and take it as seriously as you take your work appointments. This is your commitment to nature – to spend more time with it and with the rest of the creation. Your spirit will be healthier.

love of nature

  1. Be a servant, not a master.

To serve is love. Nature is sensitive to your service in the universe. There are things that you do for the person that you love. You do not do them because you have nothing better to do but on the contrary, it is because you want to express your love through your service. How best do you serve nature? You can serve nature by taking care of the environment. Conserve nature and it will bow at your feet. Nature will ‘melt’ in front of you because of your service. It is beautiful when nature has a soft spot for you. It is a badge of favor on your face wherever you go. Extend your service to other people and the universe will reward your big heart. Service is tied to commitment. It indicates where your priorities lie.

It is not enough to say by word of mouth alone that you love nature and creation. The universe interrogates your words to see if they match your actions. You need to be consistent even after passing the test of commitment to love nature. Honoring the seed of commitment gives you a free hand to pray for anything that you want. This is the beginning of your breakthrough.

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