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How to Maintain a Bride’s Lifestyle for Your Spirit

The bride moment is a very special time in a woman’s life. Every young girl looks forward to the day she will come of age to wear her bridal gown and marry her prince charming. They wish to relive the beautiful story of Cinderella; marry a handsome prince, have a ball dance together, and live happily ever after. Young women eligible for marriage will almost always not miss the next wedding event so that they can admire the beautiful bride. The bride is the center of attraction under the close watch of everyone who wishes to be in her place.

Anything that goes wrong in the wedding, God forbid, can be forgiven except when it touches on the bride. People impose many expectations on her yet she still finds the grace to glow with beauty and glory. Ask your daughter, niece, sister, or any young woman about one of her greatest fantasies and she will tell you that it is wearing a bridal gown one day. It is the time when the world is her stage and she is the lady to grace it with her beauty and glory.

The universe gives all of us – both men and women – the honor to experience a bride moment at one time in our lives. Like a bride marrying her groom, we have expectations about how beautiful our experience would be. We have goals to achieve at a personal level and the world (especially our family and friends) has set their standards for us. The most important thing is for the bride to marry her groom and live happily ever after. The joy of the bride moment is a flame that the couple would want to keep burning for the rest of their lives.

The bride moment in the universe.

Everyone has a bride moment in the universe. This is the time when you are at your peak and nature has put you on top of the world. Your business is profitable, your health is at its best, your family supports you, and you are a content person. You would wish to make that lifestyle permanent but that window slowly shuts down.

Nature wants to give you the power to make your bride’s lifestyle permanent. You can enjoy every good blessing in your life for as long as you want without worrying about failure or falling out of grace. While there is no specific manual for life in the universe, there is one on how to maintain a bride’s lifestyle. You have the power to turn the bride moment in your life into a lifestyle. Successful will be your first name. 

This is how you can maintain the lifestyle of a bride:

  1. Wear a beautiful gown.

A bridal gown is the signature of a bride. It comes in many styles; each with its unique beauty. The more beautiful it is, the better. The bride is the only lady at the event wearing a bridal gown. It makes her the center of attention at the wedding.  After all, it is her event, isn’t it?

Like the bride, your spirit needs to wear a beautiful gown. It will bring you glory for wearing it alone and much more for its beauty. A good and kind heart is a beautiful gown for your spirit. Every act of kindness you do makes your spirit more beautiful and increases your glory. Just as a bride can never be missed because of her beautiful gown, so will your spirit always have divine glory when you are kind toward other people.

  1. Wear nice perfume.

A bride should smell nice. Her fragrance will be left behind in all the places she passes through. The air around her smells fresh and nice because she has invested in a good perfume. She brings you into her world when you come closer to her. You would not want to leave her presence because of her sweet scent.

When your spirit wears nice perfume, people will enjoy being in your presence. The perfume of your spirit is your character. It will make you smell nice and bring you closer to the agents of blessings whom the universe has sent to your life. A bride cannot forget to wear her best perfume because her groom bought it for her. Your spirit also cannot forget its good character if you allow the universe (your groom) to guide you.

  1. Put on jewelry.

You cannot miss to see the beautiful jewelry that the bride has put on. Her necklace, bracelet, and the ring that her groom puts on her finger are for the eyes of everybody. The jewelry is to make the bride more beautiful. She is elevated above all the other women in attendance because it is her day.

Dress your spirit in a bride’s jewelry collection. The universe will identify your spirit as the bride and treat you as one. The jewelry of your spirit is mindfulness. It is the state of being aware of your environment. You can maintain the lifestyle of a bride for your spirit by being familiar with the rules of nature and observing them. Mindfulness is jewelry to your spirit.

  1. Walk gracefully.

All brides have a similar walking style. It is a walk of honor that the bride has been waiting for all her life to take down the aisle. The steps of the bride are carefully calculated. The path she takes is cleared for her so that nothing disrupts her walk of honor.

You need to train your spirit to walk like a bride because all eyes will be on you when the time comes. The universe and nature have expectations that you should meet if you want to maintain a bride’s lifestyle. You walk gracefully in the spirit by being teachable. This is the quality that the universe is looking for in your spirit to complete your bridal lifestyle.

The universe wants you to realize your full potential and achieve the bridal lifestyle that you have always dreamt of.

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