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How to Make a Complete Revolution Around the Sun

The solar system is one of the universe’s most wonderful creations by far! Having all heavenly objects in space go around the sun while keeping the sun stationary is genius. It is a big achievement for a planet to make one complete revolution. This is the reason why we have big New Year celebrations on Earth every 365 days. 

Our spirits are like planets revolving around the sun. The sun in your life is your life’s calling. Each time you accomplish one goal in your calling, you have made a complete revolution around your sun. The universe is proud of all the complete revolutions that you make around the sun throughout your lifetime. It is full of teachings about how you can continue fulfilling your life’s calling. It is now the beginning of a New Year on planet Earth, how about in your spirit? Have you started another revolution around your sun?  

This is how you can make a complete revolution around your sun: 

1. Stick to your orbit. 

An orbit is the path that a planet takes as it moves around the sun. It is determined by the gravitational force of the planet towards the Sun. Straying of planet Earth out of its orbit causes eclipses (either solar or lunar). It will take time before it returns to its orbit and continue with its revolution. This is a mirror of your fate in your revolution around the sun. The universe wants you to stick to your orbit or you will otherwise cause ‘accidents’ like the eclipses of the moon and the sun. You need to play by the rules if you want to fulfill your life’s calling. After the universe has revealed your calling to you, do not go outside of it looking for fulfillment elsewhere. Instead, focus on ways through which you can fulfill your mandate harmlessly and as efficiently as possible. You will remain relevant when you pursue the things that bring you peace, not the one that earns you more money. 


2. Continue rotating in your axis. 

It is one thing for a planet to revolve around the sun and another for it to rotate on its axis. The rotation of the Earth causes day and night while revolution causes different seasons. The universe wants you to continue working on your ambitions throughout because they influence days and nights in your life. This New Year is a time to revisit those plans you did not accomplish and work a way around them. As you are busy with them, things will fall into place in your life and you will make many complete revolutions around the sun. This New Year shall be filled with celebrating new victories that were pending from the previous years. Your days shall be brighter and nights peaceful because you have continued rotating in your axis. The universe is proud of your ambitions. 

3. Respect other planets revolving around the sun. 

There are seven more planets (mercury being the closest one to the sun and Neptune being the farthest one) and other heavenly bodies in space that revolve round the sun. All of them must recognize and respect each other’s orbits. The universe wants you to respect other people’s callings and not consider yourself superior to them. There is power in diversity. The universe has distributed different callings to all of us. One is called to teach, another to lead, and somebody else to encourage. Their collective callings will support you as you revolve around your sun. The universe is encouraging cooperation rather than competition and your revolution around the sun of your calling will be smooth. 

4. Accept that revolution is permanent. 

The revolution of heavenly bodies around the sun never stops. The universe has set it to be so, in its wisdom. The best thing is to embrace it and get the most out of it. In this light, the universe wants you to embrace your calling and stop fighting it. This is your appointed destiny in the universe and contains the secrets to your breakthrough. This New Year is a time to get in the line of your calling by committing your life to it. Give your life a new meaning, by making your calling its center. Anchor your life on it because it is the divine will of the universe and you will not struggle a lot doing it.  

5. Always look forward to your next revolution. 

It is never too early to look forward to the next revolution even if you just began a new one. While understanding that your sun is your life’s calling, another sun will not come. However, you can find new ways of completing the revolution around the sun. Your life becomes more fulfilling and meaningful when you touch the lives of those whom the universe has brought to you. You will not be looking at the clock wanting time to fly. Instead, you will want more time to complete one more revolution. This dream keeps hope alive and burns any traces of discouragement in your life.  

6. Embrace all the seasons throughout your revolution around the sun. 

There are different seasons in the world throughout the year that are brought about by the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. Each of them has its blessings and they come at their appointed time. You cannot hurry them up and neither can you skip these seasons. In your revolution around your sun, the universe wants you to embrace all the seasons in your life. Sometimes it may seem difficult to follow your calling because of unfavorable factors when you encounter hostility. However, no matter the severity of snow during winter or heat during summer, every season has its silver lining. You will complete your revolution around the sun smoothly because you approached it correctly.  

It is possible to complete many revolutions around your sun like all the heavenly bodies do. Watch your pace in this New Year as you follow the Universe’s lead.

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