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How to Manifest your Desires

manifest with the Universe

Desire is like fuel to the engine. We work hard, do business, get employed, and even have relationships of every kind because of our desires. Some desire to love and be loved, others desire to be rich and successful, while others desire to be happy by following their passions. Regardless of the nature of our desires, nature is offering a helping hand that you may manifest all of them. It will finally be a dream come true.

Nature wants us to be like children when we want to manifest our desires. The young boys and girls are completely carefree as they relate and play with each other. They are not afraid to speak out about their desires or experiment with new things. They live in the here and now, isn’t it beautiful?

Do you recall how you felt when you finally satisfied your desire? You feel as if you are on top of the world and you are the Emperor. You are motivated to work for more because you have tasted the sweetness of satisfaction. If it were up to you, you would maintain that feeling for as long as possible. Unfortunately, circumstances changed and you forgot how to manifest your desires once more. Once you do, you will feel youthful, powerful, and energetic. This is the power that the universe is putting in your hands today, right at this moment. This is how can you manifest your desires:

  1.  Have faith.

The first step to manifesting desires is to believe that it is possible to do so. You can be healed from every sickness in your body, feel happy about yourself, love and be loved back, run a successful business, be an effective leader, and do so many things you desire. Your mantra henceforth should be “I can, you can, and we shall.” This is a mindset of possibility. Faith pulls future manifestations to come to the present.

What would have otherwise happened in five years can manifest within a month or less. It works the same way a magnet pulls metals – fast and strongly. A metal cannot refuse to be attracted by a magnet. Faith is the spiritual magnet and your desires cannot resist being pulled from the future to the present. The stronger your faith, the stronger your spiritual magnet. It is indeed true that faith can move mountains. You only need to have enough of it. Friend, do you have faith that you can manifest your desires?

  1.  Embrace the divine support system in your life.

Your faith is as good as a strong support system. Faith is like a child that needs to be nurtured. She needs to be guided and taught new things about her new world of possibilities. She is slowly weaned off milk and introduced to solid foods. She learns how to bite and chew until she can do it effortlessly. This is the extent of the great role that other people play in your life. They are your support system throughout your journey of faith and spirituality. You may be discouraged on the way as you practice your faith. Your support system will pick you up when you stumble and pat you on the shoulder to encourage you.

The universe has strategically put people on your way to manifestation who will be the voice of hope. You have come too far to give up now. Your desires are achievable, maintain your faith.

  1.  Pray about your desires consistently.

We cannot underestimate the power of prayer. It is the lubricant that makes the engine run smoothly. The engine of your life is fueled by desire but it is the lubricant (prayers) that makes it not break down. Pray consistently to the universe about what you desire and do not be afraid to tell him your secrets. Your persistence in prayer rings a bell in the spiritual realm that a believer has an unfulfilled desire.

Thereafter, the heavens conspire to make things work for you. You could be stuck and out of nowhere you get unstuck. Angels in human form can come to your rescue. It could be someone sponsoring your higher education, a positive job evaluation, or getting a 5-star client for your services. The universe gives us all these wins and more if we pray about them and stand out as the 1% of people who value prayers.

  1.  Qualify yourself.

Most people fall into the trap of being modest. It is when you ‘demote’ yourself from your blessings because you want to appear humble. Although you may be doing it with good intentions, you may come out as ungrateful for what you already have. Many people like you want to manifest their desires. There should be enough reason why the universe should choose you before many others.  Qualify yourself as a candidate for the manifestation of your desires by being proud of your other blessings. Consider it like a job interview where candidates with experience in a similar job stand a higher chance of being hired for the new role. In your self-assessment, are you qualified to receive the universe’s help in manifesting your desires? Yes, you are the right candidate for manifestation. This is the confidence of a believer.

  1.  Be an ambassador for spirituality.

An ambassador is a representative of his/her country in a foreign land. He/she could also be the face of a brand or business. Ambassadors are held in high respect and their reputation is cotton-white. They also speak highly of the countries, brands, or businesses they represent. You can manifest your desires faster if you are a good ambassador of the universe. More people believe in it and discover their spirituality because you were a good ambassador.


The universe rewards you by manifesting your desires as fast as possible so that you can be a living example of a practicing believer. The secret is representing your spirituality and the universe well. You will check all the boxes of a candidate for manifestation.

You can manifest all your desires if you take the right approach toward spirituality. These five ways are the universe’s guide to it. You can now confidently start the countdown to your manifestation.

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