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How to Mark the Right Team Member in Your Life


Life is like a team sport. There are several players in one team playing against another team. All team members of a particular team are tied to the hip. They share the joy of winning and the disappointment of losing a game. They must be united in focus and effort when on the pitch to win the game. Team members cover up each other’s weaknesses so that the opposite team does not exploit this loophole and gain an advantage. A united team is unstoppable. It will win trophies and write its victories in permanent ink. It will be remembered even long after it is gone because of its perfect record. Everybody wants to be on the winning team because of the joy of its victories. Sometimes fans of opposing teams shamelessly change their allegiance to support the winning team because they want to be on the right side of history.

Physical and spiritual life completely relates to the privileges of being on the winning team. The universe allows everybody to choose the right team members to join their team. These are the people you can count on to deliver victory to your team. The mistake of choosing the wrong teammate is expensive. It can cost you your marriage, health, education, job, or family. On the contrary, the advantage of putting up the right team is a big win in your life. You are the captain of your team and you want to steer it to victory from all angles. This puts you in a position to make painful or risky decisions of dropping some people out of the team or betting on the capabilities of others. Although there is only so much that you can do, the universe frees your hands to make further changes to your team for the sake of delivering a landslide victory.

Physical and spiritual life
Nature has a mechanism of natural selection that absorbs the right team members and drops the incompetent ones. The natural selection process is unbiased and purely based on merit as to who can be an excellent choice for the team. Look at the wild and the co-existence of prey and predators. The ecosystem maintains a healthy balance of their numbers despite one category being food for another group. This balance reveals the capacity of the universe to pick the right team members for the survival and flourishing of nature. These are the critical lessons to draw from the universe:

1. Disability is not weakness.

Do not even once think that disability is a weakness. It is rather being gifted differently. A limping lion is not in any way lesser of a lion. It is still part of the pride that rules the jungle. It still has the support of other members of the pride that will always come forward to its support. Further, the limping lion can be part of a strategy to scare prey in a different direction from hunting lions. That’s a kill!

A person who is abled differently emotionally, mentally, or physically is not in any way less important. They can still be a useful part of your team and deliver to you the victory that you need most. Their fate could as well happen to anybody. Consider them as friends, family, or business partners according to their appropriate abilities. Their strength is in how they are mostly underestimated. Use this to your advantage.

2. No win is too small.

Whether you passed your certificate exams, finished paying off a loan of a few dollars, got engaged to your soulmate, or secured an entry-level job, you have something to celebrate. The right person to be on your team will be part of all your successes without making you feel inferior. The universe wants you to celebrate your small wins even as you prepare to take on bigger challenges. Your teammates are part of your support system. Your win is theirs as well and they should encourage you to keep pressing toward greater challenges. Anybody with a contrary opinion is not worthy to be part of your team. They will slow you down by discouraging you by belittling your small wins.

Look at nature and the survival of different species. The joy of a bird or rabbit who has escaped a hunter’s trap cannot be hidden. Nothing else matters to it except that it has survived to live and see another day. This is the right team spirit that the universe wants you to look for in your team members. Retain these teammates at all costs.

3. Look out for aggressive teammates.

The process of natural selection chooses the best of a species to survive. The one who is well adapted for survival will live to see another day in nature. It is difficult for a weaker species to survive nature’s harsh conditions. This makes it the least favorite to be selected to join the team. A good teammate must have a competitive spirit to fight for the rights of the team. He/she must have the best interest of the team at heart. This is the unspoken principle in the universe.

aggressive teammates.

Look out for competitive partners when you choose friends and associates. They should be people whose commitment you can vouch for. What should not miss out from their qualifications is an aggressive spirit. It makes them reliable throughout all seasons. The focus of this new team member is constantly on how to bag a new victory for the team. This is exactly what you need in your team.

4. See beyond artificial motivation.

People are sometimes driven by personal interests towards something. You must see beyond this veil if you want to get the right team member in your life. The artificial motivation could be your beauty, social influence, or wealth. The right person to be your spouse, business associate, or to hold any significant position in your life should love you genuinely. This is the true mark of a committed team member.

A well-composed team is a step closer to bagging medals in competitions. They will be the reason for the victories you will win as a team. Use the universe’s selection criteria to mark the right team members in your life.

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