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How to Maximize Nature’s Gift of Time


Time is like water in a river – you cannot touch the same water twice. Time has no pause, rewind, or stop button. It is like a cassette player that plays continuously. The same applies in the universe. The events of a particular day can be recorded or revisited but that specific moment will never come to pass again. Time has been in constant motion since the world was created.

Time is the eternal master.

Everyone has been allocated their time by the universe on the world stage. Your time on stage started when you were born and will stop when you die. However, time will continue running even after your death. It is the eternal master.

time and universe

With this revelation from the universe, the next course of action is to maximize nature’s gift of time on the world stage. You only have a limited time on stage within which you should leave a permanent impression on the audience. Nature is the audience that will judge you even after your time on stage expires.

Your moment before the eternal master.

Consider how thespians spend their time on stage. Nothing is as valuable for a thespian as their time on stage. They have rehearsed and recited their lines for quite some time waiting to perform on stage. They have allocated an activity for every second of their time. There is no remote possibility for anything to go wrong as long as the director is in charge. Even if it does, it would not be their fault. Time on stage is a very judicious moment that should add more points to their scorecard.

Your life is time on stage and like thespians, you should also prepare yourself to be judged by nature on your achievements so far. You need to have a plan on how you use your time wisely and maximize this gift. This is how to:

  1. Create healthy boundaries.

Nature is calling out to you to have healthy boundaries. Every activity in life is equally important because you may not have another opportunity to redo them. Even if another chance presents itself, it would be under different circumstances. For example, create a boundary between the time to work and that you spend with your family. Like most people, you could be working to sustain the needs of your family. What will happen if you have the money you work so hard for but your family is no longer there? A work-life balance is fundamental in maximizing nature’s gift of time.

Both yourself and your family live in the same lifetime. It is also in the same lifetime that you can work to earn the money you need to sustain your needs. Look at how the universe has healthy boundaries between the sun, moon, and stars. All of them shine at their appointed time. Even eclipses (whether solar or lunar) are temporary. Nature wants you to enjoy the blessings of family and work in this same lifetime without compromising on either of them.

  1. Put your best foot forward.

Time on stage is not rehearsal time. It is the time for the actual action. Your mind, body, and spirit should work on the same thing together. There should be no division among them. Nature wants you to cultivate the habit of devotion. Be committed to what you do as if there will be no second chance. Train twice as hard and pour all your effort on stage.

look forward

Consider how athletes train. They push their limits and stretch their abilities so that they can perform as best as they possibly can. They put their best foot forward when it is time for action and register impressive performances. Nature wants you to be in an optimal state to perform and grants you the gift of time to showcase your competency. Many people desire to be in your shoes but they are not. They would like to have the same opportunities as you but life has presented them with different ones.

Do justice by putting your best foot forward to realize the potential bottled up inside you. Nature has blessed you with good health, the type of friends in your circle, and a unique space to maximize the time that you have. Child, put your best foot forward.

  1. Make timely corrections.

We all make mistakes at one point in life. The actions that you take to correct something wrong that you have done are significant. Although you cannot rewind time to undo your regrets, the universe is allowing you to make it right. The time to apologize and implement your apology is now. The longer it delays, the more harm is done. The gift of time is an eraser to rub clean all your past mistakes and leave the paper blank for you to write something good. People will not see the wrong that has been rubbed off but will see the new writing on the paper. After time has cleared your past mistakes, it presents you with an opportunity to write an acceptable apology.

The gift of time empowers you to take a bath, dress, and show up as an unstained angel. You can repackage yourself afresh differently from how people knew you. As a new product in town, you can win the market segment that could not accept you initially because you were stained with mistakes. Time presents an opportunity for rebirth. What a time to be alive!

  1. Serve justice.

One of the principles of nature, and perhaps the main one, is justice. The universe has Karma which serves justice to everybody. Make it a personal vendetta to fight injustice the whole time that you are on stage. The audience (nature) shall remember you long after you leave the stage and your legacy shall live on. Every day is a time to do justice. Do not oppress, suppress, or strangle the voice of the needy. Instead, hold their hands and support them in any capacity you can.

It is necessary to maximize the gift of time because we do not have it in abundance. The universe measures our wisdom in how we handle scarcity and abundance. Emerge wise in how you eventually maximize this natural gift.

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