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How to Operate your Life’s Remote

A remote is a device that controls a machine from a distance. Televisions, air conditioners, DVD players, and home theatres are examples of machines that can be controlled by remotes. A remote control cuts the job for you. You can change the television channel, skip a song, set the air conditioner temperature, and do so much more while sitting pretty. A remote is an essential that every home does not lack, and sometimes they have more than one. We do not care so much about the science of how a remote works except that it works for you well. It is another person’s job to fix the remote for you when it is faulty. You are only the user at the other end. 

The universe is the machine that runs your life. It is like the television in your sitting room or the air conditioner in your bedroom. It has everything you need to accommodate your comfort. It recognizes your freedom of choice and gives you the liberty you have to control your life in any direction you want. The universe has handed this remote control to your spirit. Any command on the remote directly affects all aspects of your life – spirituality, mindfulness, health, abundance, purpose, relationships, creativity, and so much more. 

Understanding how to use the remote. 

The first step to understanding how to use a remote is to familiarize yourself with all its buttons and the commands they make. You should know how to increase or decrease the volume, change the channel, mute, or switch off the television. You will save yourself from the embarrassment of pressing the wrong button when you have guests or when you are in a new place. It is prudent to even go beyond this and know how to change batteries when there is a need.  

PS: Come to think of it, do you know the type of batteries your TV remote uses or how to change them? 

It is important to know all there is about a remote because it will be easier to understand the one that the universe has given to your spirit. The spiritual remote control has the following: 

1. An LED light. 

The LED light on a TV remote flashes when you press any button on it. The TV picks up this message and implements it by obeying the command made on the remote. The spiritual remote operates similarly. It has an LED light that flashes every time you pay attention to the needs of your spirit. While it is normal for spiritual needs to oppose the physical ones, your spiritual needs remain a priority. When your spirit needs some meditation, your body will fight to go to sleep or be busy on some non-issues. The universe saves the day by alerting your spirit to pick up the infrared flashes from the remote’s LED light. Attend prayer fellowships, spiritual clinics, and meditation time offs to answer your spiritual needs. This is the only way to answer the LED flash from your spiritual remote. 

2. A power button. 

The power button sits right on top of the remote for a good reason – to be visible. Its only function is to turn the machine on/off. The machine does not disobey the remote’s command to go on/off except if the remote’s LED light sensor is blocked. Your faith is the power button on your spiritual remote. Having faith in the universe earns you favor before the high and mighty. Faith gives hope that can restore your health and repair broken relationships. Lack of faith is an obstruction between your spiritual remote and the universe. It blocks all communication and your remote will not work until the obstruction is removed.

The universe wants you to believe in its power to turn around your life. Just as you do not worry when you press the power button of your TV remote, so should you not worry once you have faith in the universe. Your television will switch on and you can enjoy your programs. This is the plan of the universe for you. 

3. A menu button. 

A menu button displays to you the options for your programs and the user settings. You can increase/reduce the screen light, switch TV modes, or set a timer from the menu navigation options. Every remote, including the spiritual one, has a menu button. You can see and choose available options from your remote. This is the center of decision-making. You have the chance to make strong decisions that will put your life on track. Whether you choose to be compassionate, kind, thoughtful, loving, caring, or their complete opposites is entirely up to you. The universe wants to let you know that you have options. You are not helpless. Your strength is in the many options available to you. When you feel cornered or weak, press the menu button from your spiritual remote and you will have a way out.   

4. A battery slot. 

Every remote has a battery slot because it cannot function without a battery. The same is true with your spiritual remote. A remote can communicate with the machine because it is powered just as the machine is plugged into a power source. It malfunctions when the batteries become weak and starts working well when they are replaced. Is your spiritual remote powered? New batteries give your spirit the power to conquer and to win every case on your way. You can replace your batteries by removing bad influences from your life.

Let go of the person you think is your best friend but goes behind your back and scrap off temporary friendships that serve selfish gains. Instead, the universe wants you to power your life with healthy relationships with people who can go the extra mile for you. Those who share in the purpose of your divine assignment are the new batteries for your spiritual remote. Do you have such people in your corner? 

A lot of things will start flowing smoothly when you figure out how to operate your life’s remote. You will save time and energy when you shift from operating manually to becoming automatic. This is what a remote does for you.

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