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How to Pay Spiritual Taxes

Tax is a compulsory contribution to the government levied on citizens. It is used to finance the running of government and provide social services to the citizens. The government is a nonprofit organization that should work for the benefit of the citizens. This is the basic structure of leadership and governance throughout the world. There are spiritual taxes that your spirit pays to the universe. These taxes are not monetary. They are a significant contribution to your spirit in the kingdom. Consider them a kitty for your future safeguarded by the universe. Like in the physical realm, tax evasion is a criminal offense in the spiritual realm. This is why it is compulsory to honor your tax obligations. Spiritual taxes include mentorship, leadership, setting new records, conservation, and protection of innocence. 

1. Mentorship.

Mentorship is a relationship where a more experienced person guides and nurtures the development of somebody else outside the formal leadership hierarchy. A manager can hardly be a mentor to his employees because they have an established working relationship. The subordinate is required to follow the leadership of his superiors. Mentorship does not work within such structures. The mentee should be willing to submit to the mentor when it is not an obligation but a choice. The products of perfect mentorship benefit both the individual and the universe. 

The universe wants you to mentor the upcoming generation. You turned out to be the person you are today because you were looking up to someone you admired. He/she influenced your values and personality and the universe is proud of you. You probably constantly asked yourself, “What would my mentor do if he were in my shoes?” You should pay the spiritual tax of being a mentor to somebody else now that you have already seen the light. Hold the hand of the young person at your workplace, your sibling, your new friend, or anyone that the universe brings your way. The universe keeps a record of the lives that you have positively influenced through your mentorship. Your tax will be paid! 

2. Leadership. 

Leadership is similar to mentorship except that it is within a formal structure. A mentor can be a good leader but not any leader can be a mentor. A leader derives his authority from the organization but a mentor from his mentee. The universe needs good leaders to lead nature in the right direction. It is counting on you to wear those shoes. Leadership is a spiritual tax because it is a contribution toward the management of your society and nature’s creation. Your current leadership position at your home (as the elder sibling or parent), at work (as the manager), in sports (as the team captain), or even among your peers is a gift from the universe. 

The universe wants you to be a worthy leader. You owe this to nature as your contribution to it. Leadership is a divine assignment that can be trusted by only a few people and the universe has appointed you. Like mentorship, leadership is your contribution to society and a tax to the universe that you should honor diligently. Lead with integrity and your tenure shall be impactful. Your reward as a good leader is when your future generations enjoy the benefits of good governance even in years to come.  

3. Setting new records. 

Breaking existing records and setting new ones is not a small achievement. The existing records were set by determined people who wanted to leave an impact yet here comes along someone else who sets the bar higher. You owe it to the universe to set a new record higher than what you found there. This is the measure of improvement of quality of life. 

Setting a new record is a spiritual tax you should pay to the universe as your contribution towards societal progress. Put your best foot forward because nature deserves your best effort. Your existence is one of the things that nature is proud of. You are a special part of its creation. The same is expected of you – that you also produce the best of your kind. The universe congratulates you for your good performance through various channels of rewards (blessings). However, it will give you special recognition in its history for setting a new record of excellence. This is the honor of paying your spiritual tax. 

4. Protection of innocence. 

To be innocent is not to be corrupt or have evil intentions. Innocence is one of the things that the universe values most. It is increasingly becoming rare because people will do anything to survive. As a way of protecting its ecosystem, the universe has imposed the spiritual tax of protecting innocence on your shoulders. It is now a collective responsibility for everyone to protect innocence from evil and harm. 

You can pay the spiritual tax to protect innocence by promoting it in the first place. Promote the culture of doing the right thing because it is right to do so, not because someone else wants you to. Your spirit will attract honor from the universe when you lead from the front in living a corruption-free life and at the same time protect the innocent from losing their innocence to worldly temptation and greed. This is part of the spiritual tax of being your brother’s and sister’s keeper. 

5. Keeping the faith. 

This is the fuel of your spirit in the universe. It is a worrying trend when faithlessness increasingly becomes normal. This makes it challenging for nature to maintain people to keep their faith without them being carried away. It has led to nature imposing a tax on all its citizens – to maintain their faith. 

Faith is a personal responsibility that the universe wants you to honor. It is a spiritual tax that you pay every day of your life. The longer you maintain your faith in the universe alongside paying other spiritual taxes, the more your blessings grow. Do not lose hope no matter how difficult things become. There is hope for a better tomorrow. 

Spiritual taxes are an important part of your spiritual life. Honoring them propels your spiritual growth faster than when you do not honor them. Make it your lifestyle to pay your spiritual taxes as and when they fall due.

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