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How to Plan your Life in the Universe’s Diary

A diary is an important planning tool. You can use it to schedule appointments and tasks or plan for new things. You can journal in a diary, make personal notes, mark important dates in its calendar, or do all of the above. A diary can be personal or shared between people. It is a good way to constantly appraise your progress on different matters. It clearly shows what was done or not and lists the remaining tasks. It is easier to foresee upcoming challenges and you can plan upfront about how you will handle them. 

Apart from the traditional uses of a diary, there is an emerging trend of using it as a marketing tool. Companies, parastatals, or private companies have branded diaries that they give to their customers as gifts. It is a constant reminder about the business and who knows, it may even catch the eye of the person sitting next to them in a conference. The popularity of the company spreads slowly but surely.  

It is an unspoken assumption that any well-organized person should have a diary. Every stroke of the pen on their diary is not wasted. A diary prunes weaknesses like procrastination because the guilt of an unattended task will eat you up. 

The Diary of the Universe. 

It is not a wonder that the universe has a diary too! There is a clear record of the past, present, and future. The universe honors all appointments in its diary. Activities scheduled in its diary are discharged at the right time without delay. The short and long rains come in their seasons. Winter, summer, autumn, and spring too come at their appointed time. The sun rises and sets religiously without missing a beat. Birds fly to and from their nets at the time scheduled for them in nature’s diary. The order existing in nature is because everything is in the universe’s diary. 

The modern-age diary. 

The modern diary is automated. Life has evolved from how it traditionally used to be to become simplified at the touch of a button. You can set an alarm to go off any time you choose, automatically send emails, or even voicemail to respond to calls when you are away. The modern-age diary is the heaven that our ancestors were looking forward to and by grace, we live in this era. One thing is clear though; despite modernization, some people still have the challenge of planning their life in the universe’s diary. Most people are still trying to catch up with the universe’s diary and how they can get a slot in it. This is one of the highest honors that nature can grant you. 

The universe’s diary will streamline your life just as it has in nature. A spiritual alarm will awaken your spirit to a new beginning. You will be able to lead your body and mind in the right direction because your spirit has seen the light. There are a million and one benefits of being part of the universe’s diary but this is how you can first plan your life in it: 

1. Dump procrastination. 

Postponing doing something to a future date is against the principles of the universe’s diary. You must complete your schedule at the right time as earlier planned except for a special reason. Nothing stops nature from discharging its daily duties in the universe. This builds up efficiency which is important in increasing your productivity. You should be reliable to execute a mandate without anything getting in your way and the universe will grant you a slot in its diary. Become unstoppable when it is your appointed time to discharge your duties. Sell your products in the market aggressively and offer your services without holding back. You will register a reliable reputation in the minds of your present and future clients and they will always call upon you. The universe’s diary is sacred without any record of failure. You can earn a slot in it if you prove to be proactive in discharging your mandate effectively.  

2. Acknowledge the supremacy of the best. 

It takes great courage to acknowledge a superior power. Having someone to look up to whenever you need help is a great blessing. It puts you on his radar any time you need help. Acknowledge that the universe’s diary is the best planner there is and you shall earn a slot in it. Trust is the price to pay to have a good relationship with the universe. It has never failed to deliver on its mandate and the schedules in its diary. It has built trust in the minds and hearts of many people and proven to be reliable through all seasons. A good relationship with the universe is a gem. It puts you in the winning team, without a doubt. This gives the universe one more reason to consider including you in its diary because you are an ally. On the contrary, you will lose the privilege of being in the universe’s diary if you are not an ally.  

3. Have a plan. 

A good plan is a job half done. Nature has a plan for all events in the universe’s diary. This makes it possible to discharge all the appointments as entered in the diary. Similarly, you can plan your life in the universe’s diary if you also have a plan for your life. Consider it like a business plan for a startup. Its success depends on the market penetration strategy and how it can meet the needs of the consumers. It is difficult for it to compete effectively in the market against other established competitors. Your life plan is the currency of trade with the universe to grant you a slot in it. It is a reassurance that you shall not fumble that golden opportunity.  

Planning your life in the universe’s diary is a worthy achievement. It is granted to you when you meet the required threshold. Thereafter, your life is set on autopilot because the universe has your back. Enjoy the flight, friend.

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