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How to Prepare for your Crowning Moment

prince's crown

The crowning moment is the time that the crown prince/princess has been groomed for all their life. They are officially crowned, in front of the whole world, to become King or Queen of the kingdom. The events of this day leave a permanent scar on the life of this ruler. Their title changes from prince/princess to His/her majesty the King/Queen. They are faced with new roles and responsibilities and the entire kingdom looks up to them. As much as it may appear fancy, the truth is that sitting on the throne is as heavy as wearing the crown. 

The price of the crown. 

It is the wearer of the shoe who knows where it pinches. The same is true with the wearer of the crown. The crown comes at a price that is paid by only those who are in line to the throne. They dedicate their whole life in service to the monarch even up to their ascension to the throne. The world bows before the King/Queen during their coronation. The glory, splendor, power, and authority can be felt by the whole world. It is a rare show to the world what it means to be a royal.  

The coronation ceremony. 

This is how the universe has designed the world to be ruled – each territory to have a ruler who will reinforce the right principles of governance to the people. The coronation or inauguration ceremony of a monarch, president, or prime minister, is a time when the universe gives the new ruler mandate to rule. This is a great honor.  

This mandate from the universe is not restricted to monarchs, presidents, or prime ministers. The universe can as well confer this honor upon you regardless of your social status. The big question is whether you deserve it. You can be crowned by the universe with defined authority on your governance only if you earn it. All eyes are now on you. 

Retracing your steps to the throne room. 

The journey to the coronation hall starts from afar. It starts immediately after the birth of the crown prince/princess. Although you might not be a royal by blood, the universe recognizes you as an integral part of nature. Your whole life ahead is destined for somewhere. Nature understands this perfectly well and wants to groom you for future roles. 

throne room

This is how you start off your journey: 

Developing self-awareness. 

A lion’s cub identifies with its mother immediately after it is born. It is a lion when it is 1 day old until the day it dies at 15 years or so. There is not a single day the cub will graze with antelopes and zebras. It will neither walk with its fellow carnivores – the cheetahs or leopards. It strictly keeps the company of lions in its pride. 

This is exactly how the universe wants you to identify yourself. You are a leader in your right. This self-awareness is exactly what will lead you to be ultimately crowned by the universe.  

Making sacrifices. 

Sacrifice is the ultimate price you make to one day be crowned. It involves abandoning things that you treasure because you are pursuing a higher goal. Look at the sacrifice that birds make for their young ones – flying over long distances to look for food to feed their nestlings. Nothing distracts the mother bird until her chicks are full. 

Personal sacrifice will take you closer to the throne room. The crown prince sacrifices having an ordinary childhood for greater adulthood of Kingship. He is taught how to behave like a ruler by exerting authority. His coronation becomes a rubber stamp to recognize the person he has now turned out to be.  

Interpreting the times and seasons

A great leader is someone who can read and interpret correctly the writing on the wall. Nature has made it imperative for both plants and animals to survive the different seasons. During winter, some animals grow thick fur so that they may keep warm. Others change the color of their fur to blend with their environments. These adaptations happen because the animals understand that the upcoming winter season would be challenging. 

Nature appreciates such mindfulness from a superior creation as human beings. This is a sign that you are ready to walk into the throne room. Different situations would call you to act differently and your flexibility is put to the test. Your apt skills of interpreting the prevailing seasons will earn you nature’s confidence until your coronation.  

Harnessing your willpower. 

Your willpower is the ability to control your emotions. It is very important for a leader not to act spontaneously because such actions are often not well thought of. They may eventually come back to haunt the new ruler or strip him of his dignity. The universe wants to be sure that it crowns someone who is in charge of their emotions because it brings a whole lot of difference. 


Consider the animals in the wild and their adaptations for survival. The hare (a small-bodied) animal is known for its wit. This has made him overtake other animals with the advantage of their big size. The hare teaches us the importance of the power of the mind because the universe would not wish to crown a lesser intelligent King/Queen. Harness your determination to earn your place in the throne room and eventually on the coronation chair. 

You were made for this… 

Could you be having doubts about your suitability to be crowned today? You are the perfect candidate that the universe has been looking for all along because you tick all the boxes. The life of glory you are about to enter is something you have worked for your whole life. It should not slip past you. 

Child, you were made for this. Walk into the throne room with your held high because the rest of the world is about to see what you are made of. You are now ready for your crowning moment. Aren’t you?  

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