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How to Put on the Universe’s Ring

A ring distinguishes you from ordinary people. It has different meanings depending on the hand, finger, or occasion during which it is worn. It passes a subtle message to the world whenever you wear it. People interpret it differently depending on their culture and the gender of the person wearing it.

The spiritual realm attaches great importance to wearing rings, sometimes even greater than the outside world. It influences the perception of other people toward you and their respect for you.

Before people buy the product or service you are offering, they buy the person selling it. You have to earn the acceptance and recognition of your market before your business penetrates it. You do so by conforming to the community culture for them to consider you their own and come flooding to your doors.

What if there is a way of sending a message to the community about your social class, relationship status, family history, business association, personal dignity, or faith?

The role of a ring.

Societies around the world found a way of communicating everything about themselves without speaking out aloud. It continues to be the practice in modern society and it shall continue to be so even into the distant future. You can communicate everything you want to by wearing a ring.

Are you married, divorced, widowed, engaged, or single and ready to mingle? A ring can speak for you. You never know who was waiting for your signal. The universe’s ordained soulmate for you could have been waiting for it.

Are you associated with a club or a leader, or do you only want to make a statement (about your wealth or status)? A ring can tell the world about it discreetly without making a scene.

Wearing a ring on particular fingers on specific hands passes a message to anyone mindful to take note. It is time to wear one if you have none.

The spiritual value of a ring.

A ring is valuable in the spiritual realm as much as it is in the outside world. The universe emphasizes and continues to do so about the importance of wearing a spiritual ring. The impact of having one will be felt in your daily life. Life can get easier when you are connected to the spiritual ring you wear. You only need to wear the right ring on the correct hand and finger.

There are many options of rings to wear in your spirit. Each of them has its power that you can use to your advantage. They also have a cost that your spirit must pay. The universe has allowed you to wear these spiritual rings:

  1. A promise ring.

It is mostly worn on the pinky finger commonly called a promise finger. A promise ring is a sign of commitment that you will fulfill your promise. It can also be a sign of friendship to remind both you and your friend of the promise to continue being faithful to your friendship.

You can wear a spiritual promise ring by honoring your spiritual covenants. Examples of spiritual covenants are baptism and commitment to doing justice. Faithfulness to your spiritual promise ring will make the universe to be faithful to its promises to you. You will reap from the seed of faithfulness that you have planted

  1. A wedding ring.

It is worn on the finger next to the pinky finger. It is a sign of a lifetime commitment to your partner. You exchange a wedding ring with your partner after exchanging vows to be faithful in your new marriage. A wedding ring is a symbol of your covenant with your partner before the heavens and the earth.

You can wear a spiritual wedding ring as a symbol of the covenant to take care of nature. When you take care of nature, it reciprocates by taking care of you. The universe can even use strangers to take care of you each time you face challenges. Do you find yourself stuck in a position where nobody cares about you? The universe is inviting you to wear the spiritual wedding ring. You will receive care and love from all over.

  1. Ring of authority.

It is worn on the index finger. The index finger is mostly used to point to things and people. People in authority use this finger to give instructions about things they would want to be done. The index finger is also often used to point at people to warn them. Kings and Queens used to wear a ring on their index finger. Visitors would bow and kiss it as a sign of respect. This is the origin of the ring of authority.

Your spirit can wear the spiritual ring of authority by respecting leadership. Leaders carry a huge burden to lead their people in the right way and protect them from both their ignorance and predators. The universe will protect you from every possible danger when you wear the ring of authority by respecting leaders.

  1. Ring of association.

It can be worn on the pinky finger but unlike a promise ring, it is worn to symbolize association with a particular club or special group. There are organizations and special clubs that have agreed on particular rings to identify its members. One does not need to introduce himself/herself as a member of a particular association when he/she wears their ring. You earn the respect accorded to members and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership to such associations.

Your spirit can wear the ring of association by being mindful of your spirituality and paying attention to communication from the universe. Your relationship with the universe puts you on a pedestal higher than everyone else. You earn special treatment in the universe by being a child of the spiritual kingdom. A lot of things will change in your life when you improve your relationship with the universe.

Wearing spiritual rings connects you to the universe. It cuts the slack for you. You can now dominate your spirituality as a son of the kingdom.

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