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How to Receive Good News from the Universe

universe good news

It is an honor to receive or be a messenger of good news. A lot of things happen in the world with every passing second and receiving good news is a relief that nothing has gone wrong, at least not yet. Good news puts you at ease – you can stop worrying about uncertainties, and make other commitments because the first one was successful (according to the good news received earlier on). It gives you the courage to put more effort because you shall succeed like the first time. 

There are many ways of receiving news in this age. Although we often do not control the timing, content, and means of receiving news, there are many ways of receiving it. Emails, social media, text messages, and calls are some of the many ways we use to keep in touch. Our phones receive hundreds if not thousands of messages from everywhere about different issues. You can know about news in America when you’re in China or about South Africa when you are in Britain. This is just the iceberg of how developed modern communication is.  

Your spirit will receive good news when you connect to the developed network of communication from the universe.  

Is your spirit connected to the network? 

Do you have the best communication device? 

If you do, can you maintain your communication with the universe? 

universe network

This is how to get a network connection: 

Stay within the coverage area. 

Network service providers have invested a lot in boosting their reach to many places. There are masts almost everywhere to improve network coverage. This is commendable because it has helped a lot to improve communication even in remote places. You can make or receive calls and messages through your device only if there is network available. You have two options if there is no network – either find another service provider whose network coverage is in your area or relocate to another region with good network coverage. 

Similarly, your spirit needs to stay within the universe’s network-covered area. This is the only place where you can receive communication from above. You will receive emails for invitations to job interviews, notifications of successful pitching for a business to investors, messages of appointment to new roles, and much more. You can know that your spirit is in a network zone when you receive answers to your prayers. Your petition to the universe for blessings of health and abundance will be answered when there is a good communication network. Is there any notification in your spirit about communication from above? 

Since the universe’s network is everywhere, improve on how your spirit connects to it. There is a need to upgrade your prayer life. It is an avenue where you can intercede to the supernatural for divine intervention. Meditate, believe, and pray. Good news from the universe is coming if you stay within the network-covered area. 

This is how to get the best communication device: 

Upgrade your device. 

Communication could fail even when you are in a network zone if your communication device is unreliable. You need a reliable means of communication. In this modern world, it should connect to the internet so that you are at par with current affairs. Repair your device when it is faulty as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on communication. In addition, as part of the battery health, you need to constantly charge it so that you are also not disconnected. A well-maintained communication device will keep you in the information loop. 

universe's network

Your spirit is like a communication device. You need to have good spiritual health if you want to remain connected. You will not be offline when your turn reaches to receive good news. You can upgrade your spirit to be ready to receive good news from the universe by increasing your spiritual awareness. Shift from negative perception and be a person of active faith. It pulls good news closer to you and within no time it manifests in your life. 

The universe has everything you want – good health, abundance, mental freedom, success, fruitful relationships, or anything on your bucket list. Spiritual awareness builds a positive mindset which takes you closer to receiving these gifts that are good news in your life. Further, spiritual awareness opens up your eyes to see beyond temporary limitations. A spiritually alert person has an open door for good news in their life. Be part of the fold. 

This is how you can maintain your communication with the universe: 

Buy airtime for your line. 

You need airtime to make calls or buy internet data. Having insufficient or no airtime limits your communication since you can neither make outgoing calls nor surf the internet. Your communication freedom is short-lived because of the prevailing circumstances. On the contrary, having sufficient airtime grants you unlimited communication freedom. This further increases your chances of receiving good news from your contacts.  

Like your handset, your spirit should have sufficient airtime to give you spiritual communication freedom. Spiritual airtime is the ambition of your spirit. The ambition of your spirit is the desire that your heart is burning with. Are you keen on the plight of widows, unprivileged children, the environment and water sources, helpless prisoners, or social welfare? These ambitions are airtime for your spirit. You will never lack airtime for as long as you continue to fulfill the ambitions of your spirit. 

Your spirit will have access to the universe’s realm of endless possibilities when you chase after and fulfill your heart’s desires. This is a way to maintain constant communication with the universe that has an abundance of good news for you. The obstacle of insufficient airtime shall be permanently removed and you would have cleared the path to receive good news. 

The universe turns your struggles into good news for as long as you keep in touch. The skies open for you after you have fulfilled its three basic requirements to improve your communication. Your spirit is about to receive the good news of a successful business venture, healing, and abundance. Prepare the way for it!

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