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How to Restore Order in Your Spirit


Order brings calmness and attracts good investment. Order means political stability and every investor will want a piece. A peaceful country is a beautiful place where every good thing thrives. This is the reason the United Nations is involved in peace-keeping missions in troubled countries around the globe. They want to restore order to these places so that normalcy can resume. Eventually, the economies of these countries rise back from the ashes and they even attract foreigners to come to visit. Everything thrives when there is peace and people can trade anything for it.

A troubled spirit is like a war-torn country. Life can sometimes bring war to your doorstep through unfortunate tragedies like unemployment, diseases, broken homes, failed relationships, death, robbery, and all manner of accidents. We do not wish any of these painful experiences to anyone yet they sometimes happen in our lives or to the people we love. The universe understands the challenges we face and has put an offer for a solution on the table. It is to restore order in your spirit. Peace will reign in your life when there is order in your spirit. It will open all the doors of blessings in your life.

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Your health will improve.

Your marriage will be happy once more.

Your business will attract high-end clients.

Your friends will be happy in their lives too.

You will build your dream home.

Your spirit will be filled with joy.

The universe is like a doctor. He does not treat the symptoms of a disease but its cause. The symptoms will go away as you begin healing and eventually make full recovery. Restoring order in your spirit is not a one-day event. The universe needs your commitment to restoring calmness in your spirit. This should be your life-long commitment.

This is the path to restoring order in your spirit:

  1. Guard your thoughts.

The universe wants you to jealously guard your thoughts. The mind is a factory that processes raw materials from the environment to be used by your spirit. Your spirit will be at its best when the factory is working efficiently. Think positively and always focus on the way forward. This will help you to get rid of any chaos from the past that may come to haunt you in the future. Sometimes things may not happen as you had planned. Do not be tempted to blame yourself for it and condemn yourself through your thoughts. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have committed in your past and your heart will be at peace.

  1. Watch your words.

Words can heal or break a person. Blessings and curses are pronounced as words and they affect the prosperity of your spirit. Hurtful words that you have spoken yourself or that other people have spoken over your life bring chaos and disorder to your spirit. This chases away peace from your spirit because it is no longer welcomed. The universe wants you to watch your tongue and be mindful of the things that you speak. Train yourself to speak well of other people and about yourself as well. Congratulate yourself for every ‘little’ success (for there is no small success) and bless the people around you. Your spirit will return to order from the chaos that life could have put it through.

  1. Sweep your house.

We sweep our houses to remove dust or dirt. It is also a part of good hygiene that we were taught since we were children. There is no specific time to sweep or mop the house. It is as frequent as we would want or whenever we see that the floor is not clean. The universe wants you to treat your spirit like your house. Sweep it clean to remove dirt like grudges, anger, resentment, and jealousy. Your spirit will be clean and have room for new virtues that will decorate your life. You will be more calm, reasonable, have improved negotiation skills, and be sober. Your spirit will have order when you are the one in charge of cleaning all the dirty corners and decorating it with a new reputation of that of a changed person.

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  1. Fence your compound.

Your compound is your territory. You have the power to admit or expel someone from it. You can welcome the guests you want in your home within your compound because you have the authority to create favorable conditions for them. Similarly, you can ban some people from your compound because they cannot be redeemed from their bad behavior that you do not wish to be associated with. This is the second reason (the first one being privacy) that people fence their compounds. A fence is a warning to outsiders that the compound is private property. The universe wants you to also fence your spirit to restore order within it. Fencing your spirit will put off people with bad intentions. They will know that they are not welcome in your life and you will be able to invite the people that you want. You can fence your spirit through a good reputation. Let people know your moral standards and those who fall short of it will automatically keep off. This way, you will retain order within your spirit. There will be no one to cause chaos against your wish.

  1. Pay your utility bills.

There are bills that you incur to comfortably run your home. Water and electricity bills are the primary ones. Others are telephone and security bills. There will be service disruption if you fail to honor payments to your utility bills. You enjoy the services provided if you adhere to the terms and conditions of the service providers. There are similar bills in nature that you have to pay for you to continue enjoying peace in your spirit. The important one is taking care of Mother Nature the way she takes care of you. As you take care of nature, she takes care of your spirit. Nature nurses your heart back to health and restores divine peace in it.

The universe wants to help you restore order in your spirit. An orderly spirit is peaceful and productive. The Universe will open doors of greater opportunities when you keep your spiritual life in order.

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