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How to Secure your Legacy in the Universe

legacy of universe

Legacy is something that is passed on. Everybody leaves a legacy in more than one way. It can neither be hidden nor forged. It is as authentic as it can get and the beautiful part is your legacy lives forever. Nature wants you to include one more item in your to-do list – what will people think of you long after you are gone? The memory that they have of you is the legacy that many generations to come will remember you for. Leaving a worthy legacy is not only a reserve for leaders but also applies to everybody. It is important to leave a beautiful legacy in the universe because it will defend you in the day of your adversity.  

Tales of great men and women. 

Do you want to be great? Do you desire to have a solid reputation? This is possible and even extends to writing a legacy with permanent ink in the universe. We read about great leaders and some of us are lucky to live during their reign. It also happens that some of these great people are our fathers and mothers whom we live together with. You have an opportunity to learn new values hoping that the upcoming generation will also regard you with such high honor and esteem because you have secured a legacy in the universe. 

women and men

All legends have different stories of what and how they were shaped to become the people they are. There is one thing that cuts across all of them. It is the legacies that they left behind or are still creating in the universe. You also have an opportunity to create your legacy. The universe has given all of us the time and chance to do it by learning from its own. This is how to: 

1. Adopt the attraction of a magnet. 

A magnet is the first way that comes to mind to separate metals from non-metals. The magnetic force automatically repels non-metals and attracts metals. Magnets are used in compasses to determine the true north, in medical machines like the MRI used to diagnose medical conditions, in household appliances to keep doors of drawers and the fridge closed, and to power speakers in radios and televisions. The property that makes a magnet useful is its ability to know what it wants – to attract metals – which in turn is manipulated into different uses. 

The universe wants you to be like a magnet and attract the things you want fiercely. Do not step out of your lane because this is where you will cross the finishing line in the first position. The fame of your attractiveness will spread like wildfire and this marks the beginning of your legacy. You will soon start finding yourself useful everywhere you go because nature has already carved out your space in it. Age and size do not limit the usefulness of a magnet because its attractive property is unchanged. This is the legacy of a magnet. Similarly, your legacy in the universe to maintain the attractiveness of a magnet will live forever. Nothing can dim your light. 

2. Align with the force of gravity in the universe. 

The force of gravity attracts two objects to each other. It is very practical and everybody experiences it. These are examples of the force of gravity at work – a ball thrown upwards will fall and a person jumping high will also come down. All objects on the earth obey the force of gravity. Beyond the earth, gravity holds the planets in their orbits around the sun and the moon in its orbit around the earth. The legacy of the force of gravity is stronger even in the universe. The gravity of the moon pulls the sea towards it thus causing sea tides. The list of the legacy of gravitational force is endless.  

There are other forces besides gravity in the universe but what makes it stick is the ability to dominate and impact our lives directly. This is how the universe also wants you to align your legacy with the force of gravity. Impact the lives of the people in your life directly and you will stick in their minds as it is with gravity. In addition, make peace with facts that cannot change just as everyone has made peace with the presence of the force of gravity. The more you contradict natural forces, the harder it gets for you. Aligning with gravitational force makes your legacy stronger and will live rent-free in the lives of many people. 

3. Understand astrology. 

Astrology is the study of the movements of the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars because of the belief that they affect the lives of people. There is a spiritual connection between all of these and the deeper you understand it, the better. Consider life as an exam where everyone has a different question paper. This makes it difficult to copy another person’s work. However, there is a way to beat the examiner (which in this case is the universe) at his game if you know what is being tested. Astrology is the answer to what the universe is testing. It teaches the dynamics of human character and can foretell your destiny based on the zodiac signs during your birth. The knowledge of astrology will give you foresight on the future and you can carefully order your steps in the right way without stepping on landmines since you already know where they are (thanks to astrology). 

Legacies are shaped by making mistakes and correcting them. The better you understand how and when to make amendments, the bigger and brighter your legacy shall become. Astrology is like a white cane or braille. It leads you away from accidents and into a quiet path of perfection.  

One day and it shall come soon enough, people will be amazed at how you got your acts in order. You will be an object of attention because of how great your legacy shall be. In retrospect, it was only because you answered the universe’s questions of when, how, where, and what correctly. Your legacy is bulletproof!

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