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How to Stay Spiritually Alert

Alertness is always rewarded. To be alert is to be extra vigilant about your environment. When you are alert, you become more mindful of everything happening around you. Alert people are alive to the fact that anything can happen at any time. For this reason, they want to be in touch with reality on the ground. The biggest challenge with being alert is that it is difficult to continue doing your work effectively if you always have to look over your shoulder. Your attention will be divided and it will be difficult to give 100% to your work.

The good news is that the universe is alive to this challenge and is extending an olive branch to us. It is giving us the sixth sense! Apart from the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, nature has gifted us with intuition. It is the power to feel whether something is right or wrong, especially if you have no evidence about it. The universe later vindicates you when your suspicion comes to pass. Intuition is nature’s gift to help us connect with our spirituality. Your spirit will communicate to you through intuition and if you interpret it correctly and on time, you would have hit the jackpot.

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A spiritually alert person is attentive to changes in the spiritual world and communication with the universe. The spiritual realm dominates the physical reality. What is unfolding before your eyes is a replay of the original scene in the spirit. Spiritual alertness will help you benefit from the advantage of early knowledge. You will control your immediate environment to get your desired results. This is how you can be spiritually alert:

  1.     Be prayerful always.

Prayer is a powerful communication tool in the spirit. You can travel to the future and the past through prayer. It keeps you alert in the spirit and you can adjust your life to prevailing circumstances. You can communicate with the universe by speaking life to your future to cancel any bad omen that lies ahead. You can equally pray about your past so that it does not affect your present.

Prayerfulness will keep you constantly in touch with what is happening in the spiritual world. Nothing will catch you by surprise. It is like militaries going to war. They do not go blindly but act on the intelligence reports they have verified. They know when and where to strike the enemy because they know what lies ahead of them. Spiritual alertness begins with a prayerful life.

  1.     Listen to the universe.

Communication is two-fold – speaking and listening. After you have prayed, take time to listen to what the universe is telling you. It could answer your prayers instantly or take a while before answering you. You cannot know the universe’s answer if you do not listen.

Listening will make you spiritually alert as you want to catch every communication from the universe. Nature may communicate its dissatisfaction in our attitude toward taking care of the environment through the negative climate change we are currently experiencing. When we catch this communication from nature, we can act by taking better care of our environment before we lose the chance to save our planet. The example of a television transmitter station and aerial is exactly how we relate to the universe.

The universe works like the television transmitter station while we are the antennae that receive signals from it. We can listen to the universe best when there is no obstruction between us. Listening to the universe makes us respond effectively when the universe speaks to us.

  1.     Being cautious.

Visually impaired people walk with the help of a white cane. It becomes most useful especially when they are alone with nobody to guide them. Again, the white cane is still important even when there is somebody to guide them. It helps them to scan their environment for any obstruction and they can walk confidently. The white cane also helps other people identify the visually impaired person so that they may not push him and they can even help him go where he wants to. The blind and visually impaired people take great caution and it becomes part of their lifestyle.

Most people live a blind spiritual life because physical eyes are less helpful to see in the spirit. Pick up a spiritual white cane so that you may find your way around. You will be cautious not to collide with other people or fall into a pit. Caution is the white cane that you need.

  1.     Use the universe’s hearing aid.

Sometimes a lot of communication from the universe skips us because we are less alert. We live in the physical world and it could take us twice as much time before we become fully spiritually alert. Meanwhile, other people have gone ahead of us in spirit. They have mastered spiritual communication and can easily understand its communication. The universe wants us to use them as hearing aid. A hearing aid helps to amplify sound and remove background noise so that the user can hear clearly. It helps you become more alert because you understand everything that is happening around you.

The universe understands the push and pulls between our spirit and flesh and is giving us hearing aids absolutely free! They are our spiritual authority. Connecting with them well will help you be in the loop on what is happening in the spiritual world. They will pray for you and submit prayer requests to the universe on your behalf. Do you already have a hearing aid?

  1.     Amplify your sense of danger.

Being alert will sometimes mean that you have to amplify your sense of danger. Everything around you should be suspect until you prove it’s not. This does not mean that you have to be insecure your whole life. You should be secure and feel that way because you have a supernatural protector guarding you every time. A spiritually alert person is careful about what is entering his space as a matter of personal responsibility.

Spiritual alertness is a gem. It grows over time until you become the perfect soldier. Start walking down the path of spiritual alertness and you will be the gem everyone will want.

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