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How to Survive the Desert Climate of Life

desert at night

A desert must be the eighth wonder of the world. They have contrasting temperatures during the day and at night. It is extremely hot during the day and very cold at night. The desert climate harbors an extreme climate where plants and animals fight for survival. Despite the harsh weather, one thing is certain – there is life in the desert. 

Deserts are a tourist attraction site. The Arabian Desert (the largest desert in Asia), Sahara Desert (the largest hot desert in the world), Antarctic Desert (the largest desert in the world), and Namib Desert (one of the world’s oldest deserts) are some of the world-famous deserts that attract tourists from all over the world. A lot happens in these deserts contrary to the wrong assumption of many people. Despite the reputation that deserts are known for – extreme temperatures and arid environments with little biodiversity – they remain to be an important part of nature.  

From time to time, life takes us through deserts. We face extreme conditions that suppress our dreams (at least for some time) before we see the light once more. Just as there is life in deserts, the universe wants you to know that there is renewed hope despite the prevailing circumstances. Consider yourself lucky to be part of the chosen few who get a different experience. 

A moment in heaven. 

Like most people, you will probably trade anything to have a moment in heaven. This is where you will not fall sick, feel pain, cry, experience any loss, or lack anything. Heaven is a place of glory where all your problems vanish into thin air. This is where you live the life of a King. 

a moment in heaven

Nature uses deserts to offer you a moment in heaven. You are missing out on a lot for not embracing your desert experience. Your heavenly moment in the desert is when you identify the people that you can count on, build on your strengths, improve on your weaknesses, neutralize oncoming threats, and leverage on opportunities. You can slowly begin to enjoy your desert world.  

Here are fun facts about deserts that you can apply in your life: 

1. Deserts are not abandoned places. 

People can abandon their homes for many reasons but being a desert is the last one on the list. You can flee from war and disease outbreaks because you may not have control over the situation but it is different with deserts. Nomads are some of the groups of people who call the desert home for many generations. They pride in the culture that they have preserved for decades. They manage the little water they find and still keep a manageable size of livestock. 

Regardless of where you live, the universe is allowing you to look at life through the lenses of a nomad. You can successfully manage whatever limited resources that you have. The skill of managing scarcity is rare yet important because you will overcome all the limitations that you may face. Take time to learn this survival tactic while in the desert. 

2. Desert land is growing each year. 

Unfortunately, bad human activities are causing desertification and increasing the potential of extending desert land. There is little you can do at a personal level to counter this sad reality. However, this does not stop you from contributing to reclaiming the world.  

Do not be so focused on looking at negativity that you forget to do your part effectively. Although life might be a desert for you, you can still do something about it. No effort is too small if you continuously keep at it. Now is not the time to give up. 

3. The Antarctica desert has untapped fresh water. 

The major challenge in deserts is fresh water, right? Did you know that the Antarctica contains 70% of the Earth’s freshwater? However, the Antarctic is still the world’s largest desert yet it has an answer to the fresh water problem globally.  

Not every problem is as bad as you may think. There is always a silver lining within it if you look closely enough. Think outside the normal boundaries and you will find a solution to your problem. Every desert has an answer to the challenges you may be facing. It is time to discover it.  

4. Not all deserts have sand. 

It is a misguided belief that all deserts have sand when it is only 20% that do. Some deserts like Antarctica are coved with sheets of ice. Deserts come in many forms – hot deserts, cold deserts, coastal deserts, and icy deserts. Although each of them has its unique characteristics, they are all deserts. 

The wisdom in deserts is that not all of them are the same. Not all challenges that you face are meant to drown you. You will overcome this one and write a new history. Take courage to fight each battle independently and do not be discouraged by the setbacks of the last time. Step forward boldly. 

Arctic desert

5. The sun does not set in the Arctic desert. 

The arctic desert is near the north pole and something is interesting about it – the sun does not set for several weeks during summer there. It is sometimes jokingly referred to as the land of the midnight sun. Having daytime throughout gives you plenty of time to do a lot of things without the darkness being an obstacle. 

Similarly, the sun does not set when you are in your desert time in life. Embrace the opportunity that nature gives you to continue pushing your limits The universe removes all limitations (including that of time) when you face challenges. This is your time to fight the mountain of challenges ahead until you emerge victorious. 

The universe understands all climates and the means you need to adapt to them. The desert climate is the harshest of them but you can survive it because its creator is on your side. You can survive through any climate if you submit to nature’s teachings. There is a lot for a child of the universe. 

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